New inclusive SKIMS collection to people with limited mobility from Kim Kardashian

New inclusive SKIMS collection to people with limited mobility from Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS shapewear brand has launched an underwear line that is suitable for people with disabilities. It features easy-access closures and a variety of sizes and colors to match different skin tones.

The Adaptive collection includes a bralette as well as three types of panties. They can be fastened in place with hook-and-eye fasteners at the sides or front. These products are made more accessible by their subtle design, making them easier to use for those with limited mobility.

“To fit into traditional panties, I usually have to sit down, put my prosthetic through one leg and then the other,” Scout Bassett, Paralympic athlete and the face of the new range, said.

This allows you to be standing or sitting and can be used in all positions. It is very easy to get in and to go out.

The hook-and eye closure is held in place by lightweight “micro bonds”, rather than traditional seams. This allows it to lay flat against the body. This allows for a more comfortable fit, without bulky constructions that could be seen under clothing.

Bassett stated that unlike other adaptive lines with zippers that are bulky or velcro that sticks to everything or magnets which create bulk, the hook-and eye closure is very low-profile.

It’s easy to wear tops with it, and it’s flat. This range is an extension to SKIM’s Fits Everybody line, which includes underwear in a wide range of sizes (XXS-XXXXL) made in a soft nylon/Spandex blend that stretches up two times its original size.

Accessible additions include a bralette and thong as well as briefs and boy-shorts. They are available in neutral colours – sienna, coral, cocoa and onyx.

Bassett stated, “Another great aspect of this collection is the fact that it provides people options and styles as well as colours.” “And that’s something the adaptive community isn’t always available.”

Kim Kardashian, reality TV star, launched SKIMS in 2019 with a focus to offer shapewear in a wide range of sizes. In October last year, the brand opened its first pop up store with Willo Perron’s glossy interior. The company then launched a new round of fundraising that saw it double its valuation to $3.2 million.

Jens Grede, co-founder and CEO of SKIMS, says that expanding SKIMS’ accessibility is a key strategy to the brand moving forward.

Fast Company was told that he saw a need to provide adaptive solutions that were not only easy to use and accessible, but also very comfortable and sleek and are available in a variety of sizes and shades.

“The global adaptive clothing market will be valued at over $400 billion in four years. This speaks to the long-ignored need to innovate and grow in this area.”