My great experience with Lashify’s DIY Lash Extensions and why I won’t go back to strip lashes again

My great experience with Lashify’s DIY Lash Extensions and why I won’t go back to strip lashes again

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Unfortunately, my eyelashes are not what I would like them to be. They are flat and short, and never seem to grow despite my diligent eyelash care routine. I have tried many different products to increase my lashes. These include eyelash growth serums, glue-on strips, and salon extensions. My eyes are extremely sensitive and I have experienced irritation and damage to my natural lashes.

Then I heard great things about Lashify’s DIY lash extensions system. It was exciting to try it but I was a bit nervous considering my past lash failures. The results were amazing and I am so glad that I tried it. I have finally achieved the perfect look with no makeup. My lashes are now more beautiful than ever. After using Lashify for a week, I was ready to give up all my glue tubes and strip lashes, and make room for my new Lashify control kit. This is my honest review on Lashify. It includes before-and-after photos and information about whether it’s worth it, how long they last, and if they can be wet.

What is Lashify?

Let me first say that Lashify’s DIY eyelash extensions system isn’t like glue-on strips lashes or salon extensions. Lashify is a completely different system. The lashes, also known as the Lashify lash (a.k.a. For a seamless look, gossamers are applied to your natural lashes.) This system is also suitable for sensitive eyes. Lashify’s formulas are ophthalmologist-tested, hypoallergenic and free of irritants, such as formaldehydes, cyanoacrylates and latex.

The Gossamers, made of pure Korean PBT silk are light and feathery so they don’t stress your natural lashes. They are also applied just a few millimeters from your waterline so that your natural lashes can breathe and grow. The Gossamers have a flexible bond, also known as. Whisper Light, which cushions the Gossamers and allows them follow your natural movements. Lashify is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

As long as you properly apply and remove Lashify, they won’t damage your natural lashes. They lasted me for a week and didn’t cause my lashes to fall.

How to prepare for an application

You will need a Control Kit to get the application started. It includes…

  1. The Fuse Control Wand – an ergonomic lash application tool
  2. Wandoms – protective pieces that slide over top of Wand tip to prevent it from becoming sticky
  3. Two gossamers
  4. Whisper Light is a dual-sided lash glue in clear and black
  5. Glass, a finish coat to remove any remaining stickiness
  6. A built-in mirror

The Control Kit is $145. It’s expensive to begin, but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually not that bad. Replacement costs for Gossamers and Whisper Lights or Glass range from $20 to $28. You also get a storage box for your Gossamer collection when you purchase a Control Kit.

You must first choose the lash style you prefer and the length that you want when ordering your kit. You can use the website to help you choose the right style and length for you. To create a natural look, I used a mixture of the 10mm & 12mm Amplify Gossamer Lash to achieve a longer lash line towards the corners.

After I received my Control Kit, it took me about ten minutes to open it, play with the various components, and figure out what they were. Lashify also sells its own product (a.k.a. the Practice Pack) if you are feeling anxious about your first application. The Practice Pack costs $45 or it comes free with any full-price Lashify Gossamer. A small tube of practice adhesive (a.k.a. Bond-X, also known as Anti-Stix Seal is a small tube of practice bond that can be used for a single-day application. The Practice Pack includes thicker lashes as well as a tool to apply the Fuse Control Wand (a lower-quality version).

However, I decided to skip the Practice Pack and instead went straight to Control Kit. It was very easy to use.

Step by step instructions on how to apply Lashify

There are many resources to help you master Lashify. Many of these can be found on the Lashify website. You can find video tutorials, Facebook groups and even one-on-1 training sessions with a professional. Here’s how I applied my first Lashify lashes:

Step 1: Prep your lashes. Lashify offers Pre-Cleanse. Or you can wash your face as I did. Wait for your lashes dry completely.

Step 2: Apply a thin coat of black Whisper Light on the undersides of your lashes, from the roots to their ends. Do not let it get too tacky. You can feel it with a clean finger, or the Fuse Control Wand.

Step 3: Apply a second coat of black Whisper Light. Wiggling the applicator near the root of your lashes is the best way to apply the Gossamers. It should be about one to two millimeters below your waterline. Let it get tacky.

Step 4: Apply a final coat of Whisper Light to your lashes. Use the applicator’s side to apply the third coat. Let it get tacky.

Step 5: With your fingertips, pull out a Gossamer cartridge. With the lash fibers facing upwards, place it on your palm. The Fuse Control Wand can be used to grab the tip of the Gossamer. Place the spine of Gossamer, approximately one to two millimeters from your waterline, on the undersides of your lashes.

Step 6: Continue Step 5, moving closer to your other eye. Do not forget the last few lashes. Make sure that the Gossamers are slightly overlapped so that there are no gaps.

Step 7: Use your Wandoms and the Fuse Control Wand to apply the Gossamers to your lashes. Do not pull the Wand off your lashes if it gets stuck. Instead, blink gently until the Wand is free.

Step 8: Use the tip of your applicator to apply a thin coat of Glass on the spines. You’re done!

This Lashify tutorial will make it even simpler. It walks you through every step of the application process and includes tips and tricks.

Although there are more steps with Lashify than with glue on strip lashes, it is overall easier. Applying the Whisper Light or Glass to your mascara will not be difficult if you use it regularly. It was easy to apply the Gossamers, which surprised me. They will latch on immediately if you don’t wait for the bond get tacky.

Jill Medicis is an expert in lash care and manager of education at Lashify. She shares her three golden rules to make it easy for others.

  1. While applying, look down at a mirror. This will allow you to see the underside and natural lash.
  2. You only need a little bond to make a difference. The lash will stick better if you use less bond. Applying too much bond (and making it look wet) will cause the lash to not adhere.
  3. Before applying, let the bond dry. This will make it easier to apply the lashes and will lock on like Velcro.

My hands were not perfectly steady when I tried Lashify for the first time. The spines of the Gossamers were also a bit crooked but that’s about it. It looked natural to me, which was what I wanted. My outer corners were a problem. They naturally crossed with some of my lower lashes and got stuck together when I applied the Whisper light. I used a bit of makeup remover on my Q-tip to fix the problem. I also skipped the last few lashes for the second application of the bond.

Medicis explained to me that people will learn how to use Lashify as they practice and improve their skills. This will help them determine the right amount of bond to achieve the desired longevity. You can also learn how to stack Gossamers if you are looking to go further. Some people choose to wear a lighter Gossamer throughout the week, and then layer on a bolder one for the weekend.

You can also use Lashify to extend your salon’s lash line. Medicis says that if you love your lash extensions, but don’t like the idea of waiting for a fill or gaps, our system can be used to fill them at home. Gossamers are lightweight enough to be used over existing lash extensions without causing additional damage.

How to keep your lashes Lashify-like

Lashify was a great option for me because I didn’t have a complete overhaul of my daily routine. These lash extensions were easy to use for both exercise and sleep. If you are a side sleeper, like I was, it is best to place the lash extensions on the edge of your pillow. This will ensure that they don’t get crushed.

You can also get your lashes wet. You can shower, wash you face, or take a dip in the pool. To ensure my lashes last the longest, I made sure to not apply any skincare products directly to them. I washed my face with a washcloth. I also avoided using any cleanser on my eyes. To make it a bit easier, you can also use Lashify’s Black Magic Cleansing Puff.

The second day, I wore my lashes for a test drive. Or should I say, a swim test. I went to the beach. I spent the afternoon swimming in the ocean, and then spent the evening in the pool. They did not fall off! Pro tip: Medicis recommended that my lashes be fully dried after I had applied them.

Lashify’s beauty feature is that you can still use eye makeup with them. This includes eyeliner and eyeshadow. But I didn’t feel like I needed any, as the lashes were beautiful enough on their own. The brand doesn’t recommend mascara with Gossamers.

Medicis says that Lashify gives users the volume and length they want in mascara but without the clumps and mess. “If you want a mascara-like effect, you should try one of our thicker-fibered Gossamer styles, or stacking the lashes.” Medicis says that you can also use a traditional lash curler but it won’t make much difference. If you want more curl, she suggests using a heated curler like Lashicurl.

How to remove Lashify eyelashes

Lashify sells Melt Away, an oil-based makeup remover that Medicis claims is the best to remove your Gossamer lashes. She says, “I like to shake it up and put it on a cotton circle and hold it over mine. I allow the bond to dissolve for 30-60 seconds before the lashes fall off. After removing all the lashes, I gently slide the cotton around my natural lashes to loosen any bonds.”

Lashify’s portable release can be used when you are on the go or if you don’t own Melt Away. Pond’s Cold Cream was my favorite. I gently massaged the cream on my lashes, and then let it sit for about a minute until the Gossamers began to slide off. I rinsed it off and then used my regular cleanser.

How long do Lashify lashes stay on the eye?

It all depends on what type of bond you have and how long you use it. Your Gossamers may last for two to three days when you first get them. Your lashes will last up to five days once you become more proficient at bonding them. They are designed to last for 10 days. Medicis claims that some users can wear them for up to two weeks. Lashify’s Bondage, an extra-strong bond that can make your lashes last longer, is available. Your lifestyle, lash maintenance, and genetics all play a major role in how long your Gossamer eyelashes last. Oily lids can cause the bond to dissolve faster. My first Gossamer lash lasted for three days. That’s pretty impressive considering my novice status.

Can you reuse Lashify lashes?

“Gossamers are meant to be used once because of their delicate nature, which prevents damage to natural lashes,” says Medicis. “However, around 80% of our customers use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean their lashes. This is what we call “lash laundry.”

This is what I did to see if it was possible to reuse Lashify Gossamer eyelashes. However, after round 2, the Gossamers began to fall apart and I had to get a new set.

How to clean your Lashify lashes so they can be reused

It was very easy to clean the lashes. After I had removed the lashes safely, I let them soak in 90% alcohol for 30 minutes. Next, I gently scrubbed them with a makeup brush. I then let them dry completely. They lasted me three more days!

Lashify: Is it worth it?

Bottom line: Lashify was easy to apply and the results are stunning. They can be worn by anyone, and are suitable for any occasion, whether it’s at work or on vacation. The product presentation was also a delight. Just holding it in my hand felt so luxurious. The best part about these lash extensions was that they didn’t irritate or damage my natural eyelashes. They were so comfortable that I didn’t even notice they were there. Lashify was hands down the best experience I had on my lash-enhancing journey. It’s definitely worth the investment.