Top Beauty Trends of 2021/ 2022

Top Beauty Trends of 2021/ 2022

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Since the start of the lockdown, it has been more than a year. We have had ample time to dream about the glorious “freedom day” for the past year. Now the time has come and we now face a new problem: After months of wearing tracksuits and no makeup, how do we decide which beauty trends to follow?

We have done the research to identify the top trends and most anticipated for 2021, so you can always stay ahead of the curve.

Top 3 trends that are returning

Trends are pulled from decades ago, as it is well-known. Trends are never dead, whether it’s the Y2K resurgence or wanting to look like Donna in Mamma Mia 2. We looked at the rise in searches to find out which beauty trends are currently being discussed to determine which are set to have a new life in 2021. These are the top three.

  • Glossy brown lip liner

The iconic 90s look of a glossy gloss and brown lipliner is back, as Faye demonstrates. This trend is expected to continue with a 600% increase of searches since July 2020, mainly in the summer months. It’s the perfect time to live out your Rachel Green Fantasy.

  • Eyeliner in heavy black

The 90s inspired look of grungy, black eyeliner is set to be huge this year. You can also expect a 600% rise in eye searches, most notably in September. Get ready for an impressive look in your eyes this fall.

  • Thin eyebrows

Cara Delevigne brows: It’s time to say goodbye! A 450% rise in searches and a direct resurgence of tiny brows from the early 2000s, this trend is making a big comeback. This trend has been seen on the faces of many celebrities, including Rihanna and Christina Aguilera.

Official list of the 10 top returning trends

What else is returning this year? These are the other top 10 search results to help you choose what to spend your hard-earned money on. You have years of spending history to go through.

  • Brown Lip Liner 600%
  • Heavy Black Eyeliner 600%
  • Thin Eyebrows 450%
  • Powdered Skin 420%
  • Body Glitter Stickers 300%
  • Makeup Gems for Face 300%
  • Matte Lipstick 250%
  • Pastel Nails 237%
  • Crimped Hair 200%
  • Blue Eyeshadow 150%

Trends most frequently shared on social media

Social media is where trends are born and we are often the first to learn about them. We can see which trends are hot by looking at data like hashtags and searches on websites such as Instagram and TikTok. These are some of the most popular trends on the internet in beauty:

  • Matte lipstick

Matte lips are a trend that has been around for some time now and is not likely to go away any time soon. This trend has over 1,600,000. Hashtags show it’s everywhere. So don’t let go of your matte lipsticks: they will become a huge hit in no time.

  • Lips that shine

This result proves that there are many lip trends. The glossy lip trend has 1,100,000. Hashtags show that it is the most popular. The trends are here, so whether you like gloss or not.

  • Glitter eyeshadow

Glittery eyes are very much in fashion right now, which is good news for bold makeup lovers. You only need to decide if glittering everywhere is worth looking like a 70s diva. It is, we think.

Trends most frequently shared on TikTok

Over the past year, the short-video app has consumed far more time than we would like to admit. But it was not in vain. TikTok trends is a huge success. It has helped to make indie musicians chart-toppers and taught a whole generation how to do one type of dancing. It’s fair to say that TikTok is true to its word. What does TikTok say about beauty trends that we should be following?

  • You can curl your hair with heatless curls

Since the invention of electricity, people have sacrificed their hair’s health in exchange for beautiful curled hair. This is no longer the case. The new trends in hair curling without heat allow us to achieve the desired result and maintain our hair’s health. Expect to see luscious curls with 590,800,000 views this year.

  • Clips for claws

Claw clips are another trend that has been popular since the 90s. There have been 223,200,000 views of videos about claw clips. Claw clips are a great way to achieve that effortless, ‘I woke awake like this’ look.

  • Soap brows

Although brow products can be expensive, TikTokers found a clever way to make the most of a common item: a bar soap. This trend has 178,900,000 views. Give it a try!

We’ve now covered the latest trends. But which ones should you be looking out for in the near future?

Trends rising in popularity

There are many trends that we can be following at the moment. But there are many more. We have identified which trends are getting more attention and experienced huge rises in their appearances by looking at the number of searches.

  • Slugging

This trend does not involve little pests in the garden, but instead involves coating your face with petroleum jelly. This trend originated in South Korea and is great for dry skin. In fact, mentions of it have increased 319% over the past year.

  • Isle of Paradise self-tanner drops

Since July 2020, the number of mentions of these Isle of Paradise tanning drops has increased by 312%. These are the best drops for achieving a beautiful, tanned complexion with no streaks. TikTok is also in agreement.

  • Mullets

Yes. Mullets are growing, believe it or not. Social media users search for mullets every month in 330,000 searches. This number has increased 53% over the past year. You can expect a lot of ‘business in front, party at the back’ hair.

  • Pimple/spot patches

These spot patches are the first of many skincare-based exploding trend. They claim to fight pimples. These patches have been searched for 222% more in the last year and are expected to become the next big skincare trend.

  • Topical skincare products

In 2022, skincare will be a major topic. Skincare is already a big topic in 2021. The search for skin care products has increased by 130%. Your skin will be healthier than ever with 33,100 monthly searches and a 130% increase in search volume over the last year.