Lululemon’s Spring 2022 Womenswear Trends

Lululemon’s Spring 2022 Womenswear Trends

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Lululemon, the original athleisure brand, has been a pioneer in the field and encouraged its customers to achieve their full potential by revolutionizing athletic gear. Lululemon began as a yoga studio and design company. It quickly evolved into a leading provider of athleisure apparel, making yoga gear and clothing for running, cycling and training. To demonstrate how data tools can be used to give market insights to fashion brands, experts visited the Lululemon site to review their product range.

We used predictive analytics to determine demand for the Spring 2022 season in North America, Europe and Europe based on the trends that Lululemon’s forecasters selected from the current Lululemon collection. This article will focus on simple trends that are universally applicable to different customer segments and age groups.

Lululemon Spring 2022 Collections: Women’s Fashion Trends

Lululemon provides a platform that allows customers to succeed through the comfort and innovation of athletic gear. It can be a huge asset to understand how the trends around their product range behave globally, who they are adopted by, and what their optimal launch times are. Lululemon uses our data tools to identify opportunities in emerging markets, make targeted product selections and avoid stocking excess.

Velvet, orange-red and camouflage prints are the women’s fashion trends. Let’s look at how trend forecasting can help Lululemon stay on-trend for Spring’s most popular athleisure styles in Europe and the USA.

Forecasting Spring 2022 Womenswear Trends


For the Spring 2022 season, velvet will exhibit similar behavior in the US and Europe among female consumers. One, the fabric will be of medium magnitude or have a medium market demand, which Heuritech assesses through social media.

Similar to it, velvet will see a rise in market share compared with other fabrics. This is a sign of its growing popularity for Spring. In the US, velvet will grow by +13%, while in Europe, it will grow by +6%. Growth rate is an indicator of a trend’s visibility on social media. Although it may seem similar to a trend’s magnitude, it is a distinct metric.

The growth rate and the magnitude of a trend determine its status. Velvet will be in fashion in the US during Spring 2022. In Europe, however, it will remain safe. Lululemon sees this as a sign that velvet is a must have in the US and a reliable addition in Europe. The high velvet seasons in both geographies are identical, with Winter and Spring being the highest. Lululemon should launch velvet in January 2022. This will be the month when velvet’s demand is highest among female customers in Europe and the US.

Final note: There is no difference in consumer segmentation between these two geographies. Velvet is forecasted for appeal to all types consumers. This allows Lululemon’s design and marketing capabilities to expand.


Orange-red, like velvet, will exhibit similar behavior among female consumers in Europe as well as the US during Spring 2022 season. We consider orange red a safe choice in both countries. This is based on the color’s growth rate as well as its magnitude. Orange-red’s annual growth rate in the US and Europe will be +5% & +3%, respectively, between Spring 2021-2022. Its magnitude will also be large in both markets.

We can see that the market share of color in Europe and the US in terms of product selection is over one-third. And that skirts will make up the rest.

It is important for Lululemon’s marketing and merchandising teams to understand the trends’ optimal launch times and consumer segments. Both Spring and Winter are the best times to drop orange red in each geographie. However, there is a slight difference. In Europe, January 2022 will be the best launch month, while in the US February 2022 will be ideal. Orange-red will appeal to all segments of the consumer market, so consumers from all three will choose it come Spring 2022.


Camouflage is the final trend as outlined in this excerpt. It will behave differently to the other two. The print is considered a safe bet in America in Spring 2022. This is due to its medium size: camouflage in the US will drop by -8% in Spring 2021. Camouflage prints in Europe will drop by -2%, with a very small market demand for the Spring season. This qualifies the trend as stable. Lululemon sees this as a sign that camouflage is losing popularity and encourages them to look at other prints for their Spring 2022 collection in Europe or the US.

Camouflage will continue to have a universal appeal, despite this. All three segments of the American consumer choose camouflage, while all European consumers opt for it, with the exception of the more edgy. Despite its consumer segmentation, camouflage should be avoided in the coming seasons. Camouflage launches in both the US and Europe are best in Spring and Winter. In the US, January is the best month, while in Europe March is the best. Lululemon should think about phasing this print out in the upcoming seasons to avoid excess stock and off-trend designs.

Lululemon athleisure trends for Spring 2022

These are the key takeaways from Lululemon’s online platform for women’s fashion trends. We compared our data with theirs to give a glimpse at how they will be in North America and Europe for the Spring 2022 season.

  • Velvet is a great fabric to launch in Spring 2022, especially in America, where demand is expected to rise by 13%. It will appeal to all customer segments and will have market shares in both the US and Europe.
  • Orange Red is a popular choice for outerwear and has a similar behavior in Europe as in the US. This colour is safe to be included in product assortments as it is expected to have flat demand on both markets.
  • Camouflage is still considered a safe option, but it is losing popularity among women in both countries. We recommend exploring other prints for women, as the predicted decline in growth of 8% for US markets is a sign of the future of camouflage print.

Lululemon can keep their promise of strength, self-expression and innovation by using trend forecasting.