Makeup Artists Shared Their Eye Shadow Tips

Makeup Artists Shared Their Eye Shadow Tips

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The battle is not over when it comes to choosing the right eye-shadow palette. It’s another challenge to master the use of the shades. Top makeup artists were asked to share their eye-shadow tips. You won’t need to worry about harsh lines or muddy shades, nor the dreaded fallout. The secret is in the brushes. These are their top tips.

“Apply cream shadows using a fingertip, a fluffy brush or a sponge. Next, use a second brush to gently buff or soften any edges or harsh lines. It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe No-Tug Double Eyeshadow Brush is my favorite lately.” — shared Suzy Gerstein who worked with Camilla Belle and St. Vincent

“The right tools are essential for applying eye-shadows well. You should always have at least three brushes: one for application, and two to blend the eyeshadows.” Robert Greene, who has worked with Tinashe & Samira Wiley.

“Before I apply an eye primer, first clean the eye area with micellar oil. After that, I apply a de-puffing cream to the eye and let it absorb.” Joe Carrillo, who has worked with Alexa, Portia, and Lily Rabe.

“The M.A.C. Blending Brush is my favorite blending tool. 217 Blending Brush because of its versatility and shape. This brush blends well with cream and powder eye shadows. It fits easily in the eye crease and makes a great blend. For a perfect blend, use it in soft circular motions around the edges of your shadow. “–Greene

“Before applying eyeshadow, let primer dry for a few seconds with your eyes closed.” Min Min Ma, who has worked with Zosia Mamet and Grimes.

“Use a large to medium shadow brush to apply powder base shadows. A foundation brush is sometimes used for this purpose. It’s firm enough to control the color but soft enough to diffuse it.” –Gerstein

“Use a flat brush to pull the color out of your undereyes for smoky realness.” –Carrillo

“I generally like to do eye makeup first–before putting on foundation–especially when it comes to a smoky-eye look. You don’t need to apply your foundation again and again if the eyeshadows create droplets. When doing my eye makeup, I sometimes use disposable eye masks such as the Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydrogen Revitalizing Eye Mask. After I’m done with my makeup, I remove the mask and continue with the rest of the face.” –Ma

“Pop a shimmery, medium-toned shade like the M.A.C. For a beautiful, eye-catching effect, paint pigment in Tan onto the lids. –Gerstein

“This M.A.C. lasts a long time. Cream eye shadows are available in shimmery shades and will not crease. They have been my go-to for years as they are skin-like and non-greasy. Painterly (a nude brown), Soft Ochre, Constructivist (a golden beige), and Quite Natural are my go-tos. These shadows last a long time, intensify metallic colors, and really make the shadow stick. You can use a Paint Pot shade on the lid to match the shadow that you have applied.” –Carrillo

“Mix and match liquid- and cream-based eyeshadows with powdered. For a longer-lasting look, I recommend using powder eyeshadow last. It sets the whole eye makeup and makes it more durable.” –Ma