A Guide to Shellac

A Guide to Shellac

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There are some trusted manicure methods that have remained popular despite the many changes in manicure trends. It’s something you’ve heard of, and perhaps your manicurist asks you if it is something that you would like to try. But what exactly is shellac and why do so many people rave about it?

Julie Kandalec (celebrity manicurist, founder of Julie K Nail Artelier) in New York City claims that shellac nails can be created using a special insalon gel nail varnish, which Creative Nail Design (CND) has patented. If you have been calling all gel manicures “shellac”, you are wrong. But don’t worry, it’s not my fault. Shellac is the brand name for gel polish and not an umbrella term that covers all gel nail polishes.

Kandalec says that Shellac is a CND-specific formula and has more lacquer than other gel nails. Kandalec says that many other brands use a higher concentration of gel, which causes the nail to become harder and takes longer to remove. Shellac has a high lacquer level that does not cause any damage to natural nails. It also gives you a high gloss finish that resists chips and nicks.

Are you still unsure if shellac is right for you? Kandalec has all the information you need to decide whether to give shellac a try.

How is it applied to the nails?

Shellac manicures can be described as a multi-step process, similar to acrylics or other gel nail polishes. Kandalec explains that a shellac manicure is achieved by applying a shellac color over a base coat and then one of many shellac topcoats. To make sure they last longer and look glossier and less chippable, all layers are UV-cured.

How long does it take to apply Shellac Polish?

A shellac manicure takes 45 minutes to an hour depending on how fast your nail technician is — but that’s just the beginning. The shellac will dry quickly so you don’t need to wait for it to dry. A special LED lamp is used to cure the manicure. The UV wavelengths of the lamp strike the molecules in the shellac formula, which are called photoinitiators. They activate them. The formula hardens, dries, and bonds the shellac to the natural nails in seconds.

How long does Shellac Polish last?

Kandalec says that shellac can last up to two weeks if it is applied correctly. While you can extend the life of your shellac, wearing gloves when doing household chores will help. However, the finish is extremely durable and rarely cracks or peels.

If you notice a gap between the cuticle and polish or if the polish is lifting, it’s probably time to change your shellac.

Can Shellac Damage Your Natural Nails?

Kandalec says that shellac is not likely to cause damage to your nails if it is over-cured or under-cured. Shellac is less harsh than the acrylic nail extensions products. Shellac can be applied to damaged or brittle nails.

Is Shellac safe to use?

There is nothing wrong in shellac, but safety concerns arise from the process of curing it. The UV radiation from the LED lamps used to cure shellac can cause skin cancer, premature aging, age spots and skin cancer.

Before you shellac, make sure to apply sunscreen at least 30 SPF to your skin. You can also wear rubber gloves, with the nail area removed for maximum protection.

How do you remove shellac polish?

Shellac can be removed with normal, acetone-free nail varnish. Kandalec says that Offly Fast is a great removal product by CND. It can be used to remove shellac from skin and nails without drying them. You don’t need to rub off shellac topcoats like with other brands. Instead, you can simply soak some cotton in Offly Fast, then wrap your nails in foil. It will take between five and fifteen minutes depending on the type of shellac topcoat used.

Is it possible to remove shellac at home?

You can protect your nails by going to a salon to have the shellac removed.

Offly Fast can be purchased online if you are short on time or want to remove the shellac by yourself. Another popular method is to soak cotton pads in pure Acetone and place them on the nails. Wrap them in foil for about 15 minutes. The shellac should be lifted from the nail bed after 15 minutes. Kandalec says to hydrate your nails before and after you remove the shellac. Kandalec says, “Also, ensure that you only use Acetone in an area with good ventilation, and keep away from painted or finished wood.”