Meagan Good Turns 40 and She is in Her Best Change

Meagan Good Turns 40 and She is in Her Best Change

13.10.2021 Off By manager_1

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Meagan Good is a ‘veteran’ of over three decades in entertainment. It feels like we have grown up with her since being a baby in the ’90s. Like many others, the actress has become a multidimensional person who is just getting started.

Good is currently working on a number of projects, including Harlem’s role in Amazon Studios’ upcoming show. Tresemme recently partnered Good to increase its Future Stylists Fund. This partnership extends Tresemme’s commitment to Black hairstylists within the beauty industry. To offset the costs of tuition at cosmetology school, the fund will award $100,000 each year to ten qualified applicants. Good said that the initiative is a small step towards bringing about meaningful change in an industry that so desperately needs it. Good discusses her passion for inspiring artists and her new perspective on beauty since turning 40. She also shares how she keeps her skin healthy.

  • What is it that makes The Future Stylist Fund so important?

People want a lot more change. They are also discussing things they didn’t know before. I’m not interested in talking about change. I want to be part of it, and to work with people who are creating tangible, credible solutions. The Future Stylist Fund was something I was very interested in when I first heard about it. I was a 30 year veteran of the hairdressing industry and had heard so many horror stories about people not knowing how to do my hair. It was also important to me because I have been forced to take care of my own hair for 30 years. On the other hand, I have been blessed enough to meet many talented stylists who have taught me the importance of having people you can trust.

Melanie Oliver, my stylist since I was 19, has worked with me on many movies. She only recently joined the union which can be a difficult process. There is still a need for experts and talent across the board. It’s a good place to start: uplifting aspiring ones.

  • What has your experience of growing up in the spotlight affected your view on beauty?

Growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood, I dealt with a lot racism and microaggressions. I was particularly sensitive to people commenting on my hair and touching it when I wore it that way. It almost feels like you are made to feel inferior even though it isn’t your intention. Despite the difficulties, my mom was a critical support in helping me see my uniqueness and my superpower. My mom taught me to love myself and be proud of who I was. However, not all people have that ability, so there needs to be enough representation. Young girls should know that all hair, skin and bodies are beautiful.

Although I do have insecurities, my journey has taught me to love myself regardless of what I’ve gone through. I even love getting older.

  • What are your beauty obsessions? What are your favorite ways to use beauty as a way to express yourself?

My hair is a way for me to express myself and what I feel in any season. It doesn’t matter if I have my hair coloured blonde, curly or straightened, it’s because I was just finishing a film or series and had to dress up for a particular character. When I get out of work, I evaluate Meagan’s needs and what I want to express. I do this through my hair.

Goddess locs is a big deal for me. It’s so rebellious against the status quo. It’s demoralizing to hear about people asking children and adults to change their hair for school or work. I would grow my locs naturally if I could, but work means that I must maintain my hair’s versatility. It’s something I want to do in the next ten year. It’s the time I feel my most beautiful and it makes me feel like I’m a Black woman.

  • Do you feel the same passion for skin? What is your skin routine?

Silvana Skincare is a great brand and I use all of her products. The cleanser is rich in antioxidants and prevents breakouts. I love the nighttime moisturizer, as it helps to keep my skin tight. Paul Charette, an Atlanta-based aesthetician, has been helping me to create a preventative eye cream which will reduce dark circles, fine lines and moisturize. I hope to share it with the rest of the world.

Also, I have been doing PRP treatments as well as Morpheus8, which combines radiofrequency, laser and microneedling in one machine. It has been a game-changer. I began at 36 years old and decided to go deeper into skincare in order to be proactive and not reactive. If I can, I have Morpheus8 treatments performed almost four times per year.

  • You work out a lot at the gym. How does your post-workout routine look?

Before I head to the gym, my Bible is what I read, and I say affirmations. I also listen to gospel music to help me set my intentions for the day. It doesn’t stop at the gym. If I’m in a good mood, I can add a workout to my routine. Although I don’t mind eating a little bit, I try to get a protein shake and a healthy lunch. This way I feel accomplished and my endorphins glow, which makes everything go much more smoothly.

  • What are some ways to practice self-care?

After being away for several months, I returned to Los Angeles just recently. It’s been wonderful. I turned 40 this year and have experienced many incredible transitions, mentally, emotionally and physically. I have been trying to value my time with myself. This could be journaling, prayer, reading or going to the gym. But it doesn’t need to be the same every single day. Finding freedom is the beauty of taking care of yourself. You have the freedom to make your own decisions and be present. Sometimes I cook at home. Sometimes I order takeout. On a day of self-care, I might binge-watch a TV series.

In April, I also decided to abstain from alcohol. Although I had a few cocktails on August’s birthday, I have been feeling great. This is interesting because, while I love a good cocktail (or even a shot) sometimes, I wanted to be the best version possible of myself in my 40s. I wanted to feel my best without any distractions. It’s been wonderful so far. Now, whenever I go out with friends and we have a drink, I bring some Kombucha.