Why are we so excited about Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Why are we so excited about Microsoft Surface Pro 9

14.10.2022 Off By manager_1

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Before its release, I wasn’t sure I would be a fan of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9. Although I did give the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 an excellent review, 2022’s model was not that different than its predecessor. Although the 5G version with the new Microsoft SQ3 processor seemed interesting, I don’t believe this 2-in-1 is worth buying if you already own the most recent model.

After the Microsoft Surface event, I changed my mind and got to experience the Surface Pro 9 in person. Some of the Neural Processing Unit features (NPU), based on what Microsoft has revealed and my experience, could prove to be game-changers. This is one reason I am excited about the ARM5G Surface Pro 9 model.

5G connectivity

This is an obvious one, 5G connectivity will be a benefit to people who are constantly on the go. Although Wi-Fi is available in many places, it might not always work. Although you could use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot to connect online, it can be frustrating and time-consuming.

With a steady 5G connection, I will be able get more work done. This is especially true with COVID restrictions being lifted. I will likely travel more for work and personal pleasure. It is nearly always difficult to connect my laptop to internet outdoors. With 5G, it will hopefully make it easier for me to get work done.

Laptop Mag’s sister site also notes that a 5G capable laptop is a great way to ensure your future. 5G can last for a decade. This makes the Surface Pro 9 with 5-G even more attractive.

Exclusive AI-powered neural processing unit (NPU) features

The Surface Pro 9 was expected to include a 12th-gen Intel Core processor. Rumours claimed that there would be an ARM version of the Surface Pro 9 that would replace the Surface Pro X line. It ran on the Qualcomm and Microsoft SQ chips. The rumor was true, as the 5G Surface Pro 9 runs on the Microsoft SQ3 processor. This CPU has some AI-driven features that are only available to this model, beyond 5G.

The Microsoft Surface event demonstrated that the SQ3’s NPU offers advanced audio and visual features that should make video conferencing easier.

The Voice Focus feature, for example, will remove background noise while someone is speaking. This feature can block out loud noises, such as leaf blowers. We have seen or heard it. This seems extreme. Voice Focus will be a great tool if it can pick up things like screaming children, barking dogs, and blaring televisions.

The new Windows Design Camera features will make it easier to communicate with others. This feature can track and blur a subject’s movements or blur their background. The Eye Contact feature will make it appear that you are looking directly at the camera. It can feel strange to talk with people in video chat because you don’t make direct eye contact. This feature should resolve that problem.


With its new-generation Alder Lake CPU, the Intel version of Microsoft Surface Pro 9 will be faster than its predecessor. Although that may be enough to get the model a place on our best 2-in-1 laptops or best laptops listss, I can’t really say that I’m excited about the Intel version. It’s a minor update to the last year’s model, with a new processor and design tweaks.

The Surface Pro 9 5G edition with Microsoft SQ3 processor and Microsoft SQ3 graphics could make it one the most powerful Windows laptops. I will be able to work anywhere with 5G connectivity, and video conferencing with my friends, colleagues, and coworkers should be easier thanks to the NPU-enabled capabilities.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 launch is expected to take place on October 25, 2022.