Meet new clarifying shampoo from Olaplex all-star lineup

Meet new clarifying shampoo from Olaplex all-star lineup

27.06.2022 Off By manager_1

Many have been using Olaplex’s haircare products for years. The brand’s first hair mask was launched not long ago. Then, they launched the nourishing serum. The brand’s latest product, the Olaplex clarifying shampoo is sure to be a favorite in showers around the world, alongside other cult-favorites.

Bianca Hiller, a celebrity colorist, explains that the new product includes the brand’s patent-pending bond building technology (Bisaminopropyl dimaleate). This “relinks disulfide bonds in hair to keep it healthy and strong.”

While clarifying shampoos are essential to any hair wash routine, some formulas can damage hair or dry it out. Hiller says that while a standard clarifying shampoo can remove most impurities effectively, it can also damage the hair’s cuticle layer. This is where Olaplex’s latest clarifying shampoo promises to be different. Hiller says that the 4C Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo has been so ingenious. It can remove heavy metals, chemicals, and product buildup, while still keeping hair healthy, shiny, and strong. She says, “It offers the best of both the worlds. It clarifies the hair without drying it out.”

This product is good for all hair types, even those with excessive oil. The frequency you use it will depend on how often your hair is washed. It’s best to use it once every two weeks if hair is being washed more than three times per week. If hair is only being washed once per week, it’s recommended that you use it once a month.

A dime-sized amount of shampoo can be applied to damp hair. She says to focus on the scalp and work your hair down to the ends. The shampoo should be left to process for at least five minutes. The suds will be intensified if you add water to the shampoo as you massage it in. To reveal the shiniest strands, condition your hair as usual.

This shampoo does more than remove buildup and impurities. This shampoo is made with Olaplex’s patented technology, which repairs damaged bonds and makes hair stronger. It will add softness, shine and color clarity, just like other Olaplex products.

Pros: Adds volume, softness and shine to the skin.