Opera Gloves are a weird but cute fashion trend that suddenly is on everyone

Opera Gloves are a weird but cute fashion trend that suddenly is on everyone

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This has been done before. There have been year-round neckscarves, slouchy beanies and boots that can be worn in the summer. It seems that gloves, specifically opera gloves, are now a fashion staple for cold weather. Extra-long accessories are definitely the ‘it’ accessory for 2022. Bella Hadid and Sydney Sweeney have been seen wearing them on the red carpet, as well as Sawetie and other celebrities.

Opera gloves are here to stay for the long-term, too. They’re still in fashion for spring and summer, yes summer! Yes, they are a popular choice for spring and summer, but major fashion houses have incorporated them in their fall collections, convincing us that they are worth the investment.

You may be wondering, “How do I scroll through Instagram?” or eat fries with my side. It’s not clear what the answer is, but that shouldn’t stop us enjoying this versatile accessory (and maybe even a new reason to disconnect). Opera gloves can be worn in many ways. They can be worn with a long, flowing evening dress or as a statement piece against a more basic outfit like an oversized jacket.

This accessory is the hottest fashion trend for 2022. Here are some outfits with opera gloves to get you started.

Opera Gloves are a must-have for spring

Opera gloves were a great way to add glamour to spring ’22 collections by brands like Gucci, Maisie Wilen and Rokh. We are convinced this accessory is suitable for warmer weather, seeing them paired with sleeveless dresses or layers of bangles. There are many options available right now: Marine Serre’s printed version, Savage X Fenty’s lace jersey version and a more affordable, tulle option from Amazon.

This Fall the Trend will Stay!

Many of us saw the collection and fell in love. Valentino’s fall ’22 collection was pretty in pink. Fuchsia opera glove were paired with bra tops and tailored suits. This accessory was not only sent down the runway by Valentino. Jil Sander and Halpern were also present, indicating that opera gloves will be in high demand during the second half.

They are a yes for Red Carpet Fashion

Millie Bobby Brown wore opera gloves black to the EE British Academy Film Awards. Olivia Rodrigo wore her own pair at 2022 Grammys. Celebrities (and their stylists have been a fan of this trend in recent months. Big names such as Chloe Bailey and Saniyya Sydney wore it on the red carpet.

Music and Opera Gloves go hand in hand

This trend has been embraced by our favorite artists. Did you see Adele wearing opera gloves in her “Oh My God!” music video? Dua Lipa even wore an electric pair of gloves on tour with Future Nostalgia and incorporated them into her costumes.

They are all over our screens

Sarah Jessica Parker, or Carrie Bradshaw, has taken a lot of fashion risks. She is known for making bold pieces timeless. Costume designers Molly Rogers & Danny Santiago demonstrated that opera gloves can be worn every day for And Just Like That. They were added to the character’s cool, quirky-cool outfits including a plaid dress.

Opera gloves became a trend that Carrie missed in her evening wear. However, you don’t have to wear a full dress to make opera gloves work for formal events. A solid satin pair will give a fashion-forward twist to a simple black dress and platform shoes.

We are hoping that the fashion icon will inspire more opera glove outfits in season 2 on HBO’s hit show.

Wear it Everyday with anything

It’s exciting to get ready for work every morning when you return to work. Opera gloves are a great way to add some fun to your workwear. You can also style them with a bright option with a maxi dress, sleeveless maxi or a button-up or by adding them to a basic T-shirt or mini skirt. Opera gloves can be worn with almost any outfit.

Monochromatic is the way to go

A monochromatic ensemble will be completed by matching opera gloves. However, a fun alternative will add a little flair.

Try colorblocking

You might be feeling bold and vibrant if you combine green with orange, yellow with purple, or create a split complementary colour scheme with your opera gloves.

Give Regencycore a try

Bridgerton fashion is in vogue and opera gloves are a great fit for 2022’s regencycore aesthetic. This sleek accessory, which is elbow-length, makes ruffled and puffy sleeves look even more whimsical.

Keep It Cozy

Opera gloves are the perfect addition to your spring outfit. You can pair yours with a knit set to create a cute, cozy look.

Combine Eras

Opera gloves are often associated with Victorian times, but you can also pair them with ’70s and Y2K fashions. You can mix it up and try different eras. This fashionable accessory can transform any outfit into something new.

Choose a shorter pair

You can choose from sheer, mesh, or embellished opera gloves. If you aren’t sold on them, start small and move up (literally).