Paris is the Capital of Fashion. But Why?

Paris is the Capital of Fashion. But Why?

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Eiffel Tower during nighttime

Paris is the capital of fashion. There are many reasons. Most of them date back to the 18th Century, but it is possible to argue that Paris’ fashion hegemony began well before that. It lost ground in World War II but has been back with a vengeance, and has remained the most popular fashionistas’ choice ever since.

What is the reason of being Fashion Capital?

Haute Couture was first created in 18th century. But the French were already admired or detested for their style of dress long before then. Anne Boleyn, a 16th-century English woman, was known for her French-style hood. It showed her hair and was provocative. The French were known for their openness to sexuality even back then.

Rose Bertin, a couturier, was appointed Minister for Fashion in 18th century. The position was retained during the Napoleonic era. In the beginning, designers were told by the wealthy and powerful what they preferred to wear in clothing. But this changed in the 19th century. Charles Worth, an Englishman living in Paris, was the one who created Haute Couture. He took it a step further by creating his own designs and showing them on real models to allow clients to approve or deny. This novelty was a huge success, and designers began to dictate what was trendy.

It was clear that any designer who wanted success in fashion design had to live in Paris, whether they were part of a couture house or start their own label. Paris was the capital of fashion and all fashion magazines looked to Paris for information. Paris was the epicenter of fashion for women in the West.

Paris’s Power

London, New York, and Milan all have some fashion influence. New York and London gained prominence during World War II when Paris was under German occupation. Designers returned to Paris after the war and couture reigned once again. Chanel was still very popular but Dior was one of the most important designers of the 20th century. Paris was joined by Yves Saint Laurent, and other notable designers to cement its style.

Paris is still the capital of fashion. It is because nothing has changed despite the decline in couture houses. Paris still hosts the most important fashion shows. More aspiring designers visit Paris to showcase their work, than in London, New York, or Milan.

The Golden Triangle

The golden triangle is a Paris shopping area that focuses exclusively on high-fashion clothes and accessories. It helps you understand why Paris is considered the capital of fashion. It is located between Avenue Marceau and Champs-Elysees. It is home to Vuitton and Givenchy, Celine, Chanel, Donna Karan, Rochas, and Dior.

Paris’ Ongoing Allure

While there are many who would like to make Paris the fashion capital of all the world, Paris is the true one. Although it’s true that designers and fashion magazines don’t have as much power, Paris is still a fashion capital. Their ability to adapt and keep up with changing trends and tastes is what makes Paris so attractive. Although the idea of a Paris Original may not be as appealing to women today, people still love unique, creative and wearable clothes. The bulk of Paris Originals are still made in Paris.