How to Dress Someone With Pear-shaped Body?

How to Dress Someone With Pear-shaped Body?

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Do you have full hips or a more rounded body? A “pear-shaped” body could be what you call it.

You can also look for other indicators of a pear-shaped body like:

  1. Your shoulders are smaller than your hips.
  2. Your lower body is bigger than bust.
  3. Wide hips make your waist appear smaller.
  4. Gaining weight can cause a swollen abdomen, hips, and thighs.
Balance is the key to success

We are your personal stylists and shoppers here at aboutfash. We don’t believe that you should be classified into one type of body, especially not the common fruit or vegetable shapes such as apple, carrot, or pear.

Because it is easier to see your body’s overall proportions than the individual body types, it allows you to be stylish and look great in many styles. Balance is key, and highlighting your strengths. You can find the right clothes for your pear-shaped body if you pay attention to your proportions, even when you shop for formal or special events.

A pear-shaped body can be styled to look amazing. Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are just a few of the celebrities with pear-shaped bodies.

What style should a pear-shaped body wear?

Consider your most important asset when choosing clothes to flatter a pear-shaped body. You might choose clothes that frame your shoulders and face, or accentuate your large bust. It is possible to show off your legs by dressing up.

Your silhouette should be balanced by accentuating your upper body. For a pear-shaped body, clothes should draw attention away from your hips and thighs.

This can be done in many different ways. You can do this by wearing accessories or brightly coloured prints above your waist. A bra is also a great way to highlight your decolletage. You can also wear blouses, jackets, and dresses that are tailored to your waist, and contrasting textures on your top.

A pear-shaped body is one that avoids drawing attention to your hips or lower body. Think in terms of dark colors and straight lines for your lower half. Trousers, skirts and jeans.

Tops that are pear-shaped should chose with care

Balance your silhouette is your goal. You want to give the illusion of wider shoulders and larger necklines. For evening, off-the-shoulder necklines work well. Open necklines such as square or bateau shapes are great for day wear. You can also add volume to your look with a cowl neckline or lots of lace and ruffles.

Your sleeves are a great way to draw attention up. Add volume to your sleeves with short sleeves by adding ruffles or flutters and bell sleeves.

Long sleeves are too bulky and pull attention to your hips. Taper sleeves are better than long sleeves. You can increase volume at the shoulders by using shoulder pads, wide puffs, or ruffles.

Be creative with the tops you choose. Cropped tops that end at or above the hipline are a good choice. While you can still wear longer blouses or shirts, you should tuck them in to your bottom half.

Trousers and skirts

  • For a pear-shaped body, wear trousers and lower-body styles.
  • Avoid styles that draw attention to your hips.
  • Darker colours and jeans with a higher waist are better choices than those with a lower waist.
  • Flared trousers and relaxed-fitted trousers are options.
  • Avoid skinny-fitting and embellishments such as large pockets, large buttons or embroidery.

Skirts should emphasize your waist while skimming your hips. You can use full and A-line skirts, or swinging bias-cuts. Avoid hip pockets and any design details that draw attention to your hips.

Summer clothing for pear-shaped bodies: Light, airy, and hip-skimming

Summer is a great time to wear light, airy pieces. You can show off your shoulders by using tiny straps or none at all. Tops and dresses that draw attention upwards, while skimming your hips, can be stunning. Consider a fitted, lightweight blazer with a tank top and a skirt.

Summer-weight empire, A-line and shirtwaist dresses are all options. These dress styles draw attention to your waist. Cropped tops and high-waisted trousers will emphasize your small waist.

A long maxi dress with a waistband or a belt is the best choice. This will draw your attention up to the most narrow point.

Winter clothing for pear-shaped bodies: Cropped knits and trench coats

Winter is a time to emphasize your upper body. In winter, you can skim your hips by wearing jackets or jumpers. Cropped knits and jumpers should be cut at the hipline. You can also go large with big sweaters that drop to your thighs.

If you have a pear-shaped body, a coat with large lapels or a cowl neck will draw your attention up. You can also use a loose belt. Classic trenches look great on you.

Dressing for special occasions: cocktail and formal dresses for pear shapes

Are you nervous about a wedding, formal event or special occasion? Don’t worry. Do not be afraid to choose special-occasion clothing for your pear-shaped body.

You have the opportunity to wear silks, laces and satins. Think about outfits that are tailored to your waist and skim your hips, but still reach the knee. For additional support, always consider your underwear. Under more fitted clothing, a boy’s leg short can support the hips and thighs.

You should wear a hat if you are attending a wedding or at the races. A hat that is stylish and glamorous will make you look great, but balance is key. Take a look at your silhouette from a full-length mirror.

Dress confidently to love your pear-shaped body. You have many options for dressing with confidence and style, as you can see. Celebrities have embraced their pear shapes and you can too.