Make your dark circles “magically disappear” using this brightening eye balm

Make your dark circles “magically disappear” using this brightening eye balm

08.07.2022 Off By manager_1

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People with dark under-eyes can be like a magician with concealer. However, layering makeup can lead to dreadful results. There are superior eye treatments that can effectively brighten and soften delicate skin under your eyes.

Take Tula’s Glow Hour brightening and neutralizing eye balm. This color-correcting balm was created in collaboration with Courtney Shields. According to one customer, it “perfectly hides dark circles.” It’s also currently on sale along with many other Tula favorites.

The non-greasy formula contains grapefruit and alga extract. It creates a peachy glow to counter the gray and purple tones of tired skin. This balm stick twists up easily to reach the corners without smudging. This balm also contains plumping, vitamin-C-packed fruit extracts and plumping hyaluronic acids to smoothen wrinkles and restore youth over time.

This balm, like many other Tula bestsellers, is infused with probiotics to smoothen skin and lingonberry extracts to protect against blue light damage.

All ages of shoppers love it.

  1. A reviewer aged over 50 wrote that their under-eyes looked “30 years younger” and that “dark circles, fine lines and dark circles magically disappeared” after applying the balm.
  2. One initially skeptical shopper in their 30s was surprised by the bright orange color. He said that it blends well and “neutralizes dark circles, making eyes appear much brighter.”
  3. After just one week, a third shopper noticed darker circles and decided that this was their favorite remedy.

The Tula Glow Hour Brightening & Neutralizing Eye Balm is a great option for instantly brightening your under-eyes.