Is Pete Davidson really getting a spray tan? Should I do the same?

Is Pete Davidson really getting a spray tan? Should I do the same?

30.05.2022 Off By manager_1

Pete Davidson is usually quite pale. Kirbie Johnson, host of Gloss Angeles’ beauty-focused podcast, called it “DEFCON 1 Sunless Tan.” She noticed something was different as soon as he arrived on Saturday’s White House Correspondents Dinner red carpet. His hand was no longer “glaringly pale”, as it was intertwined with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s. Johnson, a former spray tan expert who worked in a Beverly Hills salon knew the only reason for the noticeable difference in Davidson’s appearance. He was sprayed.

“Oh, honey, I can spot a spray tan from a mile away,” bragged Colt Paulsen, who runs a popular TikTok account under the handle @gaymanwithaspraytan, over email. Paulsen, like Johnson, was determined to solve the mystery surrounding Davidson’s spray tan. TikTok and social media are increasingly playing the detective role, to identify West Elm Caleb or weed out unfaithful boyfriends. Davidson’s complexion was a perfect example of this.

All evidence pointed to Davidson getting a preMet Gala spray tan. But Johnson’s most egregious piece of evidence was his appearance at last Friday’s Netflix Is a Joke Festival.

Johnson stated, “I was dying to see someone let him go onstage with a fresh-tanned body.” Although Davidson’s skin looks very dark here, that’s normal. Johnson explained that Johnson believed Davidson had received a spray tanning treatment that involved a cosmetic bronzer. This allows the tech to determine where the tan is going. “Then, in six to eight hours, the actual tanning agent (DHA) develops and it brings you into borderline–if not completely–offensive territory.”

It’s unusual that Davidson decided to get the tan just hours before a high-profile event. Johnson stated that people usually tan late in daylight so the darkening process occurs overnight. They wake up looking normal the next morning.

The TikTok detectives were able to do it right once again and not ruin anyone’s life. Netflix shared a video of Davidson’s standup routine on Tuesday morning. He said that he couldn’t use makeup because he had a spray tan.

Johnson’s spraydar was not only the bronzer that made him stand out, but the reaction of the people to his new Pete. Many of the Davidson spray tan truthers had a revelation: they suddenly found him attractive. Paulsen was one such person. He said, “He looks so much more hotter with a tanning.”

It made me wonder if I should get a spray-tan. Do we all need to stop by our local salons for artificial glow? Pradas Glow founder Kristyn Pradas told me via email that she sees more men these days. It’s not the sheer number of clients she’s seeing, but how they’re coming to her that’s the most remarkable. She used to see men being coerced into signing up by their partners in the past. But, she has noticed that more of these guys are booking themselves.

This is partly due to the fact that everyone has a personality. There are many actors and newscasters looking for a natural glow, but there are also men who have Youtube channels and aspiring Instagram influencers. Podcasters, who broadcast their conversations, are joining the fun. Perhaps there are Met Gala-winning comedians? The pressure to look good on Zoom has caused Pradas to see more dudes even during the pandemic. This is also supported by statistics. Mintel reports that 34% of US men use fake-tan products. It’s not a exact comparison, but only 14% of British men used fake-tan products in 2016.

As I contemplated my spray-tanned future, I was met with overwhelming encouragement. Pradas stated that spray tans look great on all skin types and men. Paulsen begged his mother to take him from Nebraska’s small town to Omaha to get his first spray tan. He believes that “everyone should have at least one spray tan in their lives.” “I feel better after I get a spray tan. It’s a quick boost for me and a form self-care.”

What should first-time spray tanners be aware of to avoid being exposed like Davidson?

Pradas advises them to be cautious about timing and to understand the difference between an eight-hour and express spray tan. The first can be removed in a shower in one to four hours depending on how dark your tan is. However, it will take longer to dry. The eight-hour version that Davidson got will continue to develop, but the top layer must be removed before it expires.

Pradas warned that you might appear darker than you want at first because your skin has grown underneath the bronzer. Although there are more shades available with the express method than with the eight-hour one, it is more costly. People also feel that the eight-hour tan lasts longer and looks better. Spray tans can last only five to twelve days. It’s not a long time, but it can be a way for skincare aficionados to achieve a beautiful tan without having to expose themselves to the sun for prolonged periods. Pradas recommends that clients exfoliate regularly, drink lots of water, and stay away from moisturizers, colognes, or deodorants on the big day.

Other important decisions will need to be made when the time is right. “I asked my boy, and I was like, Do I do my dick & my ass?'” Davidson stated about his spray tan. “Do I want one of those Borat speedos?” (Davidson’s boy answered, “No, leave your hair white. It’s more impressive that this way.”) This is something you should think about if you decide to tan before you go to Zoom meetings, influencer videos, or if your girlfriend wants you to look like the sun-kissed John F. Kennedy. For me, I would rather not have to think about the dilemma Davidson presented to his boy. But maybe a Met Gala invitation will change my mind.