Review of Phytosurgence Inferno Blush Balm

Review of Phytosurgence Inferno Blush Balm

13.08.2021 Off By admin

brown makeup brush in front pink powder on glass case

Phytosurgence Skin Spark Blush balm is a darker, more orange-toned shade with warm undertones. It also has a natural finish.

The formula is opaque in color and contained very little product. Those who want a lighter effect with their makeup will need to be careful. The consistency was creamier and had a moderate glide. This helped diffuse the product more easily on skin. It’s also easier to start with less because it’s so pigmented. The formula did dry slightly. It lasts for at least seven hours before fading visibly.

The price is currently $17.07 per 0.14 oz.