Is It Embarrassing to Wear Pink For Men?

Is It Embarrassing to Wear Pink For Men?

08.11.2021 Off By manager_1

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Pink is such a feminine colour. Is it really like this? Yes and no. Yes, because our brains are wired that way. Since the moment we were born, girls wear pink and boys wear blue. But, we all can come together and agree to disagree. Who said that boys can not wear pink?

Real men don’t wear pink? The stereotypical pink taboo wardrobe fear that males once had is gone. It’s hard to believe, but when a stylist works with men and shows him anything pink, they have a meltdown.

It’s high time that we encourage all men, from all walks of the life, to embrace pink. Why? Why not?

Why should you wear pink

It is a bright, bold color that can look hot on most men. It’s a cheerful color. For women pink is considered to be a strong color. It could also mean that they don’t care about what other men think.

At the same time, pink can look very masculine because there are many shades. Look at Daniel Craig’s No Time To Die movie, which was released recently. He looks dashing in pink velvet.

If you want to buy pink velvet jacket for yourself, we have an important tip – buy it in a larger size. A tailoring jacket is well worth the money. Even if the jacket doesn’t reflect your tougher side, it doesn’t matter, right? It is clear that your manhood is evident.

What is the worst thing that could happen if pink was your only color? Your friends will make fun of your appearance and laugh at you? We don’t think so.

The pink colour is flattering for men because it’s deep, light, dusty and bright. You only have to remember that pink is a color that exudes dynamite. This versatile colour can be paired with many other essential pieces in your wardrobe. Dusty pink looks great with jeans, chino and other jean styles.

  • Tuxedo Pink Trending

A sugar-pink tuxedo, with satin lapels, matching satin cummerbund and plain white shirt with shiny black patent slip-ons – this is what you can wear even on the wedding day.

  • Pink Accessories

This is a good place to start learning about the colour. You can start with a handkerchief or underwear, or even a tie. You can even wear a pink watch. As you become more comfortable with the colour, you can then purchase larger clothing items. You can even get shoes, shirts and jackets. If you are a man who isn’t afraid of pink, then get a suit.

  • Pink layering

It is safe to layer pink with other colors. You will feel confident wearing the colour. A blue blazer and corduroy pants are a great combination. A beard can give you a ruggeder look.

You can wear as many pinks as you want, start with small steps and remember – pink is a versatile colour.