Preppy style: What to wear to look your best

Preppy style: What to wear to look your best

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Are you a fan of collared shirts, plaid prints, and tailored blazers? You might love the preppy style of women if you are like us. This collegiate-inspired style is here for good. It has clean lines, crisp colours, and no-fail staples. Do you want to add more preppier pieces to your wardrobe? Our guide to this all-American style will help you get started.

What is Women’s Preppy Style?

Women’s preppy style, at its core is an Ivy League student trend. Private preparatory schools were the preferred choice for children from America’s richest families in the 1920s. Most of these schools had a dress code that required a collared shirt, blazer and skirt. These undergrads carried the style of their uniforms along with them as they continued their education. Life Magazine published an editorial in 1937 about Vassar College student life. The magazine featured photos of girls wearing tweed skirts, sweaters, and saddle shoes. This academic style was not restricted to campus quads or classrooms. This fashion trend was made accessible to women by preppy brands Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren.

We are proud to say that today’s preppy aesthetic is much more inclusive than its original roots. You can make the preppy style of women your own by putting aside “The Official Preppy Handbook”. Plaid prints, collared button-downs, polo shirts and chinos are the hallmarks of this trend. Mix and match these pieces if styling them together seems overwhelming. A faux leather jacket can be paired with a tweed mini-skirt to add a touch of elegance to your look. You can take a cue from the literary-inspired dark academia trend and combine the best of prep and vintage finesse. You can also indulge in the normcore aesthetic by adding a few throwback silhouettes to your collection.

For some preppy inspiration, look no further than these women who wore them best. Blair Waldorf and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis get an A in our preppy style rating book. You can add some prep to your style in many ways to make it yours.

These Preppy Style Pieces for Women are Essential Items to Have in Your Wardrobe

Let’s now learn the basics of preppy style for women and their origins. We’ll start with the essential pieces to create the perfect preppy outfit. The spring 2022 fashion trend reflects a revival of all things collegiate. These staples include cardigans and pullovers as well as varsity sweaters or rugby shirts. These items are essential for your prepster wardrobe. Are you wondering what other items to look out for? These are just a few of the staples you should be looking for to add more preparation to your day.

  • The Basic Blazer

A well-fitted blazer can elevate any outfit, as “Gossip Girl”, the show has shown us. A blazer is the perfect layering piece for women, whether you’re wearing jeans or pants, or dresses and skirts. A tailored blazer is best for work, but a boyfriend blazer can be great for weekend wear. A casual, plaid-printed blazer can be worn over a crisp white tee for the perfect preppy look. To balance the proportions, choose slim or skinny jeans in a darkwash to add some style to your outfit.

  • The Simple Sweater

The timeless sweater is another cornerstone of the preppy aesthetic. This workhorse wonder is welcomed by preppy folks in all its forms, including sweater vests, grandpa cardigans, and polished pullovers. All of these styles can be found in any closet. How to wear a sweater vest with a preppy look for women? Pair it with slim-fit ankle chinos and a basic Oxford button-down shirt. A dainty floral skirt or women’s golf-inspired one is another option. You can pair it with a matching cardigan and chunky, Mary Jane shoes. Wear knee-high socks to channel Cher Horowitz, “Clueless”. Your perfectly-put-together, preppy outfit is a total stunner.

  • The Classy Collared shirt (and Shirtdresses)

A preppy look for ladies is incomplete without a few collared shirts. As a summer swim-cover-up, wear a loose-fitting button-down white shirt that is oversized. You can also tuck the shirt into a pair polka-dot pants and wear flats. We encourage you to think outside the box. While button-down Oxfords and polos are associated with preppy women’s style, we also recommend tucking it into a pair of polka-dot printed pants and slip into flats. You can also find American-heritage vibes in crisp cotton shirt dresses and rugby shirts. The ultimate outfit is a shirt dress and boat shoes. Cardigans are great for cold days. Don’t forget your leather tote before you leave the house. Your initials can be embossed on the tote for that finishing touch. Monogrammed details and preppy style are a match made for style.

  • Women’s Preppy Style Bottoms to Keep in Abundance

Leggings are not the best choice for bottoms. You can now look stylish in preppy, slim ankle pants or a patterned pencil skirt. Jeans are versatile and transcend genres, so make sure you have a pair of jeans on hand. You might be curious about how to wear wide-leg trousers while still maintaining a preppy look. It’s easy. Choose a cable knit sweater and loosely tuck it in to your trousers or jeans. No matter what look you choose to go for, you will always be the best. Every prepster will tell you that the perfect penny loafer is their favorite shoe. You can update this classic shoe by adding a shiny, embellished pair with patterned patterns. These shoes will enhance your laid-back style.

  • You can add flair to your women’s preppy style with color and print

Trending colors and prints can give a modern twist to your preppy style pairings. Bold, sun-kissed colors will go well with neutrals such as black, unbleached creams, and toasted nuts browns. You want to incorporate bright and cheerful pops of color into your preppy style. Sunny yellows, bright greens, and washed corals are all good options. If you’re looking to go wild in your most preppy outfits, hyper-bright rainbow colors are an option. You’ll be able to brighten up your look with vibrant colors like cobalt, fuchsia, and red. Your favorite colors will brighten your wardrobe, from your sweaters and shoes to your jackets.

Preppy fashions for women are timeless. Add a splash of print to spice things up. You don’t have to stick with symmetrical, traditional polka dots. Instead, try brush strokes and imperfect dots. You can replace traditional plaid checks by a summery gingham, or allow dainty backyard flowers to flourish. Stripes are another popular print. Preppy fashion is incomplete without at least two or three lines. A striped sweater or tee is a great choice for the weekend. Bold prints and bright colors can be paired together. This is how to achieve a preppy look.