Prince Harry Allowed Us All to Quit Jobs

Prince Harry Allowed Us All to Quit Jobs

10.12.2021 Off By manager_1

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It shouldn’t be necessary to continue working in a job that is causing mental health problems for you. This statement is however controversial.

Prince Harry published an article on December 6 in which he supported the growing rate of Americans quitting their jobs. Now, he is facing backlash.

The Duke of Sussex was interviewed by Fast Company about his role at BetterUp as Chief Impact Officer. He was asked about the rise in job resignations and burnout during the pandemic. He responded that this trend was “something to celebrate.”

While it may seem like the last few years have brought all these issues to the forefront, the truth is that these struggles and issues were already brewing for a while. Prince Harry said that we are only at the beginning of the mental wellness awakening, and added that the movement – known as the “Great Resignation”, is raising awareness about widespread burnout.

Many of the job-related resignations that you mentioned aren’t necessarily bad. It is actually a sign of self-awareness and the need to make changes. He said that many people have had to work in miserable jobs all over the globe. Now they are putting their mental health first and their happiness first.”

It’s a commendable response. Evidently not. These statements caused a storm of criticism, with many claiming Prince Harry was “out of touch” and should not express his opinions on the matter. The Daily Mail’s article calls him “the King of Hypocrisy”, while another compilation compiles quotes from those who disagree with his statements.

After the interview was published, a flurry of angry tweets targeted the Prince.

One person wrote, “So, Prince Harry, multi-millionaire, has never held down a job and has never had the worry of paying bills,”

“How could you possibly know anything about Prince Harry’s work?” Someone else wrote.

Although the angry reactions to Prince Harry’s statement were disheartening, they are not surprising. There seems to be an absence of mental health support for royal employees.

Many people were skeptical when Meghan Markle revealed that her mental health was deteriorating while she lived at the palace.

Markle stated that she received no support from the palace when she sought help.

One thing that is common in recent criticisms of Prince Harry’s behavior is his belief that he was born into financial wealth and doesn’t understand what it’s like for people to struggle. While this may seem easy to believe, it is a reality that fame can lead to abuse.

The Conversation conducted a 2021 study to examine the harassment that public figures are subject to on Twitter (specifically Twitter). The study found that celebrities aren’t subject to the same online harassment as the rest of us, especially since they have signed up for the public eye.

The report says that this finding indicates that people have difficulty empathizing with the abused celebrities online. This could impact the level of harassment they experience online.

This attitude is familiar to the royal family, which many of its members were born into. The royal family is ultimately an institution of power that can lead to the exploitation and abuse of its members.

After stepping down in 2020 from their royal duties, Prince Harry (and Meghan Markle) have been the targets of constant criticism for their refusal to support the royal family. Even after Markle spoke out about her mental illness at the palace, this backlash has not stopped.

Claudia Boleyn, a user on Twitter, wrote: “I hope people realize that with this Prince Harry stuff we are witnessing very publicly what happens when someone attempts to leave an abusive systems.”

Coincidentally, Prince Harry’s interview was published the same day Prince William shared his mental health story via Apple’s Time to Walk. He said that he had previously struggled with speaking out about the trauma he suffered while working as a pilot at the East Anglican Air Ambulance (Cambridge). He also stressed the dangers of hiding these emotions.

Prince Harry’s hostile reactions reveal a bigger problem: We don’t value our mental health as much as we should. Public figures, even those with it all, need to talk about their struggles in order to normalize the importance of putting our mental health above our careers. Open discussion is the best way to break the cycle of poor mental and physical health.