Real “Squid Game” to be played in the United Arab Emirates This Month

Real “Squid Game” to be played in the United Arab Emirates This Month

13.10.2021 Off By manager_1

If you haven’t heard about Squid Game, you probably live in the jungle. “Squid Game”, the most popular TV series on the streaming service Netflix, has been crowned the best. Since its September 17 launch, the thriller from South Korea has been viewed over 111 million times. This puts it in context with the “Bridgerton” Shonda Rhimes film, which had 82 million views within its first 28-days. “Squid Game,” Netflix’s premiere window, is the first to reach 100,000,000 viewers.

Netflix counts a viewer as someone who has watched the series at least twice. We don’t know how many of those 111,000,000 accounts completed the series. It’s still a huge hit for Netflix.

“Squid Game” is the story of people who, despite their failures in life, receive an invitation to join a survival game where they could win more than 38 million dollars. The game is held in an unknown place and participants are kept locked up until the final winner. This story will include popular Korean children’s games such as the squid game (literal translation of its Korean name), which is a form of tag in which offense and defense use a squid shaped board made from dirt.

Interesting fact: The series used a real numbers for the phone number. The only difference between the series and real number is that the phone number has eight digits, while South Korean numbers always have ten. The prefix “10” was automatically added to the number by the phones when the callers dialed it. This made it a real number. It was then called over 4.000 times per day by the owner. Netflix announced later that this number would be changed.

Real Squid Game

Many Squid Game viewers were horrified at the tasks faced by the players. However, others finished the show thinking about entering the real game. The United Arab Emirates now hosts its own version of the Squid Game, so viewers can take part in the real thing.

Squid Game viewers were attracted to the W45.6 billion KRW cash prize (roughly $38.1 million USD), while watching the players fight it out. Some viewers were convinced they could accomplish the tasks, from Green Light, Red Light and the dalgona games. The second group will be able to show their skills in a real-life Squid Game.

The “KCC Squid Game Event” will take place at the Korean Cultural Center Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in October. It is a reenactment the popular Netflix series. There were over 300 applicants, but only two teams of 15 participants will be allowed to compete.

The event is closely based on the Squid Game. Contestants will dress in the same costumes that the actors wear, while staff will be wearing the classic square, triangle, or circle outfits. Four of six K-Drama games will be featured at the event, with the exception of the eponymous Squid Game and the tug-of-war rounds. The event will also include a game of ddakji, which Seong Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae), played in episode 1.

The “KCC Squid Game Event”, unlike the one on the show, has two main differences. Naturally, there is no death and no prize money. The Korean Cultural Center hopes that the event will encourage people to learn more about Korean culture in the United Arab Emirates.

To maximize the drama element, the games were a bit harsh in the series. However, all of the games in this series are very popular with Korean children.

Sponge guns will be replaced by real guns to make the game safer for players. The game of glass stepping stone will also be played on flat ground, instead of hundreds of feet high.

If the event succeeds, it could lead to additional Squid Games around the globe, possibly with the promise prize money. This is an excellent example of how much K-Drama is loved around the world.