10 top gym trainers for heavy lifting or training

10 top gym trainers for heavy lifting or training

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While you might think that it’s okay to just throw on any pair of trainers for lifting or jumping on and off boxes, there are better shoes available that can be used for weight training. When you get set up for the squat rack, it is important to have the right footwear.

It doesn’t matter if you are a permanent weightlifter or a HIIT enthusiast, a pair of good gym trainers is worth the investment. A good pair of gym shoes will provide you with the support you need to lift heavier weights or move quickly in different directions as your workouts require. Many gym trainers are dedicated to living a zero-cardio lifestyle. There are many options for shoes that will work well if you run as much as you strength train. It is possible to find something that you can live comfortably outside of the gym.

We have more gym shoes than ever before. Here are our top picks and some thoughts to help you make a decision.

For what activity can you use a gym trainer?

This is the most important question to ask yourself. Are you looking for something that you can use to lift weights or something more versatile?

To improve your positioning for movements such as squats, if you are looking for something that is primarily for lifting, consider adding support to the heel. A stiff upper and an ankle strap can ensure your feet are securely in place. Additionally, a hard outsole will help you power through deadlifts.

You’ll need something that provides stability for running and HIIT but also offers cushioning. Cross-training shoes should provide a balanced mix of support and cushioning at the heel and midfoot. To give you the ability to perform explosive moves and provide good traction on all surfaces, it might be worth looking at something lighter or flatter.

What information do I need about the size of my gym trainers?

As with all shoes, it is important to get the right fit for gym trainers. This is especially true if you will be putting them under a lot pressure during workouts. Running shoes are not the same as cross-training shoes or weightlifting shoes. You shouldn’t be too big and it is a good idea to go a size larger than normal to allow your feet to move freely. Consider the width of your shoe when you are doing weight training to ensure that you have a solid base for lifting.

Why can’t I go barefoot?

One theory is that lifting weights barefoot stimulates nerves in the body which turn on more muscle fibers. Indeed, losing shoes altogether will change the body’s movement patterns in a slightly different way to wearing weightlifting-dedicated or cross-training shoes. However, your feet are more vulnerable to stress fractures if you lose your shoes. This is especially true if your second metatarsal connects your mid-foot and your second toe. Dropping a weight on your feet can also put your feet at greater risk.

Here are our top picks for the best gym trainers available right now.

Nike Metcon 7

The latest installment in Nike’s popular Metcon series had a lot of work ahead. The Metcon is for gym-goers as the iPhone is for tech enthusiasts and the 7 was designed with the same care that Tim Cook’s devices. This Metcon’s latest version has been enhanced with the unfiltered input of CrossFit athletes. The updated Metcon includes an integrated heel stability component to aid weightlifting and dissipate force to the largest part of the shoe. The stability is not at the expense of stiffness, as Nike has also included a proprietary foam. The climb-proofing is perhaps the most notable contribution of athletes. After infrared cameras analyzed the temperature of different areas of the shoe during climbs, additional rubber was added to the arch and medial sides of the Nike Metcon 7. Nike has created a shoe that can be used for vertical, horizontal, and stationary movement. Impressive stuff.

On Cloud X

On’s Cloud X running shoe is made in Switzerland by Swiss brand On. However, it can be used for running. The “CloudTec” sole provides the cushioning you need to handle those quick bursts and the “Zero-Gravity” foam keeps them from feeling bulky while you’re moving. Comfort is assured by a dual-density socksock liner that can withstand long, difficult sessions. A knit-weave top provides additional support and keeps moisture and sweat down.

New Balance 624v5

New Balance is a shoe that you can wear after you’re done cardio blasting and bulking up. The upper has a leather texture and the outsole provides a firm grip that won’t leave any marks on the floor. New Balance’s Abzorb midsole is the meat of this sandwich. It is designed to absorb more explosive moves.

Under Armour Project 4 Team Rock

Dwayne Johnson, a Hollywood A-lister who loves to exercise, created a shoe that combines the best parts of Under Armour’s technology to make it a great all-around trainer. It has Hovr cushioning to protect your feet from impacts and a TriBase sole that will keep you grounded for lifts. The strap is located in the middlefoot and the knit upper ensures that it stays in place.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3

The third generation of Nike’s SuperRep is big on supporting more energy-intensive bodyweight moves and also incorporating Nike’s Air cushioning technology to make burpees and jumps more enjoyable. The upper features a mesh upper and extra rubber tread to give you a traction boost.

Reebok Nano X2

Reebok has updated the Nano to make it ready for any type of workout. The Nano now features a FlexWeave knit upper that is more breathable, and a modified heel clip for stability. Reebok’s Floatride energy foam runs through the midsole to provide a responsive feeling when you need it.

Puma Disperse XT 2

Puma’s low profile HIIT option features a lightweight knit upper that fits your feet. The SoftFoam+ socksliner adds extra comfort for lifting and lunging. Rubber outsole will withstand sweaty gym floors. It has springy foam to provide bounce for burpees or box jumps.

TriBase Reign 3 by Under Armour

Under Armour is the leader in cross-functional fitness shoes. They offer trainers that are worth every WOD Squad’s time. The brand knows that varied gym sessions require a stable, strong base. Its TriBase technology maximises foot contact to allow natural foot flexion. This is complemented by ultra-responsive cushioning, forefoot traction, and allows you to perform box jumps even when not training for Olympic lifts. The full-rubber outsole is designed to resist abrasion and has medial rope grip.

Adidas Dropset

The Dropset is a great option for those who are squatters or lifters. It bolsters the heel to provide a solid foundation and then softens things up front, making it a good choice for anyone looking to do HIIT. Adidas uses recycled materials in its upper, and the fit is wide enough to be comfortable for those who love the weights section.

Inov8 BareXF210 V3

Inov-8’s BareXF 210V3 is a fast-growing barefoot shoe. It provides that coveted connection between foot & floor, with a barely there feel. This shoe’s unique feature is the toe splay that allows for freedom of movement. You can use each toe to perform moves like deadlifts, lunges, and squats. Meta-Flex technology also allows for natural fealing in the forefoot. These shoes are also available in women’s sizes, unlike many of the other options in this edit.