Shopping for Maternity Clothes – Style Tips For Every Stage Of Pregnancy

Shopping for Maternity Clothes – Style Tips For Every Stage Of Pregnancy

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Congratulations–you’re expecting a baby. This exciting time is filled with unforgettable milestones. There are many things to look forward too, from the positive pregnancy test to the first flutter to your baby’s arrival, and so much more. Every woman will have a different decision about when to purchase maternity clothes. Do you wonder when the right time is to buy maternity clothes? We have options for all your needs.

The time you start wearing maternity clothes will depend on your personal preferences, how many children you have and whether or not this is your first baby. Many expectant mothers start buying maternity clothes as early as their first trimester. Some wait until they see a bump. When shopping for maternity clothes, comfort and fit are key factors. We are passionate about finding clothes that make you feel and look good. To help you create a cohesive maternity outfit, we’ll explain when and what you will need. It’s time for you to nest and prepare for your new addition.


The first trimester is filled with anticipation, discovery, and lots of growing. Some mothers choose to keep their joyous news secret until week 12. It’s possible to hide your pregnancy. However, this may be the time to buy maternity clothes. You may be able to wear non-maternity clothes if this is your first baby. Your body may not remember your first baby, so you might show signs of pregnancy earlier if it isn’t. The first trimester of pregnancy is about bringing maternity clothes into your wardrobe and pulling out comfortable favorites.

You may be wondering when you should start shopping for maternity clothes during your first trimester. It’s different for each parent. The best time to start is between eight and 12 weeks. An essential piece of your maternity or postpartum wardrobe is a high-quality, larger bra. Stretchy knit layering tanks and tees are a good investment. These tees look great when paired with trendy blazers, cardigans, and shackets. These will look great layered over button-downs at work or hoodies while working out. You can complete your first-trimester maternity outfit with a mix slouchy joggers or fitted leggings. These pieces are great investment pieces that you can use now and later.

Shhhh: Keeping Your Pregnancy Private During your First Trimester

During these crucial first months, often it is mum who will be the most informed about your pregnancy. Loose-fitting clothes that glide easily over your body will help you conceal any changes. Soft knit tops, elastic waist bottoms or dresses with drawstrings are all options. Empire silhouettes are great for pregnancy. This style is best worn in the first trimester, with tops or dresses. For a flattering drape, a fitted top that is cinched below the bust can be worn. This will keep you secret during the first trimester of pregnancy. You decide when you feel most comfortable wearing maternity clothes.

The perfect professional Maternity Clothing Basics

What are the best times to wear maternity clothes at work? Workleisure is on the rise, and it’s a good thing. This trend turns business casual into comfort. You want a professional, polished look that is meeting-ready? A mixed-material blouse is a combination of a woven and soft knit fabric. This is a great combination for your changing body. Wear it with elastic, loose-fitting pants or drawstring trousers and loafers. With the trendy chain-link hoop earrings, draw attention to your belly.


Now is the time to reveal your secrets. The second trimester marks the transition from a barely visible belly to a full-blown pregnant stomach. Every pregnancy is unique, but this is when your little belly shows its true colors. Are you still unsure when to wear maternity clothes? You can add maternity clothes to your wardrobe in the second trimester. This is when most moms to be feel their best. These maternity jeans essentials will help you look confident and stylish.

A pair of maternity jeans can be worth the investment when you’re ready to buy maternity clothes. There are many options, including skinny, slim, straight, boyfriend, and bootcut styles in a variety of washes. Your new jeans can be dressed up to suit your business casual needs. A pair with an over the-the-bump panel will provide more support and coverage. You can use a full panel at any stage of your pregnancy. This can be folded for a under-the-bump look. If you want a pair that looks like your pre-pregnancy favorite, choose a demi or one featuring side stretch panels. These are perfect for expectant women who like to tuck their shirt in. These jeans will last a lifetime. These jeans will be your go-to after the baby arrives.

A pair of overalls is another option for denim that will keep you comfortable throughout pregnancy. These maternity overalls are extra flexible at the sides, so you can wear them into your third trimester. This can be worn with a fitted, striped knit top and boots. This classic, casual outfit is timeless. This combination of a fitted top and loose fitting overalls will keep you relaxed.


Although every mother will have to decide when she should start wearing maternity clothes, the rule of thumb is that it is best to do so by the third trimester. Babymoons and baby showers are often held during this time. These unforgettable moments are worth dressing up for, even though it can be difficult to style your changing body.

Your baby may be growing rapidly these last few months. These are the perfect times to wear maternity dresses that stand out. Pregnancy dresses offer elegance and style in a simple outfit. You’ll find many styling options, including wrap, maxi, and shift silhouettes.

Wrap dresses look great on all women, but especially for pregnant women. These are our top picks when we need to buy maternity clothes. Wrap ties can adjust to your baby’s growing belly and the v neckline makes it easy to wear a double-layered necklace. You can wear this four-season wardrobe staple to work with a simple peplum blazer and mules. You can also sneak off to a dinner date and remember the quality time you had before the baby arrived. You can make your accessories stand out with a simple little black wrap-dress. Are you looking for the best accessories to wear with a black dress? Shoes and necklaces with stone accents that have extra space.

That’s right. Shoes are also a must. Consider mules and strappy sandals. You may have heard the rumor that feet grow during pregnancy. These shoe styles offer extra comfort for your feet. Comfort is crucial at this stage.


Whew! It was possible. You have baby. Now you need to adjust to your new life as a parent. Mother and baby will need to eat and sleep a lot. Enjoy these precious moments and settle in. You may wish to purchase a few essentials for relaxation and recovery after giving birth. For the first few months, you will be wearing leggings, loose-fitting joggers, and large tees or sweaters. Loungewear remains one of the most beloved and comfortable trends, and it will keep you stylish.

This is an important consideration when shopping for maternity clothes. These essentials don’t need to be bought until your baby is born. You can also add nursing bras to your shopping list if you decide to breastfeed your baby. You’re an expert at layering now that you have been layering since your first trimester. Keep it fashionable mama. The styles from cottagecore to cabincore are all about coziness and ease. These ethereal trends can be embraced with flowing nap dresses (naps don’t have to be for babies) that are layered with soft grandpa cardsigans. Are you nursing friendly? Yes, please.


Are you still unsure of when to purchase maternity clothes? Some women prefer to wear maternity clothes. You can wear soft, stretchy knits all through your pregnancy. Your favorite T-shirts, sweaters or leggings can be worn throughout pregnancy. Fabrics can stretch and may not be able to return to their original shape after pregnancy. You can return to your favorite items after your baby arrives by adding a few maternity staples.

Maxi skirts can be found in your own closet. The waistband is their secret weapon. The waistband is versatile. You can place it below your bump or pull it up like a full-belly belt. Layer a maxi skirt printed with a solid, ribbed tank with a denim jacket. Add delicate layering necklaces, slip on sneakers, and pearl drop earrings, this season’s must have trend, to your look.

Coco Chanel famously stated, “Before leaving the house, take at least one thing off in the mirror.”

Accessory are your secret weapon for style throughout pregnancy. Drop earrings can draw attention to your glowing face, while belts and sashes will highlight your bump. Coco Chanel once said that “Before leaving the house, take at least one item off your face.” You can accessorize as much or as little as you like. You can make heads turn with your opulent bags and scarves, as well as jewelry.


You’ll be able to tell when it’s time for you to give up all that time spent thinking about when you should start wearing maternity clothes. Once you are ready, organize your clothes and donate them to mothers-to be in need. Donation guidelines vary from one location to the next, so it is always a good idea call before donating items. Donations of clothing are accepted by charities and organizations such as Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and the American Red Cross. You can also donate your maternity clothes locally to a local women’s shelter.

Parents who are busy can still make a difference in their community. WithGive Back Box you only need the maternity clothes that you wish to donate and a repurposed shipping box. Print a label, pack your box and choose a charity. Give Back Box is a partner with many charities, including theAntinanco support of Native American nations. This charity supports local and native communities and will distribute your maternity items to those in greatest need. Donating gently used maternity clothes can make a big difference and help continue the cycle of your clothing’s life.