Siren Eyes is a TikTok Trend That’s Worth Your Time

Siren Eyes is a TikTok Trend That’s Worth Your Time

09.09.2022 Off By manager_1

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I was captivated by the siren eyes eyeshadow technique that TikTok users Stephanie Hui were showing right before my birthday weekend. I grabbed the chance to see it for myself.

What is the meaning of siren eyes? It’s more of an aura than a definition. The siren eye is very similar to the smoky eyes we all love. The “siren” thing is a reference to the former’s feminine, sultry energy. It is both intriguing and captivating to see.

Although the name may be new, stars like Bella Hadid or Alexa Demie have worn this look over the years. Let’s get to the point: What makes siren eye different from a normal winged liner smoky eyes? Jenny Patinkin, makeup artist stated that a smoky eyes should look ethereal and floaty. It will look more like smoke than soot if it is applied in heavy colors.

Lilly Keys, makeup artist, says that siren eyes are “a little more dramatic and darker around the rims, and flicked upwards towards the outer corners for an even narrower, cat-eye shape.”

Keys states that those with almond-shaped eyes are more likely to achieve this look. This shape is the foundation of siren eyes, which can be lifted, feline and fox-like. Keys says that we are currently in a “villain age of makeup and styling.” These eyes are a way to embrace our dark side and instill obsession. She also said that the method can elongate, narrow, and lift your eyes all at once — Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, etc.

Want to give it a try? Keys explains that the base is simply mixing eyeshadow and eyeliner and then creating a smoky, smoky cat eye. She advises that you always start with lighter colors first before applying the darker ones. Apply the taupe base with a fluffy brush. Focus more on the lash line and blend upwards to create the wing.

Next, take a warm brown eye shadow or gray, and smudge it along your upper lash line. Blend the color up and out just like you would with traditional cat-eyes. Keys states that you can then use a small, fluffy brush to blend the eyeliner in with the shadow you have already created.

For a final touch, take a sharp, precise eye pencil like the Catrice Ultra Precision Gel Eye Pencil and trace the contour of your upper lash line. This will intensify and sharpen the effect.

My personal attempt was to use only eyeshadow for a natural, sultry approach to siren eyes. I filled my AirPods with Lizzo as I smudged my dark brown gel eyeliner into a wing at the inner corner.

What are you waiting to do? Below, you can try the siren-eye look with our favorite eye makeup products.

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  • E.L.F. Smudge Brush
  • Make Beauty Continuum Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
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