Six Intentional Methods to Easy Building Better Habits

Six Intentional Methods to Easy Building Better Habits

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It’s easy to set lofty goals and run full steam ahead. But it’s easy for things to get rocky. Then you fall off the track and spiral into despair and defeat. It can seem daunting to change your habits and achieve your goals. It can also be overwhelming and frustrating to try different things without clear steps. Together with Katey Sanders (Mindset and Habit Mentor) we prepared six steps to help you start creating better, more lasting habits.

  • Enjoy the process

The more a habit is easy to learn, the more likely you will stick with it. Patterns can be simplified to make it easier and save you time and stress. Consider the many ways that you can simplify a particular habit. You want a healthy breakfast? You can stock up on frozen healthy meals that you can quickly make in the morning. Are you trying to get more vitamins? Place them on your dresser so you can see them every morning. You will find it easier to stick with your routines and stay focused by making them more enjoyable. This is why we buy new clothes for exercise, reward ourselves for reaching certain milestones, and jam out while working on projects. You can make it more fun in the moment, without having to change it. This will help you get into your groove.

  • Habbit without intension won’t last

You need to choose habits that are based on your goals and needs to build long-lasting habits. If your goals are not aligned with your routine, a morning routine at 4:00 am won’t last. You should be challenged but also serve your goals. Focus on the habits that make you feel great – mentally, physically, financially, and socially. To create the lifestyle and feelings that will help you reach your goals, you need to know what you want. Consider how you would like to feel, who and what you want, and what you are doing. These thoughts and feelings can be used to create your motivation.

  • Try to shift your mind

Your mindset can be changed by practicing positive thinking. This includes letting go of the all-or nothing mentality and allowing yourself to enjoy the process, rather than worrying about the outcome. You can start by understanding the mindset obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving your goals. Instead of thinking about the habits as something you must do, think of them as things that you ‘get’ to do.

  • Combine your habits

Habit stacking is a way to build better habits. Healthy habits are difficult to see benefits immediately. This creates resistance. It can be overcome by stacking the habit that you desire with one you already have. If you are looking to meditate, combine a five-minute meditation with five minutes for your morning coffee to brew. You can then set realistic times to accomplish the habit and your brain will begin to associate them together.

  • Track your habits

If you don’t have any system to track your progress, it’s easy for you to fall into an all-or-nothing mentality. You can track your habits to get a better understanding of your progress and areas you need to change.

You may not have thought of tracking your habits. Think about all the apps that automatically track things for you. You can use apps to remind you to water your plants, or your Apple Watch to record your workouts. Even Netflix tracks your progress. You can find a simple way to track your habits by downloading one of those. Once you’ve completed the task, the system will tell you that.

  • Praise yourself for little achievements

There is no goal too small or too large to be celebrated. Just think about all the times that your Apple Watch has rewarded and encouraged you for being brave. Celebrate and acknowledge all the little wins along your journey to larger goals. This helps you stay present and focused on your process. It will be easier to see the small victories once you have a system in place for tracking your habits. You can check in with yourself each week to see what you did well and how you are doing.