Soft Services’s new body cleanser just broke my lifelong shaving hack

Soft Services’s new body cleanser just broke my lifelong shaving hack

06.09.2022 Off By manager_1

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My older sisters were the ones who taught my friends beauty tips as a child. Although I was not a sister, I was part of a cheerleading team that included older girls who had wisdom to share. When I was 15 years old, I learned the trick that would stay with me all my life: use conditioner to shave your legs instead of shaving cream. According to a senior, it made my hair soften and I have never gone back to aerosol formulas that blocked my razors.

I have tried, in vain, to find a body cleanse that would prep my legs for smooth shaving. Using up conditioner twice seemed wasteful and expensive. Even the most expensive body cleansers I have tried don’t give the same smoothness and can cause razor burn or ingrown hairs. If you have sensitive skin, or are ingrown-prone you should know that repeated shaving can aggravate the problem. Soft Services Comfort Cleanse Ultra Soothing shower gel is a new body-care product that has won me over.

The brand’s exfoliating products are already a favorite of mine. The brand’s ketosis-fighting Buffing Bar is always in my shower. I was eager to find a soothing formula to use it with.

Annie Kreighbaum is cofounder of Soft Services. She says, “We knew that we needed a daily cleanser to complement our targeted treatments in combination skin.” One that removes grime and hydrates, without fragrance, is safe for sensitive skin. Ginger King, a cosmetic chemist, agrees that this wash can be safely used by anyone with sensitive skin.

She says that mild surfactants are ingredients that remove dirt from the skin. They also made it fragrance-free to help those with sensitive skin. Kreighbaum states that shaving was a top priority during product development.

Kreighbaum states, “We knew that an ultra-soothing razor glide was so important for preventing many skin concerns we address like ingrown hairs and inflammation due to razorburn.” Once the team had found the right balance for the water-gel’s hydrating, cleansing and enhancing ingredients, it was able adjust the thickness to make the water gel stick to skin better during shaving.

She says, “We didn’t want harsh cleaning agents that strip away the skin’s moisture. So we used surfactants that are found in baby shampoo to make the gentle foam that lifts the dirt from the skin.” Glycerin is the main ingredient in this cleanser, making up 25 percent.

King explains that glycerin can be used to keep the skin moist and prevent products from drying out. It also helps preserve products. Kreighbaum says that the ingredient is essential for skin care and for delivering a tactile experience in the shower. It can be used in wet environments to draw in moisture as you massage the product into your skin. The formula’s glycerides give it a heavenly, plush-water texture.

This texture was what inspired me to ditch conditioner and save my conditioner for my hair. After cleansing my skin, I applied a few drops of the product to my palms. Then, I used my fingers to rub it into my legs. Instead of massaging the formula to create a lather I kept it in one smooth layer for my razor to glide against. The perfect slip and cushion allowed the blades to glide against the skin without irritation. I then toweled it off. My calves felt soft and silky, with no signs of irritation or razor burn. It’s been a few weeks since I started using it. Even with all the wear and tear my skin received in the ocean, my legs still have no ingrown hairs or pissed-off follicles.

Although I have seen improvements in my skin after using this product, it is also available in the Superior Shave Set. This set can be used to remove ingrown hairs, smoothen skin and calm it down post-shave. My conditioner has never been more full and my legs are never slicker.