Some Advices From A Happy Man

Some Advices From A Happy Man

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Fix your dating life

Good sex is an integral part of happiness and overall well-being. Men are sexual creatures, let’s face the facts. There’s no shame in this. It is both an instinctual and animalistic desire and a crucial component in the expression of romantic love. Helen Fisher, who wrote the best-selling book Why We Love: Chemistry and Nature of Romantic Love, said it very well.

Freud and many other scholars and laymen believed that romantic love is built on sexual desire. This is not a new concept. The Kama Sutra is a love manual from fifth-century India. It explains that the word “love,” which comes from Sanskrit “Lubh,” means “to desire.” This makes it clear that romantic love and sexual craving are closely linked.

Don’t be a complainer, start fixing

Stop complaining if you want to be a better person. Complaining does not solve problems. It can actually perpetuate problems.

Don’t get me wrong. You have the right to indulge in a little bit of conscious complaining from time to time. Unfettered complaining can make you feel miserable and worsen your life. Stop complaining and instead, start looking for solutions.

Boost your self-discipline

Self-discipline can be a key to being a better man. It allows us to realize our potential and then act with greater efficiency. This makes our lives more enjoyable and adds value. Jim Rohn once stated that “We all must suffer either the pain and regret of discipline or the disappointment and regret of failure.” This is terrifyingly true. When we get older, regret will only be what we have not accomplished. Nothing is more frightening than regret. You can choose to be more efficient and self-disciplined every day.

Write down your goals

Here are some shocking stats. Regularly writing down your goals will make you 9 times more than those who don’t. Alright. Let’s now get to the bad news. Only 4% of people actually take the time to write down their goals. Set some goals. There are many ways to set goals. Pick one method and start setting goals. It doesn’t matter if you are crazy. You don’t have to be crazy. You can then level up and improve upon it. This is a simple but effective way to become a better man.

Stop wasting time

Did you know that executives and business owners tend to spend 22 hours a week on useless stuff. Yep. It’s an entire day gone. It’s no joke to waste your time. You can never get it back. It’s easy to stop wasting your time with bullsh*t and start making progress in fixing your life.

Lift Up Other People

Contrary to popular belief being a better man doesn’t mean focusing only on what you are doing.

This includes focusing on the needs of others. Sun Tzu stated that “A leader leads not by force but by example.” I often hear that alpha males don’t put down other men. They are able to lift up other men. This makes you more attractive, more valuable, and more likeable.

Be Honest!

It is no secret that honesty can be scary. It can be frightening, especially if you’re not used to it. It turns out, avoiding the truth is almost always a bad policy. It is not surprising that honesty leads to greater happiness and closer relationships. Do you want to improve your life and be a better man? Be more open with yourself and others.

Be kind and respectful, but don’t take any sh*t

Recovering ‘nice guy’ is one of my hardest lessons. You can be kind and not tolerate nonsense. It is vital that men maintain healthy boundaries and show kindness and respect to others. Kindness is a great strength. It shows us that we are in complete control of our faculties. Make no mistake. It is not kind to allow people to go beyond your boundaries. This delicate balance must be achieved. You need to learn how to hold people responsible, as well as show kindness and respect. It’s like a lion protecting his pride but not allowing them to overstep their boundaries.

You can be as tough as nails, but you should temper it with gentleness

Surprisingly, Elizabeth Elliot may have hit it on the head regarding the importance of men being positive, effective, and balanced between tough and gentle. This is an excerpt from her book The Mark of a Man, Following Christ’s Example of Masculinity.

Man must be strong as nails. He must not only face the truth but also the truth about his wife, refusing to compromise when it is wrong. He must be gentle. Tenderness is the only weapon that can break through the armor of women’s resentment.

You must temper it with gentleness. This combination is powerful. These are powerful combinations that too few men today know how to balance.

You can be a role model for other men

John Wayne was one of my greatest role models as a child. He was a man’s man. He was bigger than life. He was a man of great masculinity. He wasn’t just a brute. He was intelligent and self-aware. Although his characters weren’t perfect, he was always striving to be the best.

This brings us to an important question every man must ask.

  1. Are you a role model for men?
  2. Do you inspire men to greatness?
  3. Are you a man who is trustworthy? Are you a man of integrity? Do you set an example and strive for excellence in all you do?
  4. How will you be remembered after you are gone?

These are crucial questions you should ask.

Spend less time on your phone

You want to hear something truly sad? An average person spends more than 3 hours a day on their smartphone. Today’s men are too dependent on their smartphones. They scroll through social media, check messages, swipe on dating apps, and then ignore the real world. Do you want to become a better man in a matter of hours?

  1. Get rid of your phone.
  2. Every day, turn it off for at least an hour.
  3. Eliminate the time-wasting apps.
  4. You can commit to spending a whole day doing nothing but looking at it.
  5. Be more aware of yourself and engage with the world around you.

See Less Porn

98% of men say they watch porn. Yet, men who watch more porn report less sexual satisfaction in their lives. This is something I personally can attest to as someone who watched a lot of porn. Life is better when you stop watching porn and just jerk off. You will have more sex and your sexual experience will improve.

Flirting can be more fun. Confidence is a huge benefit. Although it may seem counterintuitive, if you want a stronger, more masculine and more sexually functional man, then turn off the pornography. Meet real women. Go to the club and have fun flirting. Enjoy some real-life sex. Go to the strip club for a few dances! Take a break from all the artificial eye candy.

Drink Less Alcohol

A quick glance at the statistics about alcohol consumption can show you how harmful ‘demon liquors’ can be. In order to feel normal, there was a time when I had to drink. Although I was not a complete alcoholic, I did occasionally drink. One time in my life I was so unhappy, depressed and dependent on it that I needed a joint with a shot vodka to get me started each day. Don’t follow this path, men. This path was filled with sadness, suffering, and emasculation. Today, I don’t drink much anymore except when I am with friends. My life is better than ever. I feel more energetic. I’m happier. I am happier with my relationships. I’m less depressed. I don’t get horrible hangovers six days a week. That is a huge upside.

Replace one ‘Loser’ friend with a ‘Winner’ friend

Jim Rohn once stated that “you are the average of five people you spend most time with.” Tony Robbins said “The quality and quantity of your life is directly related to the expectations of your peer group.” You can see the pattern. Gary Vaynerchuk also has great advice about this topic.

I was able to grow as a man when I spent time with men who were more successful than I. They encouraged me to improve, they blasted me when I was acting wrongly, and they weren’t content with me making excuses. They were a challenge to me. They challenged me. It’s real. It’s real.

Do not make women the mission of your life

This is a common mistake I see in men. All of us grew up in a society that taught us to be gentlemen and to prioritize women. We were taught that a happy wife is the best way to live. This advice was thrown out by the gods. Problem is, women weren’t meant to be the center of a man’s mission. High-value women are, and should be, an addition to a man’s already extraordinary, fulfilled, and successful life. You must understand that no one can fill your emptiness. That hole must be filled by you. It should be filled with purpose, meaning and a vision of your future.

Women aren’t even interested in the mission. They are eager to be part of your mission. Stop making women the center of your life. Treat a woman of high quality with respect. It’s like a delicious cherry on top of an already amazing cake. Take her along. Invite her along on your journey. Do not make her the destination.

Be aware of your own mortality

We must be aware of our mortality as men. Marcus Aurelius, I think, said it best in The Emperor’s Handbook. Your days are numbered. These are your keys to opening the doors of your soul to the sunlight. You will soon be left behind by the sun if you don’t. This mindset can lead to a lack of understanding that your days are over and that you have limited time to make a difference in the world and leave a lasting mark.

The point of life is the journey. This is one of the most important truths you should know about your manhood.