The Best and Worst Decisions Made by the Players in Squid Game

The Best and Worst Decisions Made by the Players in Squid Game

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Squid Game pits players in brutal survival games where every decision can determine your life or death. These are the worst and best. Squid Game was a survival game where players relied on their intellect and strength to get through each round. Each round was meant to eliminate weaker players in both the individual rounds and those that required teamwork.

The competition required contestants to make tough decisions. There was also the pressure of a ticking timer and the threat of being killed by armed soldiers. The majority of the decisions made by the contestants were self-serving. This is not surprising given the game’s survival nature. Some players made selfless sacrifices and created some heartwarming moments during the blood-filled show.

Players 069 and 070: Staying together vs Returning to the Game

The players 069 and 070 were married so it is no surprise that they decided to stay together during the games. Player 069, for example, refused to separate from his wife when Sangwoo tried to recruit him for their team during the tug-of war round. Although it was touching to see them together, later, in the marble game, they decided to remain together.

After receiving their second invitation, numbers 069 & 070 also returned to the game. Although it was understandable that they were enticed by the prize money, it was a poor decision to bring back both of them, knowing full well that losing would mean death. Both of them were not the most intelligent characters on Squid Game, and they both ended up dying from their decision to return together to the games.

Deok-Su – Teaming up with The Doctor vs Betraying MiNyeo

Deok-su accepted the doctor’s inside information from the guards who he had harvested organs with. They were able cheat death thanks to the information that the doctor shared with them – at least for a while before the Front Man eliminated him and his accomplices.

The doctor’s inside information led him to cut Mi-nyeo from his crew. He saw her as the weakest link and she didn’t take it lightly. He was almost killed by that decision when Mi-nyeo literally took him to his death during the glass bridge match as revenge for his treachery.

Mi-Nyeo – Eliminating Deok Su vs Teaming up with Deok Su

Mi-nyeo was a generally unlikable character due to her bloodlust and tendency to switch sides. Deok-su refused to move forward, so she removed him from the glass bridge. She chose to go to his funeral as a sweet revenge and also as a sacrifice for the safety of the other players.

Deok-su eventually paid the price for his treachery by losing his life. Mi-nyeo also died because she trusted him and joined his team. She was so obsessed by her need for revenge that she gave up her life in order to achieve it.

Il-Nam – Sacrificing His Marble vs Creating the Game

The episode “Gganbu” was emotionally draining. It featured the players bonding as they watched some of the most memorable characters die. Il-nam was paired with Gi-hun leaving the latter torn between saving his own life and helping the person he was watching out for. Il-nam gave Giu-hun his last marble at the last moment so he could win the round. He wasn’t at any risk of being eliminated, so it was a noble act to spare Gi-hun’s lives.

He appeared to be a decent man in general, but the twist in the Squid Game finale showed his true nature. He created the deadly games with a few of his friends for entertainment and saw the players as something to wager on. He was responsible for hundreds upon thousands of deaths, and he didn’t regret it.

SaeByeok: Joining GiHun’s team vs Antagonizing Deok–Su

Sae-byeok & Gi-hun were at odds due to a pick-pocketing incident that occurred when they first met. Gi-hun invited Sae-byeok to join him and his friends before the riot broke out so that they could be together safer. Sae-byeok joined them in the end, before the killing began. This allowed her to not have to face Deoksu and his goons by herself.

Sae-byeok had a history with Deoksu. It was obvious that they did not like each other from the way he attacked Sae-byeok in the players’ area. She still antagonized Deok-su during Red Light, Green Light. This made her even more of a target for his later games. Being on his bad side, with his murderous ways was almost as dangerous as playing in the most deadly Squid Game games.

Ali: Saving GiHun vs Trusting SangWoo

Ali was instantly a fan favourite after he saved Gi-hun during Red Light, Green Light. Although they were strangers at that time, Ali didn’t hesitate in helping Gi-hun even if it meant he would be eliminated. This selfless act resulted in a friendship and a group that looked out for one another.

Unfortunately, Ali trusted the other players too much due to their friendship, especially when it was Sang-woo. They seemed to be a close friendship, but Sang-woo cheated Ali during “Gganbu,” which led to his tragic death.

Sang-Woo – Sacrificing Oneself vs Eliminating SaeByeok

Sang-woo, out of all the characters in Squid Game was the only one that evoked conflicting emotions from fans. There were noble moments like the time he gave Ali all his money for bus fare, and when he sacrificed himself in the final game to make sure Gi-hun didn’t lose it.

Sang-woo was so desperate to win and survive that he would betray his friends to kill anyone who stood in his way. He also cheated Ali in the marble game and stabbed Sae-byeok in the neck just before the final round, while Gi-hun was trying to get medical attention for her.

Gi-Hun – Looking out for Il-Nam vs Abandoning his Daughter

Despite his faults and flaws, Gi-hun was one the most kind players in the game. He was always there for his fellow players, particularly Il-nam, whom he bonded more with than any of his teammates. Their friendship was the reason Il-nam gave his last marble to Gi-hun. Gi-hun’s kindness towards the elderly man was a key factor in his survival, especially during the tug-of war round.

Gi-hun made some drastic changes in his appearance and lifestyle after discovering the truth about Il’nam. He was about to board a flight to visit his daughter when he found out that the games were continuing. He decided to abandon his flight in order to investigate the organizers of the game and get rid of them. He was not only embarking on dangerous missions involving people who wouldn’t hesitate to murder, but he was also letting down his daughter again, even though it was for noble causes.