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Nordstrom is a great place to shop. Nordstrom sells high-quality brands and premium products. They have everything from luxurious cashmere blended sweaters to casual, slim-fitting tees that are perfect for layering.

In a luxurious shopping environment, they also offer great customer service. Nordstrom is the department store that stylish people love, with well-stocked products and inspiring editorials online.

If you are a fan of the experience and high quality products, you might wonder if Nordstrom has similar stores. There are many actually! These are our 13 recommendations for stores that you might not have thought of (but should).


J.Crew is a familiar name to fashion readers. It’s a great product that we recommend. They have everything! This one shop can help you design your smart, sharp outfit. Since 1983, when J.Crew sent their first catalog, J.Crew has maintained a refined aesthetic. This company’s overall fabric is consistent (pun intended).

Just like Ralph Lauren and Nordstrom before them, J.Crew is making a commitment towards sustainability with their “Re-imagined By J.Crew” initiative. J.Crew has a wide range of garment-dyed slub Cotton hoodies in earthy tones to striped polos, tees and tees that will satisfy Nordstrom fans who want a more curated selection smart, sharp essentials from one brand.


Bonobos and J.Crew can be easily compared, as both offer smart, sharp clothing for men. Bonobos’ strength lies in the variety of its fits. Although there are many options, it is easy to find the right fit. They offer seamless online shopping and easy returns and exchanges. This is a good thing since they are primarily an online-only company.

If you prefer to shop in person, there are Guideshops available in selected cities. Here you can try on clothes and speak with a brand specialist. While you try on any item, the Guide will ship it directly to your office or home. We don’t know if you agree, but the idea of shopping without having to carry any bags home afterward is pretty amazing.

Nordstrom sells a few Bonobos pieces in their stores. However, it is not the whole range of Bonobos products so your options are limited.


Club Monaco, another brand sold by Nordstrom with a limited selection, can be used to prepare you for both your next business meeting and your upcoming vacation. Club Monaco offers style on a platter. From floral button-down blouses in jewel tones, to jacquard crewneck sweaters, to polos with a tipped collar in mustard or neutrals.

Club Monaco was founded in 1985 with the goal of “better basics”. Club Monaco created simple pieces that can be used day or night.


Formerly “Banana Republic Travel & Safari Company has everything. You won’t be disappointed by the selection, whether you are looking for organic twill jackets or French terry hoodies. It would be amazing if modern man could walk into a Banana Republic and not find what it is he needs. Are you going on vacation? Banana Republic offers a resort shirt in organic cotton for this purpose. Are you going on a date with someone? Do you want a casual navy poplin button up or a formal Italian wool suit jacket in Bel Air?

Banana Republic is a brand that focuses on sustainability, and has a visually-oriented blog called “The Journal”, which rivals Nordstrom for customer service and attention.


Bloomingdale’s department store is another high-end one that we are sure you have heard of. It is a direct competitor to Nordstrom and carries the same brands, if not higher-end. The flagship is located on Lexington Ave. in New York City. This historic space has been beautifully curated and features tons of amazing brands.

Bloomingdale’s soon will also open “Bloomie’s”, its first-ever department store. They describe it as a casual, scaled-down version of the luxury department stores one is used too. Bloomie’s new location will offer appointments and alterations with professional stylists just like their regular-sized store.


Saks feels luxurious and higher-end, despite being a competitor to Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. Saks Fifth Avenue’s services are luxurious, from their range of brands to their live events to their digital stylist.

Saks Fifth Avenue has an online “shop for occasion” option that can be very helpful if you aren’t sure which jersey sportcoat to buy or which pique crew sweater to get. It’s not surprising that Saks Fifth Avenue’s website for e-commerce is a direct competitor to Nordstrom. The site is easy to use, top-quality, and fun to shop.


Ralph Lauren, a well-known American brand known for its polo shirts, is a major influencer in the way we dress for more than 50 years. Ralph Lauren owns several brands. Polo Ralph Lauren is also sold at Nordstrom. Ralph Lauren has dressed the elegant gentleman in the halls and courtyards of Ivy League schools.

Ralph Lauren is responding to the growing concern for sustainability, particularly in fashion, which is one of the most polluting industries. They have introduced “The Earth Polo”, a product made entirely of plastic bottles and dyed with a waterless process.


Todd Snyder, also known as “The Man Who Taught Men to Love Clothes”, started his career with Ralph Lauren and designed outerwear. Todd Snyder has the coolest, most modern update that every man should have in his closet: striped tees and sweater polos with printed knit vests.

You’ll find everything you need, from denim jackets that have been reconstructed to Italian suede to trendy sweatshirts and hoodies with bandana prints, to muddy tones like cappuccino. Nordstrom shoppers will find Todd Snyder’s price and aesthetic comparable to those of the woman who shops there.


This British fashion brand was founded in 1971 and caters to the man who isn’t afraid of color blocking or unusual construction details. Reiss has a range of classic men’s clothes that are smart and forward-thinking. They use color and silhouettes that are fashionable, but they don’t make it impossible to wear runway-style fashion.

Prices are comparable to Nordstrom’s, so they won’t be too expensive. Reiss could be your complete wardrobe, and we don’t see why it wouldn’t. Reiss has a large celebrity following, which includes members of the Royal Family. He is known for his quality and attention to detail.


This British brand is designed for younger Nordstrom shoppers who don’t mind a little color and some print. This is apparent in the garment design and patterns. Although Ben Sherman is a master at fair isle knitting, fair paisley and gingham, it’s not difficult to find the basic basics.


Paul Smith is somewhere in between formalwear and high fashion. It is certainly the most daring of all our Nordstrom options. It adds a pleasant visual and tactile dimension to any wardrobe. As you reminisce about your grandmother’s wallpaper, prints adorn the shelves and dot the screen. You finally find a grey-colored check shirt made of brushed cotton with contrast yoke, cuffs.

Don’t forget your socks! There’s something for everyone, from multi-colored dinosaurs to choose-your-own 3 pairs of socks.


Topman was recently acquired by ASOS, and sold at Nordstrom. It offers a great balance of timeless pieces and trendy accompaniments. Topman casual pieces are suitable for both young and old gents.

You can find decent formalwear (suits and trousers, jackets) but they are definitely trendier and younger. Style and silhouette.