Strategic Minimalism is How We Want to Dress Right Now

Strategic Minimalism is How We Want to Dress Right Now

01.11.2021 Off By manager_1

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A clear picture of the minimalist aesthetic comes to mind when you think of a beige outfit made of old-Celine-inspired items, Bottega Veneta’s Pouch bag and a perfectly foamed Latte. Or an all-cream apartment decorated with Matisse prints.

Does it sound familiar? This is probably the case for your Instagram feed. You may have been influenced by this style at some point. People are ready to give up simplicity in favor of excitement, as evidenced by the past year. Strategic minimalism is a modern take on timeless style. It features intricate details such as tasteful cutouts, eye-catching trims and subtle cuts. Soft yellow and Sage green, and a playful mix between textures and fabrications done in an elegant yet modern way.

It is important to know the essence of minimalism before you look too far ahead. Minimalism emphasizes timelessness and the idea that less is more. The building blocks for a wardrobe that lasts forever can be personalized by focusing on a personal take. Frankie Shop is a popular destination for minimalists. Gaelle Drevet, the creative director and owner of Frankie Shop, seeks “easy classics with an updated twist” to create this desired combination. She says that it is not about creating as many basic pieces as possible. It’s about creating the perfect basics.

“As much I love classic silhouettes and basics, there is a risk with minimalism that all of it blending together into one big neutral blob” tell Polina Meshkova, a New York-based content writer known for her visually-driven TikTok videos. She explains why she decided to be more creative with pared down dressing. Minimalists are discovering their own ways to dress up in a more casual way, despite the emergence of many bright, colorful and unique trends in the second quarter of 2021. Meshkova said, “At this point, I know pretty much what I like and dislike, which colors work for my skin, so it’s difficult for me to be influenced unless I’ve been leaning towards this.”

The industry and customer mindsets are changing rapidly. There must be a balance between minimalism’s values and the excitement that attracts shoppers to bold, digital-first fashion looks. Strategic minimalism is made up subversive basics and timeless wardrobe staples, with a slight twist that appeals to the desire for being different online. Jonathan Simkhai is one example of this zeitgeist.

Simkhai told that she wanted to make items people feel beautiful and comfortable in. Simkhai believes comfort is key, but he also values attention to detail. “I’m taking apart classic pieces and putting them back together in modern forms with surprising details. This allows the wearer to feel the same comfort as a sweatsuit but also gives it an elegant look.”

You will find modern suits, slinky dresses and knits in his new collection, which was presented at New York Fashion Week. There are also eye-catching straps and cutouts. Simkhai isn’t the only one who can wear this style. This idea was also showcased by Proenza Schouler and KHAITE as well as Peter Do, Fendi and Courreges during the Spring/Summer 2022 seasons.

Cassandra DiMicco is the founder of Aureum Collective’s buzzy jewelry brand. She approaches her work with strategic minimalism. “Her playful, yet elegant designs are a big part of what inspired me to create my jewelry brand. Statement jewelry can bring life to a simple look. It’s so much easier for me to get dressed in the morning if I have my uniform or go-to look formula. Then, I can have fun with the jewelry that you put on.” DiMicco, as we can see, has mastered the art and skill of styling wardrobe basics such as a black slip dress or white tee and turning it into a desirable look using chunky chains necklaces, twisted golden hoops and layered snake chain bracelets.

What’s the takeaway? Simple doesn’t need to be boring. In fact, simplicity, quality and attention to detail can make a difference.