Style tips for a blazer

Style tips for a blazer

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How to style leather trousers? Leather trousers can be worn in a rock and roll style, but they can also be styled the same as a tailored pant. Both styles work well when styling a blazer.

Black blazers will look timeless and cool when paired with leather. However, adding color and considering boucle textured fabrics will elevate your look.

For a casual look that isn’t as formal as leather pants, pair leather pants with a boyfriend jacket, t-shirt and trainers. This will balance the pants’ form-fitting nature. You can then switch to heels and add statement jewelry, and you are ready for the party!

A blazer that is slightly longer than your usual size will be more flattering for petite people.

Styling tip: “Play with texture and color rather than sticking to black.”

“Also, don’t forget accessories. A statement necklace is a great choice for this type of outfit. It adds that extra polish.”


Although a blazer might be associated with the corporate world, it’s actually very versatile. They can be worn in casual wear, or you can replace them with your favorite denim jacket.

A blazer can instantly give an outfit a cool touch by adding your favorite hoodie, or cashmere sweater underneath. This is a great way to layer up during spring and autumn, when the weather can change quickly.

This combo will work with most bottoms. However, it is a great choice for those who are stuck on what to wear with black jeans. It creates a casual, chic look.

Style tip: keep your blazer neutral when styling it this way. Neutral colors like a black, beige or navy single-breasted jacket are best for a minimalist look when styling it with a sweater, hoodie, or other garments.


Do you want to feel comfortable, but still look polished? For the ultimate in comfort, pair your blazer and leggings with your leggings.

A blazer can instantly add luxury to your look.

This look calls for a slightly larger blazer, which is more tailored than boyfriend. It balances leggings that hug the figure. Wear a polo neck with boots in the cooler months and then switch to a tee and flip-flops as the sun shines.

This combo is great for casual occasions like running errands or meeting friends, but it’s especially chic for covering your workout clothes. To make your look more coordinated, add a blazer, a hoodie and a bag to hold all your gym gear.

Style tip: If you want to show off your pear body, an oversized style is a great choice. It can be worn with leggings or skimmed hips.