Sunscreen will not ruin your make-up if you use the right products

Sunscreen will not ruin your make-up if you use the right products

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It is well-known that SPF can prevent sun spots, skin cancer, and signs of aging. It’s not surprising that foundation can make you feel confident leaving the house, even if you don’t wear makeup. It is possible to protect your skin and boost your self-esteem. Yes! You don’t need to reapply your makeup every time.

Although it’s the best way to avoid putting SPF on your makeup, most people don’t believe that this is possible. While we do apply SPF before applying mascara and applying concealer in the morning, what about afterward? Do you reapply sunscreen daily to your make-up? It’s a common practice to apply sunscreen every hour while on the beach, but it’s not a habit to do so after going to the post office or grocery store. It’s not so easy.

There are many newer sunscreens that can be applied seamlessly over makeup, and even help to reset your look if you have a particularly oily or sweaty day. There are many options available, from sprays that add UV protection to your skin to stick sunscreens that can be smear-proof to those that protect your skin without compromising your beauty routine, such as Supergoop! and Kinfield.

The 10 Best Sunscreens You Can Use Under or Over Makeup

Kinfield Daily Dew SPF35

A thick, oily sunscreen can remove all your makeup and make you look terrible due to the difficult-to-rub in texture. However, a Kinfield mineral sunscreen will give you a natural glow without stripping out any of your face products. It is safe for sensitive skin and waterproof. It has a slightly glowy finish, which won’t matte makeup but will give you that glowing look everyone loves.

Supergoop! Supergoop!

Powder is a must for those days when you feel extra glowing (and not in the best way). Powder sunscreen is something we all should be using. Supergoop! comes with a brush so that application is quick and easy. To reap the benefits of SPF, you’ll need to apply it all over your skin. However, you can also add some oil to areas like your forehead and nose that naturally produce more oil. It comes in four colors, including a translucent one. This will not leave a white residue on skin with darker skin tones.

Habit No. 41 SPF Face Mist

Spraying sunscreen on your skin is the best way to go, especially if you don’t have to blend it with your hands. The luxurious mist spreads evenly on your face to protect your skin. However, the mist is so fine that you don’t even need to touch your face to apply it. The mist has a delicate floral scent that is heavenly. It also comes in a cucumber scent. Reviewers describe it as more of a refreshing facial mist rather than a sunscreen. Relax on your chaise by the pool and spray away.

Love From Yours Sunny Side up SPF 30 Mist

This water-based mist by Love From Yours is another luxurious option to add to your beach bag. It can be applied in one of two ways. Spray it on your skin and gently pat it into the skin. Or, you can spray it onto your face and mist it all over for a quick refresh. You won’t see any white residue on your makeup. It’s also completely transparent, so it doesn’t leave behind any white marks.

Shiseido SPF 50 Clear Sunscreen Stick

Although we were skeptical about the claims that this sunscreen could be used directly from the tube without any problems, the reviews prove it is possible. Multiple reviewers were surprised that the sunscreen didn’t pick-up any makeup while applying and reapplying. It is lightweight and hydrating, yet it does not feel heavy on the skin even after applying multiple coats.

Ilia Skin Tint SPF 40

Tinted sunscreens like this one by Ilia can be a great way to eliminate a step from your beauty routine. This tinted sunscreen gives you a subtle tint, but doesn’t completely hide your natural color. This might be better than any bronzer or highlighter that you have. You can smoothen your skin and cover any uneven skin tones without it feeling cakey.

Coola SPF Mist Assist Kit

You shouldn’t forget about your scalp while you protect your face. The set includes a sunscreen for your head and one for your scalp. This way, you won’t have to work so hard to apply lotion to your hair. The scalp mist and face mist are fine, covering skin in one continuous spray. The scalp mist and face mist have refreshing properties thanks to the addition of ingredients such as aloe vera and sage.

Black Girl Sunscreen Make it Glow SPF30 Spray

We all know what it is like to apply sunscreen and then look like Casper, the friendly ghost. This is especially true if your skin tone is darker. The mist has no white cast so it can be used without the need to blend for hours. Spray it on and let it dry for a few minutes before you can go. It is also waterproof for up to 80 minutes and reef-safe.

Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 Face Sunscreen

Elta MD products are loved by dermatologists because they are gentle on sensitive skin and offer protection against harsh UVA and UVB radiation. There are tinted options, but we love this clear version. It won’t change your skin color. It is made with skin-loving ingredients, which can reduce redness and calm rosacea.

Milani Make it Last Sunscreen Spray SPF30

Everybody sweats. But if the heat is causing your makeup to become brittle, this dual-in-one sunscreen can help. It will not only give you extra SPF but also help to reset your makeup. It will protect all types of makeup products up to 16 hours, so there won’t be any smudges, fading or other issues, especially if you apply more than one time.