Sunscreen: How to Use It When Wearing Make-up

Sunscreen: How to Use It When Wearing Make-up

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Doctors and healthcare professionals advise that sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours. But what if you’ve already applied makeup to your skin? Applying sunscreen to makeup is going to cause damage. There is no need to be concerned. These are the solutions.

But I’m Just Going To the Office. I won’t be in the sun!

Women want natural-looking coverage and only the best ingredients when it comes to cosmetics. Warren Wallo, Director, Scientific Engagement at Johnson & Johnson, also believes that makeup should not be about covering up. It should deliver optimal performance. Johnson Skincare Research & Development says “Sun protection is essential for your skin. You will likely be out and about on a workday.”

Skin care professionals recommend sunscreen, not just makeup with SPF. This is because the coverage of makeup can vary depending on how it is applied. Therefore, it might not be as effective.

  • Apply sunscreen before applying moisturizer and make-up

Dr. Paul Friedman M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist and director of the Dermatology Laser Surgery Center Houston Texas. It is better to wait for the makeup to dry before applying it.

Applying moisturizer or makeup after waiting around 20 minutes can also reduce the effectiveness of sunscreen.

  • Use Mineral Makeup

In an article published on the Skin Cancer Foundation website, Leslie Baumann, MD, Director of Cosmetic Dermatology at Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami explains that mineral makeup with SPF can increase your protection if you are planning to spend more than 15 minutes in direct sunlight. It is also suggested that powdered sunscreen will likely cover any areas you missed by applying it on top.

BareMinerals Matte Foundation Mineral Powder is a mineral foundation with SPF. It is available in many colors and reduces oiliness throughout the day.

Layering sunscreen products does not increase sun protection. The highest SPF that you have applied will protect you. You won’t get protection from SPF 45 if you use a sunscreen that has an SPF 30 and then apply a foundation with SPF 15.

  • Tinted Moisturizer or Tinted Sunscreen are good options

Dr. Friedman recommends that you use a tinted sunscreen instead of foundation to reduce the need for an additional layer of sunscreen. This is a great option for those who spend the day outdoors and want to keep their makeup fresh.

Many tinted sunscreens may not be suitable for women of color. To match your skin color, you can dust a little bit of finishing powder in the correct shade on top of the sunscreen.

Revision Skincare’s Intellishade 45 SPF is a sunscreen, moisturizing and sheer tint in one. The company claims that the product has “smart technology” which matches your skin tone. The product is available in two formulations: radiant and matte. It provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and can be purchased through dermatologists and plastic surgeons as well as medical spas.

  • Keep Translucent Powder on hand for touch ups

To maintain sun protection, keep a translucent powder, such as Colorescience Sunforgettable with an SPF of 30+ in your bag. Dr. Friedman adds that this powder is great for men because it is lightweight.

  • Use a Tinted Compact with SPF

For touch-ups throughout your day, a tinted compact with sunscreen is an option. Dr. Friedman recommends Avene Water Resistant 50 Tinted Compact.

Avene Water Resistant 50 SPF 50 is available only in beige or honey. This tinted mineral sunscreen will not match the skin tones of people who are in the fair-to-medium/tan range.

Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Base Sunscreen 20 offers more shades and is water-resistant.

  • Check that Chemical Sunscreen Ingredients are Photo-Stable

If you use a sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, ensure it is applied over a phototable chemical sunscreen. This will prevent it from fading in the sun. Avobenzone (Parsol1789) can quickly degrade in the sun. However, there are brands that prevent this.

Avobenzone and other ingredients in UVA Sunscreens

 Wallo says Johnson’s Helioplex(r), Technology “has the same broad-spectrum photostable protection as sun care lotions and can be integrated into cosmetic compact foundations.” The Healthy Skin Compact Makeup with SPF 55 provides natural-looking coverage as well as sun protection, when you go out to lunch.

The Neutrogena Healthy Skin Compact Makeup Makeup SPF55 contains eight shades. However, Warm Beige is the darkest.

Do you always need to reapply sunscreen?

You should also wash your makeup off if you are going to be out in the sun. There’s no reason to reapply both. According to Dr. Neal Schultz,, if you aren’t swimming or out in the sun, your sunscreen may still be intact. Be aware of the sun shining through your windows, and if you are working at a desk near a window.

There’s no reason to not use sunscreen when you are out in the sun.