Is It Possible to Have a Sustainable Wedding Dresses?  9 Simple Alternatives

Is It Possible to Have a Sustainable Wedding Dresses? 9 Simple Alternatives

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It is much easier to find the right partner than the perfect gown. There is a lot of waste generated by the wedding industry. According to The Green Bride Guide, an average wedding produces 400 pounds (200 kg) of waste and 63 tons carbon dioxide. There are 2.5 million marriages per year. That’s 1 Billion pounds of waste, or the equivalent to four people’s annual carbon dioxide emissions.

This exciting chapter can be started by planning for sustainability. Millennials, Gen-Z and others are more likely to support environmentally-friendly brands through their purchasing power. What makes the wedding industry so special? Stigmatized gender norms are part of the problem when it comes to wedding dresses. We’ll show how to find a sustainable bridal gown that you love and helps the environment.

What is a sustainable wedding dress?

Although there is no one definition of sustainable wedding dresses, the general idea is to reduce your clothing’s environmental and social impact. A sustainable wedding gown or dress could be made entirely from local materials, or recycled or eco-friendly material. This will result in lower carbon emissions. This could include a gown that has been worn or will be worn many times. A company that makes custom-made items to reduce waste. Borrowing Magnolia is an online marketplace where you can rent and buy pre-owned items from former brides.

Tips to Choose a Sustainable Wedding Dress

If you don’t know the makers of sustainable wedding gowns, it can be hard to find one. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to help you choose the right sustainable wedding dress.

It is vital to know your style. You might love vintage clothes or custom-made clothing. Or maybe you are a fashion-forward woman who likes to take chances with her wardrobe. You should be happy to wear your wedding gown, regardless of whether it is sustainable.

Start your search by focusing on the one aspect of sustainability you are most concerned about when searching for sustainable wedding gowns. This can be done by reviewing your list and noting any styles that you like. This may be a wedding dress made from plant-based fabrics that conform to vegan standards. Others are more concerned about the gown’s human impact.

Be aware that not all well-known bridal artists include sustainability information on their websites. Designer bridal brands are often very high up on the sustainability scale due to the fact that their gowns are custom-made, require skilled dressmakers and are made with luxurious fabrics. It’s worth speaking with staff at boutiques where the gowns are available or sending an email directly to the brand for more information.

Don’t be too rigid about what kind of sustainable wedding gown you want. Also, don’t forget to consider how much you are willing to compromise for sustainability. This feature is a sign that you are savvy at shopping.

Local designers are great for custom-made and recycled wedding dresses. The dresses will be made ethically, locally and with low carbon emissions. You should also have a wide selection of fabrics available to you. While the cost of bespoke gowns will vary depending on the style and fabric chosen, it is worth noting that they are usually priced at the same level as comparable dresses in high-end boutiques.

Before you start looking for sustainable bridal brands, make sure to check out what is available at local bridal shops. A major advantage of shopping in a boutique is the fact that staff will have a greater knowledge about the stock than those at high-street stores. One-on-one appointments give you the chance to get to know their brands better and to find a dress that you like.

What is the average cost of sustainably made wedding dresses?

Price is an important consideration when choosing a sustainable wedding gown. The average price for a wedding gown made from sustainable materials is between $200 and $2000. Although they can be more costly than those made by fast-fashion brands for wedding dresses, a sustainable gown might end up being cheaper.

The Best Sustainable Wedding Dress Brands

Are you ready to start your search for a stunning and sustainable wedding gown for this special occasion? This list includes the top sustainable wedding dress brands that are committed to using environmentally-friendly practices.

  • Wear Your Love

Wear Your Love is committed to sustainability in three ways. Every gown comes with a lining of 100 percent organic cotton. All dresses are made in-house at their studio in Northern California, where staff are paid a decent salary and gowns are made with minimal waste. The company’s vision for every bride is to “embody effortless beauty and femininity” in a simple and elegant way.

Wear Your Love promises that its designs won’t compromise individual style and comfort. It is also committed to convenience and quality. On request, vegan dresses can also be made with synthetic fibers.

  • Etsy

Etsy is the best place to shop for vintage, upcycled and handmade wedding dresses, accessories, and bridesmaids dresses. This certified B Corporation is home to many sustainable favourites, including handmade designs by MilaBridal and vintage dresses from SixpennyBride. SisterOrganics, which sells affordable organic clothing from the UK, are also among them. The online marketplace offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for a classic designer gown from the 20th century or a unique garment made in Europe.

  • Lost in Paris

Lost in Paris is a Sydney-based label which bridges the gap between vintage lace and brand new lace. It sources its lace from Paris’s antique markets, making sure that no materials are wasted. All dresses are ethically made in Sydney by dressmakers who refashion them from vintage European Lace.

  • Reformation

Reformation, a Los Angeles-based company, has always prioritized sustainability and pro-social policies to create beautiful, easy-to-wear silhouettes for women of all sizes and shapes. The brand uses recycled and vintage fabrics, utilizes deadstock, reduces waste, and has many sustainability practices. RefScale allows you to monitor the environmental impact of your purchase, showing you how much water and CO2 you have saved. For the most elegant and graceful look, the brand celebrates femininity with its dress designs that highlight natural curves.

  • Rent the Runway

Rent The Runway revolutionizes the way brides say yes to their wedding gowns one rental at a. The New York Times called RTR “the Netflix model for haute couture” and it is the perfect place to shop for sustainable wedding dresses. It also offers eco-conscious bridesmaids’ gowns, family wedding attire and accessories. The company also donates gently used gowns at the end each year to Operation Prom. Rent a Runway is a great option for shopping for your wedding dress. They offer dedicated customer service and dedication to helping customers find the right fit (rentals include an additional size), as well as a no-hassle return policy, cleanup, and insurance.

  • Indiebride

The South London studio creates Indiebride gowns. They are handcrafted and custom made. The priority is given to sustainable materials and scraps can be recycled or donated.

Indiebride creates heirloom-quality bohemian and vintage-inspired eco-friendly/sustainable wedding dress for the free-spirited, eco-conscious bride. Indiebride puts bridal trends aside so each gown can be a reflection of the bride’s personal style. The dresses are timeless in elegance and have classic silhouettes. Indiebride promises to help every bride find her dream gown without stress or a high price tag.

  • Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is a modern, sleek showroom that specializes in vintage-inspired women’s clothing and footwear. It was founded from surplus fabric. The brand believes sustainability is not enough.

They are committed to honoring Mother Earth in everything they do. This includes reusing old fabrics and respecting existing relationships during the dress-making process. Christy Dawn dresses are authentically cottage-core and designed for barefoot brides who value the simple, beautiful things the earth has to offer.

  • Larimeloom

Larimeloom is a small independent brand based in Reggio Emilia north of Florence. It uses high-quality natural fabrics as well as plant-based dyes to create its bohemian designs. The influence of Italy’s ancient handcraft traditions, bright sunshine, magnificent landmarks, and art has influenced iconic and modern silhouettes. The brand advocates mindful consumption and the use high-quality, durable materials.


Brides are more interested than ever in incorporating eco-conscious practices into their wedding day, and there is no easier or more fashion-forward way for a bride to do so than by purchasing an eco-friendly/sustainable wedding dress.