Ten pieces that Harry Styles’ wardrobe suggests you could (and should!) add to your collection

Ten pieces that Harry Styles’ wardrobe suggests you could (and should!) add to your collection

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It seems that Mr Harry Styles’ surname is quite fitting. Harry Styles has evolved from the chubby teen we watched on Saturday nights on The X Factor to a highly sought-after dresser in the zeitgeist. His wardrobe is almost as coveted now as his inked-up torso and enviable curly ’do.

The star is known to shimmy and shake his way through live shows, often wearing custom Gucci and sometimes a sparkling fringe vest. His typically extravagant ‘fits are more diverse than they may seem. Styles devotes a lot to challenging traditional masculinity expectations through his use of pearls and skirts. He also works to subvert gender-based dress norms by using dresses, skirts and pants alongside his classic suits. Styles has an ongoing collaboration with GQ’s Breakthrough Designer of 2021 Harris Reed, a non-binary creative — and who could forget Harry in the windswept tulle skirt on Vogue’s December cover.

The outrageous stage style is not all that we adore, but also his off-duty styling skills. Harry is known for his street-savvy style, which can be seen on his daily walks in well-made ensembles made of easy-to-reach pieces. Many of these looks are so popular that they end up on a multitude of fan-based Instagram accounts. This makes key pieces of the star’s iconic closet easier to access for style professionals.

While we eagerly await Harry’s arrival, we will happily take a look at Harry’s daily wardrobe and pick out the ten essential pieces you can easily lift from his collection to add to your own. Here’s what you can steal from Harry’s closet, including vibrant knits that you’ve seen on the streets in London and chic everyday sunnies.

1. That Pangaia hoodie

Harry’s decision to grab this Pangaia hoodie in flamingo pink is being praised by styles obsessives all over the world. It has been a trending topic on social media and blogs since his October 2011 walk through New York City.

Harry’s Pangaia hot pink hoodie teaches people how to dress sustainably between shows. It is made from recycled cotton which uses approximately 20,000 litres less water per kilogram than regular cotton. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, Its blossom-inspired Foxglove pink hue is sure to sell you.

2. Ray-Ban’s classic shades

Ray-Bans are a favorite of everyone, even Harry Styles. Harry Styles was spotted last month wearing Ray-Ban RB2180 sunglasses. Despite being masked, hooded and completely disguised, he still managed to be photographed by fans. We chose a large round frame. The flat bridge of sunglasses of choice highlights and flatters his face while adding just a hint of vintage panache.

3. eliou’s dainty Thasos necklace

Harry Styles wore a chic, graphic-printed T-shirt and a bedhead for a Zoom-filmed radio commercial after the release of As It Was, which was quite stylish.

Styles has been a fan of this brand of jewellery since the beginning of his album campaign. The panelled design features freshwater baroque pearls and a variety multicoloured African seed beads. This will elevate any outfit it is part of to new heights and provide a subtle distraction from Harry’s wild, messy locks.

4. Harago’s adorable embroidered shorts

As he touched down in America’s Sunshine State, Harry’s mile-high style took on a more cutesy, Y2K-inspired feel as he donned a graphic print Eliou T-shirt and Harago’s delicately-embroidered cotton shorts. The shorts, which Styles considers a love of all things whimsical and playful, are detailed with charming embroidery of a rabbit looking after his carrot farm.

5. Christopher Kane’s blush-worthy Tshirt, More Joy

The T-shirt by More Joy by Christopher Kane isn’t afraid to say it. It was worn by Harry on Saturday Night Live. The shirt is printed with one word. This is a tribute to Alex Comfort’s Joy of Sex manual, which shines light on sex beyond mere procreation.

A good wardrobe should have a lot of white T-shirts. This particular one will be a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Take inspiration from Harry’s style and choose loose-legged trousers that can be layered with a warm overshirt.

6. La Ligne’s pinker than pink beanie

The Keen Stylers might have noticed that a certain flamingo pink Beanie was featured in several of these fan-favorite ensembles. Harry rarely takes off his La Ligne Kinsale beanie during the winter months. It sits atop his often unruly curls. This cozy piece is knit in thick ribbed cashmere and is often what identifies Harry on his off-duty trips.

Harry’s block-pink version of the pick has long been out of stock, but La Ligne’s colour blocked version is still available. This panelled piece features Harry’s vivid pink beanie and a soft pink accent.

7. Those “Harry’s House”, Molly Goddard Jeans

We have one question for you if you haven’t seen the topsy-turvy album covers. Harry’s debut album in nearly three years was announced in March. Fans were left astonished by the news and probably aching in their index fingers after hitting the ‘retweet” button with the speedy stans.

Fans were swooning over Harry’s new minimalistic style and promise of fresh music, but it was his Molly Goddard outfit from head to toe that made them swoon. The wide-legged, blue Jorg jeans that had sprinted down the runway months ago. This pair is a nod to Molly Goddard’s nostalgic aesthetic. It has a single embroidered flower at its rear.

8. The North Face’s Nuptse is a delightfully soft and pillowy piece of clothing

The iconic North Face Nuptse! Let us count the many ways we love and admire your sartorial beauty. This panelled puffer is a modern classic. Mr Styles donned it in its most desirable vibrant saffron color during the Northern American leg Love on Tour. It once again proves that Harry doesn’t like muted.

This puffer is windproof, water-resistant, and packed with lofty down. The iconic Nuptse coat, which was inspired by The North Face’s archives from the 1990s, is fashion-forward and boxy. This panelled, voluminous pick is backed by the British GQ and Harry Styles seals of approval.

9. Rachel Green’s T-shirt with embroidered details

Styles’ beloved casual wardrobe is incomplete without mentioning Rachel Green’s tee. Styles’ followers were captivated by Harry’s DIY take on Rachel’s “Save The Drama For Your Mama” T-shirt. They went on social media to share their photos and Harry’s creation. We found the perfect one.

Whilst Harry’s was embroidered by a friend specially for his birthday, this imitation of the T-shirt from Etsy seller ‘SewInspiredDesignsUK’ is a high-quality recreation crafted from a soft, pure cotton construction and features the emboldened motif front and centre. You know what you should do.

10. Away Travel’s stylish off-duty bag

Away Travel is a well-known brand among frequent travellers and podcast listeners. As it turns out, Mr Styles also knows a lot about the brand. Harry was seen stepping out on the streets of LA wearing a pair of navy shorts and a scarlet-red hoodie.

The Everywhere bag, a best-selling model for Away is composed of a central compartment that can be carried by either its faux leather top handles (as Harry does) and/or its removable shoulder strap. This holdall, made of a beautiful navy blue nylon, is stylish, versatile, and ready for any kind of travel.