Ten Things to Avoid While Growing Your Hair

Ten Things to Avoid While Growing Your Hair

22.09.2021 Off By manager_1

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It can seem like you will never achieve the long hair of your dreams if you are tired of wearing a bob or a pixie. While you cannot speed up hair growth, there are ways to ensure that your hair care routine doesn’t hinder your progress. Here are 10 things you shouldn’t do when growing your hair. It’s just as important to avoid doing things that will make your hair grow long as what you do.

1.Avoid using hot tools regularly. The best thing to do for hair growth is to cut down on heat treatments. Too much heat can lead to hair falling out, fraying and weakening. This means that curlers and straighteners should be abandoned temporarily while you are growing your hair. For those occasions when you have to blow-dry your hair, use a diffuser with the lowest setting. Don’t forget to use heat protector.

2. Do not eat too much fast food. Make sure to eat vegetables. Your hair will suffer if your diet lacks essential vitamins and minerals. While it is important to eat a healthy diet, when growing your hair, you should eat foods rich in biotin, zinc, and protein. You can also try vitamins that can help boost hair health.

3. Keep your hair slicked back every day. You want to be able to display a longer hairstyle. You might also want to protect your hair while you are actively growing hair. This will prevent any damage to your hair’s vulnerable ends and encourage growth. Protective hairstyles, such as a braid or bun, can help your hair grow longer and reduce damage from the sun and other heat sources it might encounter throughout the day.

4. Do not wash your hair daily if you are growing your it. A shower cap will help to keep your hair dry while you wash your body. While washing hair can remove dirt and grime from your hair, it can also strip the hair of its natural protective oils. Your hair will recover if you give it time between washes. Dry shampoos can be used to give your hair a boost between washes.

5. You shouldn’t use any hair tie. One of the best ways to promote hair growth is to be careful about how you put it up or pull it back. Hair ties made with metal fasteners and poor fabric cover can be very damaging to fragile hair. You should opt for a scrunchie, or a non-damaging hair tie to lift your hair without causing any damage.

6. Avoid using silicones and sulfates in hair products. Many of these chemicals can cause hair breakage. Silicones that are too water-soluble can dry out hair and cause it to become suffocating. Even if you don’t overwash, the wrong sulfates can strip too much oil from your hair and scalp. Choose the shampoo that is gentler and encourages healthier hair.

7. Do not skip your appointment for your hair cut. We know that it seems counterintuitive but cutting your hair is one of the best ways to promote hair growth. Although it may not seem obvious, maintaining a regular trim can help promote stronger and healthier hair. It can eliminate split ends, which can lead to a weakening of your strand structure. A hair professional can also help you ensure that you are on the right path.

8. Do not ignore your scalp! When you are growing hair, it is easy to get caught up in the longer, more beautiful strands. Don’t neglect to care for your hair roots! Scalp care is essential for long hair. It creates a healthy environment that encourages hair growth. A scalp massage can be a great way to stimulate blood flow and clear product buildup. You can do both by using a scalp massager to apply serum.

9. Do not skip the serums! When it comes to scalp care, do you use a hair growth serum? Get one! This is the key to growing longer hair. When choosing a serum, make sure it’s scientifically tested. This will give you thicker hair. It is your ultimate secret weapon. It will soothe your scalp and nourish your hair for thicker, fuller locks.

10. Do not overhandle your hair. We know it! It’s tempting to touch and stroke those long strands. It’s tempting to keep an eye on your hair while you are making progress. However, too much play with fragile new hair can cause damage. To dry your hair, use a T-shirt or a towel. It will be worth it! You’ll soon have longer hair with patience, the right products, and good habits. Give yourself grace and make hair care a part of your daily self-care routine. Just waiting is not a good thing.