Ten Things Your Bartender Want You To Stop Doing

Ten Things Your Bartender Want You To Stop Doing

08.12.2021 Off By manager_1

You have put on your heels, and you are now all set for a smokey eye. Mama’s out tonight, yes. Before you go to the bar with your girls, check out what Tim Dunn, our favorite NYC drink-mixing expert, has to share about things that almost always bother a bartender. Do you find yourself guilty of any of these things? (We are …)

  • You tell them, “I don’t know. Just make me whatever.”

Remember: This is a request for a stranger to make something in the hope that you will like it. You probably won’t. Instead, say something like “I usually drink vodka but would like to try something different. Perhaps sweeter.”

  • Use the coaster or napkin they give you.

Although we are guilty of sticking our gum in there too, bartenders put them out not only to protect the bar, but also to show other bartenders that they have been helped. It’s kinda like clandestine spy stuff…kinda cool.

  • You can order a lot of drinks, but only one at a time

Your gin and tonic are served by the bartender, and you then order two more. Ugh. Order for multiple people at once if you are ordering. This is faster and less time consuming for the person behind it.

  • Show them how to make drinks on your phone

There are many different types of drinks. Even a bartender with ten years of experience won’t be able to master all the drinks. If you ask him “Do you know how you make a Hot Wet Panda Kiss?” he will simply say “No.” If you return to the Panda Bar, you can order the Panda Kiss.

  • Ask for free drinks

Just…no. You can ask the bartender to offer you a drink on-the-house if you want it.

  • …Particularly on your birthday

Every day, bartenders receive the “birthday” request. They wish you a happy Birthday, but they are also trying to make a living and work.

  • Long Island Iced Teas

This one surprised us too. They’re a sign to the bartender that your goal is to get drunk quickly. This also means that you are buying fewer drinks. Bartenders will make more drinks for you. The race is won by the slow and steady.

  • Water requests should not be tipped?

Only one water request without a drink order? Totally. A few? Please leave a tip.

  • Ask for the name of the bartender

For them, it’s annoying when a stranger yells their name repeatedly to get their attention. Try to make eye contact with the bartender in order to get their attention. They’re always on the lookout for you.

  • Whistling

We stand corrected. It’s worse than shouting their name, it’s whistling. As they pass you, wave money or credit cards in your face. Keep your eyes open and be patient. They will get to you. It’s their job.