How to choose the right pair of trendy boots

How to choose the right pair of trendy boots

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A good pair of winter boots or fall boots are essential, as we spend half of the year wrapped up in warm clothing. Clutchy weatherproof designs are a thing of past thanks to some of fashion’s most prominent designers.

Today’s square toe boots, which can be worn at knee height, with a platform, lug sole or combat sole, are able to protect you from rain and slush and tie your outfit together. They are not as bulky as the snow boots of yesterday.

There are many styles to choose from, whether you’re looking for a new pair or want to experiment with the latest trends. This article will help you to upgrade your winter shoe collection with the most fashionable boots.

How to choose the right pair of trendy boots

Millions of new boots are added to the shelves with every fall/winter collection. It’s easy to be drawn to bright pink cowboy boots, but is it a wise investment? It is easy to let your impulses dictate your decisions. However, learning how to navigate brand price, material, height, occasion, and other factors will ensure you get the best bang for your buck.


While most brands are making trendy boots, not all are doing it right. Bottega Veneta, Prada and Martine Rose are making boots that fast fashion houses are copying. However, lesser-known brands like Paris Texas and Martine Rose have made a name for themselves in the industry through their distinctive designs.

Remember that boots with a major brand name will cost more. Prada, for example, is a well-known couture fashion house that will set you back more than Ganni, which is a less expensive brand.


Prices for the hottest boots of the season are dependent on their brand, quality, and if they happen be on sale. Products from the most well-known fashion houses will always be more expensive, as we said in our last point. Prices will rise for the finest materials, such as super-soft calfskin and calfskin leather.


When shopping for fall/winter boots, the most important thing to consider is their materials. The Chloe Black PVC Betty Rain Boots, which are waterproof, are the best choice if you want to wear boots in rainy and snowy conditions.

The majority of the boots in this list are made from leather, which might not be the most durable in slushy weather. However, they will last as long as you take good care of them. However, you shouldn’t walk in your $1,500 boots on freshly-salted streets.


Are you sure you can wear heels on ice? This is a question you should ask yourself when shopping for boots. The practicality of the heel can make or break your comfortability, regardless if you are looking for fashionable boots to wear on the town or at work.

The Rick Owens Black Motocross Kiss 65 mid-calf boots have the highest platform and heel. These combat boots are great options if you want something that has little or no heel.


You should also consider the situations in which you will wear trendy boots. The Ganni White & Black Leather Low Chelsea Boots or the Proenza Schouler Lug Sole Combat Boots will suit your needs perfectly.

Isabel Marant’s Lapee Boots, on the other hand, have a sexy, slightly slanted Cuban heels that make them great for dressier settings. The Paris Texas Stivale Stampa Cocco Carbone Boots are also versatile and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

What boots are weatherproof?

Some boots may not be weatherproof. Fashion and function do not always go together. The waterproof Chloe Black PVC Betty Rain Boots and the heavy rubber soled boots from Bottega Veneta and Proenza Schouler are waterproof.

What trendy boots can you wear every day?

Practical heels are the best boots for everyday wear, unless you prefer high heels. The Prada Monolith Re–Nylon Gabardine and Leather Platform Combat Boots with Logo Pouch are our favorite pair. Their lower heel, ankle height, and removable pouch make them feel like two shoes in one.