Ten Unexpected Style Tips for Men

Ten Unexpected Style Tips for Men

30.12.2021 Off By manager_1

man wearing green collared top

1) Don’t be afraid of a crinkled shirt

The blue button-down shirt was warm and inviting at the Wales Bonner Show. It looked professional, even casually wrinkled, when paired with simple black pants.

2) Take a hoodie out of your closet and layer it

Hoodies aren’t something you would normally wear in a hurry — but this season Balenciaga and Martine rose made the case that hoodies can be worn in unusual ways. They were layered with interesting combinations, including under sweaters, flannel shirts and even blazers in each collection. A Parisian trade show attendee spotted the trend wearing a hooded sweatshirt underneath a polo.

3) Wear a chunky sweater

You can try wearing a thick knit, such as the Salvatore Ferragamo fisherman version, to slip into your pants if you can forget the Steve Urkel connotation. This will streamline your silhouette and add a little polish to your overall look.

4) Don’t be afraid to wear a blazer

Conservative suits are making an appearance again, and there is a new way to wear them. This may seem counterintuitive but a double-breasted jacket can be worn unbuttoned to create a traditional, yet modern look.

5) Baggy pants are also a good choice

It sometimes feels like men’s trouser styles swing between a baggy or skinny fit. The runways proved that things are getting looser. Designers showed pants in oversize fabrics for men, such as corduroy (Marni), or Prince of Wales check(Sunnei, Wooyoungmi).

6) Form the Apres-Ski Puffer Vest

Sporty puffers can add a splash of color to your everyday shirt-and tie business look.

7) Get Out That Hand-Knit, Quaint Scarf

The scarf your grandmother knitted is not something you should throw away. Prada showed handcrafted, crafty pieces that wrapped tightly around the necks of models.

8) Recover Your Turtleneck from College

Many European men’s shows featured thin, striped turtlenecks. These are the same kind of turtlenecks you may have worn to school. They are warm and versatile, making it easy to layer your winter layers.

9) Casual Friday Look

Sometimes you don’t have to work so hard. You can wear a V-neck sweater with a shirt over it, as shown in these runway looks by Louis Vuitton and Dries Van Noten.

10) You don’t always need to roll up your sleeves

Why use gloves when you can wear your sleeves and go to work in style? The hands-free look is carried over from last year’s women’s shows to the men’s runways at Lanvin.