Ten Ways to Feel More Attractive Everyday When You Are 50+

Ten Ways to Feel More Attractive Everyday When You Are 50+

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A facelift, losing 10 lbs or carrying a designer bag printed with a logo don’t make you feel better about yourself. Surprised? I don’t think so. Who doesn’t want to be seen again by others? To feel that we have it all, I hope not. Women over 50 often feel invisible and wonder what they can do to break out of an appearance rut. Although I am not a therapist, I am a beauty and fashion expert. I have interviewed thousands of women and celebrities who shared their best tips with me. These are 10 proven ways to change your mindset, get off the exit ramp, and get back on the road.

1. Look good!

Let’s get straight to the easy and manageable. There is no need to spend a lot of money on expensive treatments or a complete makeover. You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist or have a lot of money to make a difference in your appearance. Let’s suppose you’ve not worn makeup for years and that your lipsticks and liners are a bit stale. You can ditch the whole mess and go for a pre-edited set like the Clinique High-Impact Favorites Cosmetic Set-Ulta Beauty ($23 at target.com). This will define your lips and eyes in just five minutes and works with every skin type.

Perhaps you gave up styling your hair because a ponytail was more convenient than a full-length blowout. Revlon One-Step Heat Dryer and. Volumizer Plus ($70 at Ulta.com) is a combination brush and blower that gives you fast volume and shine while giving you good hair days for life. If your hands look more like paws than they once were, you can opt for an instant manicure such as the Olive & June Press-On Fake Nails 1 (target.com, $11) for neat, squoval-shaped nails with rosy-toned tips that look salon-polished. These nails will last for a week so you don’t have to worry about chipping. You are now on your way.

2. Modify your hairstyle or color

It may have been a successful look for many years but it suddenly doesn’t work anymore. It’s tempting to change your look but you can’t seem to get past the “what-ifs”. This prevents you from taking action and reaping the benefits. You don’t have to change your hairstyle every day by adding highlights, long bangs or a few inches to the bottom. If you’re ready to make the leap, Carla Bruni’s new bangs and Halle Berry’s recent cut or Molly Ringwald’s fiery red bob are great examples. If not now, when?

3. Keep wearing denim

A pair of jeans can make us feel more present, sexy, and confident at fifty than any other thing. Even though fashionistas may be tempted to wear low-rise jeans, it is best to stick with the classics. A medium-to-high-rise waist will tuck in your belly. An ankle length that fits with all your shoes, even your favourite flats, is a good choice. Finally, the wash will make you feel like a rockstar. Consider denim, chambray, and skirt options before you decide to ditch jeans. These are all great fashionable substitutes.

4. Add an accessory statement

Be honest. Do you think wearing a baseball cap and sneakers makes you more attractive? When your mood is low, it can be very beneficial to show off a bit. It’s not about the cost of what you wear. But how you put it together or add that extra something to spice up a basic look. You won’t be forgotten, no matter how bold or simple your style, whether you like statement earrings, bracelets in every color, graphic tees, or bold sunglasses. You’ll be smiling all day as people notice you and turn their attention to your phone.

5. Use a mood-enhancing perfume

A powerful motivator can be fragrance. If your current scent isn’t enough to boost your confidence, you can try a different one that focuses on a particular ingredient. You can relax, ease anxiety, or get up after a long night. This will lift your spirits! Vanilla, as in Nest New york Madagascar Vanilla Perfume Oil (sephora.com), is a mood booster. Lavender, as in Beloved Chamomile Tea Fine Fragrance Perfume ($10 at target.com), calms and relaxes. Jasmine — like Philosophy Amazing Grace Jasmine Eau de Parfume ($54.ulta.com), — lifts your spirits. Citrus — such as Tuscan Blood Orange by Pacifica Women’s Spray Perfume (target.com), $22 – revs you up. Your new scent should be applied to sweaty areas and pulse points, such as the neck, neck, elbows, neck, cleavage, back of knees, and inside of your wrists. Do not rub it in. It will all be up to your body’s chemistry.

6. Get an empowering jacket

Everyone has varying levels of chutzpah. Although I was raised to hear that the word for confidence meant “confidence”, it is something I still cherish today. This is how actors land film roles, athletes win gold medals, and politicians are elected. Everyday courage, even in modest beauty and style, can be a catalyst for tackling larger life issues. High-visibility jackets aren’t for everyone. You can wear that diva jacket over any clothing, including jeans and midi dresses. Remember, to be the smartest and most interesting, attractive, dynamic, and fascinating person you can be, you only need to believe that you are.

7. Be the size and shape you want

If you allow it, gaining weight and watching our bodies age can be very frustrating. Let your waistbands and buttons, as well as zippers, tell you what’s happening. It’s not helping your mental health to have a backup wardrobe of “fat” or “skinny”, and keep your mind off the “should be” sizes. The real you is no matter what size you may be now. Enjoy it, and forget about what was. Expect to lose weight. Show off your true curves and any body parts that you love the most – even if they are just your neck, wrists, ankles, or wrists.

8. Gray hair can make you a star!

Gray hair makes you feel either dingy or delicious. Gray hair can give you a little extra glow. You don’t need to retouch your base color unless you have at least 2 inches of regrowth. You may feel a bit rooty. However, adding volume to your hair and alternating your part with a wash-out root product or chic hairbands can help you get past it. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve! Celebrities are more serious about the term “silver Fox” and have no regrets. To help you along, your colorist can add highlights or a mixture of highlights and lowlights. It is an inspiration work in progress that you, the artist, can view.

9. Look cool with glasses

Glasses were once 75 percent functional and 20 percent vanity. To look hipper, smarter and sexier, you just need to put on a pair of glasses. They are part of your face because they sit right in the middle of it. You will look classy and sophisticated with simple, strong frames that have a bookish or geeky appearance. For the best impact and definition, choose black or tortoise. Strong edges and squarish lines on angular frames reinforce bone structure and counteract anything from a saggy jawline and double chin. The new hybrids that have a slight upward tilt, also known as the cat-eye, provide extra lift to your eyes, eyebrows and expression.

10. Enjoy a little pampering

It’s easy to start treating yourself as a star and it will stick. You can feel invincible even if you indulge in a little self-indulgence. If you are looking for instant gratification, spend a little every week on something irresistible. I don’t mean a huge-ticket item such as a $200 French candle or brand new shoes. A mini treasure is all you need for $5-10, such as a scented soap, tinted lips balm, or fresh nail polish for the next manicure.