Ten Ways to Show Your Body Off and Still Like It When You’re 50+

Ten Ways to Show Your Body Off and Still Like It When You’re 50+

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When was the last day your legs, arms and torso were exposed to the sun? Many women over 50 feel nostalgic about their shorts. Also, bare skindresses and sleevesless tops are not recommended. Being covered makes it easier to be positive about our bodies. These 10 tips will help you get rid of the dreadful sight of your fleshy, unevenly shaped skin, sunspots, and varicose veins.

1. Be slow

For mature women, it is always a shock to go from wearing full-coverage clothes to showing off your summer wardrobe. Who, other than your partner, dermatologist, and mirror, can see what you hide? You can instantly get a more “barrier” look by exposing more skin to your neckline, forearms, and lower legs. To get started, switch to V-necklines or boat-necklines or three-quarter- or elbow sleeves and cropped trousers with sandals.

2. Switch to looser fitting clothes

It’s easier to expose more skin when clothes are loose, billowy, drape, and allow the body some space. You should look for clothes with wider or looser proportions to blur your body contours, particularly those made of lightweight, breathable fabrics such as linen and gauze. You will feel more comfortable and your concerns about bulges will disappear. Avoid body-hugging tops such as bodysuits, bodysuits, and tailored dresses.

Look for A-line shapes like the Knox Rose Women’s Puff Short Sleeve Tiered Dress in Blue Paisley/Yellow Paisley ($35, Target.com), tops that have a loose fit, such as the Boden Linen Wide Sleeve Top In Butter Yellow/Passion Bloom ($98.bodenusa.com), or full skirts such as Everlane’s Everlane’s Easy Button-Front Skirts in Goji Berry and Pewter Green ($78.everlane.com), or the Talbots Plus Linen Wide Leg Crop Pants Indigo Blue or Flax (Wide Leg Crop Pants in Indigo Blue/Flax or Flax, talbots.com). You’ll feel more comfortable on hot days if you size up. Also, it will help to avoid the “chub rub” between your thighs.

3. Body makeup can help you feel more energetic

You can apply makeup to your face or blend on body lotions like a pro. If you have any skin conditions that affect pigmentation, such as broken capillaries or brown spots, or even blending on a body lotion, this tutorial will help you apply it like a pro. Formulas such as Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs Makeup In Fairest ($22 per two-pack, target.com), Westmore Beauty Body Care Perfector ($39 on amazon.com), and Dermablend Legs and Body Makeup ($37 each, dermstore.com), are designed to resist high temperatures, humidity, sweat and water transfer (so clothes and seat cushions stay clean), and formulas like Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation ($40, sephora.com). The Body Foundation will stay put until they are removed with a makeup wipe, soap and water. You can choose the right shade for you. The trick is to use a makeup sponge to apply body makeup in thin layers. Once the makeup has dried, you can blend it with your fingers. As needed, add more coverage.

4. A midi skirt is your ticket to naked legs

Do not change from pants to shorts. It’s like changing from a bathrobe into a bikini. Allow yourself to adjust both mentally and physically so that you can reveal more skin. A mid-calf midi-length full-skirted skirt — such as the Nine West Women’s Printed Pull-On Challis Skirt, Ocean Dabs ($36, kohl.com), Alex Mill June Pull On Skirt in Vintage Khaki (Black), or Deep Navy ($135, alexmill.com). Universal Thread Women’s Plus Gauze Tiered Midi Skirt in Orange ($25 at target.com) — This is the perfect companion for tops and tees. It also gets your legs used the new sensations of freedom, sunshine warmth, and freedom. You won’t be surprised to find your hemline reaching the knee and that you are craving shorts more often as the season progresses.

5. Choose the most flattering shorts for you

If you are training for a marathon, skip the trendy shorts and clingy bikesr styles and opt for classic capris or Bermudas that combine bare-ability and coverage. Capris, also known as clamdiggers, are cut just above or below the knees. Barrow Plus Size Classic 17-inch Pull-On Swimmer Pants in Medium Wash (Kohls.com, $40) and Chico’s 17-inch Pull-On Denim Capris In Calypso Coral (Chicos.com, $75) are the most “short” and will suit women who love the idea of shorts, but not the reality. Bermudas, which are shorter than knee-length skirts, are cut above the knees. These shorts will trim your legs but also make the most of your shapely lower legs. Wear them with mules and slides by choosing a pair that is sleek and tapered, such as the NYDJ Plus Size Bermuda Shorts in Feather (northstrom.com, $69).

6. Let the hide-and-seek work be done by the naked dresses

A dress is the one piece of summer clothing that all women can rely on, regardless of their size or shape. The most versatile styles are two. A spaghetti-strap loose-strap shift like the A New Day Women’s Plus Simple Linen Tank Dress Magenta or Orange ($20 at Target.com) is the top of the list. This can be worn alone, under a tee, swimsuit, or cardigan, or underneath a jacket or jean jacket to lounge around the house. The second dress features a V-neckline and a defined waist (either at the waist in a baby doll look or above it in an empire look), as well as an extended cap sleeve.

7. Air-conditioned sleeves can be worn with jeans, trousers or capris

Some people just want summer tops that show off bare skin. You might be one of these people. These tops are great for summer parties or evenings out.

8. Confidently wear your sleeves

We cannot ignore the elephant in our room, sleeveless tops. Many of us obsess over our flabby upper arms, and refuse to show them (but secretly we long to!). There are two ways to solve this problem. First, choose halter-neck tops such as the Eloquii Halter Neck Top in Soft White (50$, eloquii.com), and cutaway racerback tank like the All in Motion Women’s Essential Racerback Tank Top in Black or Charcoal Heather ($12, target.com), or the L.L. Bean Women’s Beyond Soft Tank in Terra-Cotta (30$, llbean.com). This shape creates an optical illusion of shorter, slimmer arms by revealing extra skin at the shoulder and upper chest. Make sure to have a T, racerback, or strapless bra. If you are in a dress mood, the second trick is to opt for an off-the shoulder style such as the LC Lauren Conrad Plus Size Off–the-Shoulder Tiered Maxi Dress In Yellow Beach Striped or Watercolor Garden ($64 at kohls.com). The subtle arm camouflage of the ruffle draws attention to your stunning shoulders.

9. Seasonal habit: Make self-tanner a seasonable one

A DIY self-tanner can blur discolorations to create evener skin tones from head to foot. This boosts the background color of your skin to reduce contrast with discolorations, spots and veins. It is important to remember that this must be used consistently head to toe on all skin. You will end up with uneven skin tone, tanned legs, pale arms, and unattractive neck and neck lines. You only need a gradual self-tanner that contains hydrating ingredients such as the Bondi Sands Pure Gradual Tanning lotion ($22, Target.com) or the Hawaiian Tropic Sunless Tan Tanning lotion in Gradual Tan ($15), target.com). These products can be applied daily or every other days. Blend with a dense, soft kabuki makeup brush like the Beauty by Earth Sunless Tan Blending Body Brush ($18; target.com). Smooth application is possible without leaving any visible lines on your thighs, ankles, or neck.

10. Accessories can be your allies

Trust me, no one will be looking at your spots. But here’s an additional tip to help you get extra protection. To grab attention, pack some eye-catching accessories and forget about the imperfections (we all have them). You have the chance to get out of your clothes rut and make it more fun and less risky. You can start with bright nail polish, sparkly sandals and inspirational beads bracelets.