10 TOP Heavy-Duty Multitools in 2022

10 TOP Heavy-Duty Multitools in 2022

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A heavy-duty multitool is the best choice when you have to perform difficult tasks. These tools are tougher than normal multi-tools and can handle even the most difficult jobs. Good utility tools are the best heavy-duty multi-tools that you can trust.

What is a Heavy-Duty Multitool?

The full-sized multitools can handle more difficult tasks than the EDC multitools or keychain multitools. You can choose from a variety of tools, including pliers with a larger blade or strong metal files. Although they are heavier than smaller multi-tools, the best heavy-duty multitools may still be useful. They are lighter than medium-sized multi-tools, but they have more reliability and offer more features. Some of them can still fit into your pocket.

How to Choose the Best Heavy-Duty Multitool?

Heavy-duty multitools are made for tough jobs. They can withstand daily wear and tear. These are the factors to consider when choosing the best heavy-duty multitool.

  • Blade

The best heavy-duty multitools will come with a larger blade. There are many types. You can choose from a plain, serrated or combination edge. Or you can have two blades with each type. Multi-tools can be equipped with replaceable blades.

  • Tools

Every person has different needs, so make sure you choose the right multi-tool. Multi-tools can be used to replace tools such as knife blades or wire cutters. Consider whether it is necessary to include scissors in your multi-tool. There are people who prefer not to use them.

  • Functionality

Heavy-duty multi-tools can have different characteristics when it comes to their usability. Multi-tools can be opened to allow for easy access to the tools. It is convenient because you don’t have to open the pliers to access the tool you want. Multi-tools can also come with different handles. You will find some multi-tools more comfortable to use. Multi-tools that are one-handed have easy-to-open tools and outward access. They can also be used with gloves.

  • Purpose

The multi-tool is intended to be carried every day or stored in a toolbox or bag.

  • Accessories

There are multi-tools with heavy duty that come with extra accessories. You can get additional bits for ratchet attachments, bit driver extensions, and hex driver bits. These holsters are also equipped with pockets clips and a leather holster for attaching to your belt.

There is a huge price difference between budget multi-tools versus high-end multi-tools. You don’t have to spend a lot, so choose the most heavy-duty multitool that you will use the most. Multi-tools with more features and higher prices are the best, but they will be more costly.

These are the top heavy-duty multi-tools on sale.

The Best Heavy-Duty Multitools

Leatherman Surge

Leatherman Surge, a multi-tool made for heavy duty, features large pliers. These pliers can be used as extra-large scissors and large vise grips. The locking mechanism keeps the tools safe and secures them in place.

The unique blade exchanger is another great feature. This allows you to swap between a saw and a diamond file. It is also compatible with third-party Bosch T-Shank Jigsaw Blades. The four blades with an outside opening allow for quick and easy access to the most commonly used tools. Leatherman Surge is designed for heavy use and will be useful to electricians, mechanics and handymen as well as hobbyists. It also has the best multi-toolpliers. It’s very practical and one of the most popular heavy-duty multitools on sale.

Leatherman Supertool 300

Leatherman produces high-quality multi-tools. Leatherman’s SuperTool 300 is their largest model. This is the third generation, with the original edition being introduced in 1994. This is the ultimate EDC multi-tool, whether you are a contractor, a builder, or a worker in an industry.

You will find replaceable wire cutters and extra-long blades. It is easy to use and provides a comfortable grip. Because of the large side cutouts, it is easy to open the tools even with gloves. There are 19 tools available to help with small and large tasks.

Leatherman Crunch Heavy Duty Multi-Tool

This multi-tool features a large folding locking plier that acts like a vise grip. The Leatherman Crunch multitool features a foldable head design that conceals the pliers, making it easier to carry. With a bit of practice, you can open and close the vise grip multitool pliers with one hand.

The compact package contains 15 different locking tools. For safe use, the fold-out tools can be stored in the handle. The hidden hex driver can be found where the adjustment screw is. This multi-tool is perfect for plumbers, mechanics, tradesmen, and all other craftsmen. Leatherman Crunch is a multi-tool with the most powerful locking pliers.

SOG SwitchPlier

This multi-tool offers quick and easy one-handed access. SOG SwitchPlier features spring-loaded pliers that automatically fold out at the touch of a button. This multi-tool, made from 420C stainlesssteel, is extremely durable and can withstand daily use.

This multi-tool includes pliers and wire cutters, blades, screwdrivers, files, can/bottle openers, and a file. There are 12 tools in total. The unique feature of the tools is their locking bars that allow each component to be locked. The pocket clip is made of stainless steel and can be attached to your bag or pockets.

Victorinox SwissTool Spirit plus Ratchet

This multi-tool is Swiss-made with a sleek design, great ergonomics and a wide range of tools and accessories. This best multi-tool for heavy duty work is made of full stainless steel. It’s durable and reliable.

The Victorinox SwissTool Spirit and Ratchet has 38 functions. You will find the most common functions such as screwdrivers and needle-nose pliers. For more difficult tasks, it also has a ratchet-and-ratchet extension. Its unique design allows for outside access to all tools and locks it securely when not in use.

Gerber Truss

Gerber Truss, an upgrade to Gerber’s Suspension model, replaces less-used tools with more useful functions. It has the same reliable design, with all locking tools and spring-loaded pliers.

This lightweight, full-sized multi-tool has 17 useful tools that can be used for any job. The slimmer design and durability of the single-piece stainless steel handle provides enhanced durability.

Gerber Center-Drive Plus

Gerber Center Drive plus is an updated version of their popular multi-tool. This multi-tool is cool and made in USA. It has the same functionality as the original model, but it now comes with spring-loaded scissors. This multi-tool has the best pliers, with a very handy needle nose point.

The best features of this multi-tool have been retained. It is quick to deploy the tools, spring loaded and full-size pliers, as well as a partially serrated blade and a center axis screwdriver. The sheath is made of high-quality full leather and has a snap closure to ensure safe storage. Gerber Center Drive Plus is a multi-tool that opens one handed and features the finest multi-tool pliers.

Gerber MP600 Blunt Nose Pliers

Another multi-tool that is classic USA-made, this multi-tool has been in use for many years. It is also a favorite multi-tool for US military personnel. Gerber MP600 Blunt nose features a pair of blunt nose pliers that are strong and can be replaced with Tungsten Carbidewire cutters.

Multi-tool that opens with one hand has pliers that release quickly. The handles allow it to slide out easily and lock securely. You will find 15 tools that are useful for survival and hunting as well as any other outdoor activities.

Schrade ST1N Tough

The 21-function Schrade ST1N Tough multitool allows for easy access to all tools without having to open the pliers. It is small and easy to carry, made from durable 2Cr13 stainlesssteel.

When in use, four of the tools, a large screwdriver and a Philips screwdriver as well as a saw and blade, lock in their respective places. The locking mechanism is simple to use and can be used one-handed. The multi-tool is compact and easy to carry.

Leatherman OHT

The Leatherman OHT is a heavy-duty multitool that will not be missed on any list. Leatherman OHT is a one-handed, heavy-duty multi-tool that can be used outdoors, at work, and at home.

The spring-loaded, one-hand opening pliers are easy to use and slide out of the handles. You have all the tools you need, plus a strap cutter, oxygen wrench, and threading to fit common-sized cleaning rods. It is also useful for EMTs and first responders. This multi-tool is safe and simple to use thanks to its locking features.

Although the best multi-tools for heavy duty work are large and heavy, they can be compact and still handle difficult jobs. These multi-tools are a great compromise to having multiple tools. You can choose any of the tools from this list and keep it in your bag or car, or on your belt so you always have a reliable multi-tool.