5 Best Planners for Everyday Carry

5 Best Planners for Everyday Carry

29.08.2022 Off By manager_1

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New Year is not around the corner, but it is still great time to make new goals. It’s easy to make resolutions, but it’s hard to stick with them. A planner or EDC notebook can help you get organized and make it easier to achieve your goals. We’ve compiled six of the most useful planners that you can use every day to help you stay organized.

Moleskine Weekly Notebook 12 Months

The Moleskine 12 Month Weekly Planner is small enough to fit in your pocket. It’s ideal for people who need to keep track and add notes to their to-do lists. Each spread is two pages long and shows one week. The seven days are on the left. A lined page on right allows for notes. A cloth bookmark makes it easy to open the book and see the current week.

Hobonichi Techo Planner

The Techo by Hobonichi is a popular Japanese daily planner. It has many premium features that will help you stay organized. Lay-flat stitch binding makes it simple to write in the book. The impossibly thin and bleed-proof paper allows it to fit into a bag or cover. Each day has a page with a grid-style layout. It also contains quotes and reference guides that will help you get inspired.

Word Standard Memorandum

Although it might seem counterintuitive at first, even minimalists can benefit greatly from having a planner. The Standard Memorandum is a small, lightweight journal that can be carried around with you. It helps to keep your tasks in order, and not pile up. The Standard Memorandum is efficient in almost every way. It has a small 2.35″ width, which gives you enough space for daily notes all year. It also has a ruler at 5″ on the inside cover, an index with important entries and reminders, as well as a table of most common holidays. The Standard Memorandum is great for daily journaling and personal records of your year, even if you don’t have your entire day planned.

Nomatic Planner

Are you looking for a planner that does it all? Nomatic has the perfect planner for you. The standard planner features (year month week), goal mapping, effectiveness activities and a whiteboard insert are all included. They also have an elastic band to keep everything closed. It’s a subtle branding and black cover that keeps it low-profile, which is perfect for something you’ll be looking at every single day. The planner is 6×9 inches, giving you more space than other planners.

Field Notes 56 Week Planner

The Field Notes 56 Week planner packs a lot of useful features in an easy-to-carry box. The durable double-o wire binding holds the cover together for a full year. It measures 4.75×7.5″. Each spread is two pages long and covers one week. This makes it easy to see what’s coming up in your daily schedule. Each day is entered as it occurs. This way, you can catch up if you miss a few weeks and don’t waste pages. You can use the lines in each day to note appointments and events. This is a great way to both plan and journal.

Baron Fig Confidant planner

Baron Fig is well-known for creating minimalist notebooks. Their approach to daily planners is no different. The planner is covered in charcoal cloth and features an open-flat binding. It also has quality paper. There’s even a section at the back that can be used for notes. It is easy to follow and simple. The layout includes a year overview, a month overview and a weekly spread, which covers two pages. A year overview insert is included for quick planning. Baron Fig’s planners and notebooks measure 5.4″x7.7″, which is small enough to be carried easily, but large enough to hold lots of notes or sketches.