The Best Electric Razors You Should Buy

The Best Electric Razors You Should Buy

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Over the years, we’ve become very familiar with how to manage our facial hair. We’ve learned a lot from making the most of what we have during lockdown. We wouldn’t be able to do much without an electric razor.

No matter if you prefer a Tom Selleck moustache or a fresh, smooth face, today’s razors can create them all. The electric razor does the job faster than traditional razors, and gives a clean cut with less irritation. This is why they are essential in every man’s bathroom.

The best ones are the most effective. We tested them all to determine the top nine electric razors you can purchase right now.

What is the difference between an electric razor versus a beard trimmer, and why do you need one?

It’s all about the length. A beard is defined as hair that extends beyond the skin. A beard trimmer does not need to get as close to your skin, since stubble is the best option. However, a razor must be able cut your beard hair flush to your face. This is a more difficult job than it sounds. It involves pulling your hairs off your face, using a razor to slice them without slicing your skin and then soothing your mug to ensure that it doesn’t become red or raw.

This is why electric razors are more expensive than beard trimmers and also why they tend to have fewer multifunctionalities – they’re made to do one job (fairly complex). It is important to note that you shouldn’t be shaving your head with hair clippers. You should not attempt to cut your hair with an electrical razor.

Foil vs. rotary: Which electric razor is the best?

There are two types of electric razors. They use different methods to shave your skin. One is more precise than the other. Both are close-shaven, so it really is a matter of personal preference.


The oscillating blades are a thin, long strip that moves in a straight line. They lift hairs from the skin and then cut them neatly. These blades are great for getting close shaves, but they can make it difficult to reach the contours and ridges of your jawline because the cutting surface is not as flexible.


There are two to three rotating blades on these razors that can depress your face and move around. These blades are designed to pull hair in a circular motion, and then cut it close. This gives you more freedom than just moving the razor around your jaw and chin, but can also mean that you lose some precision.

Braun Series 9 9390cc Electric Shaver

The razor’s close finish was a big hit with all of our testers. The pivoting head makes it easier to get closer to the skin. A built-in sensor adjusts the power to suit your beard density.

It was soft on the skin and smooth, which was something our testers loved. Some even said it felt like a wet shave. The razor was easy to use around the jawline, chin and worked well with longer hairs. The automated cleaning unit cleans, lubricates and charges the razor. This ensures that it is ready for use whenever you need it.

Philips Series 9000 Prestige Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

The LCD screen on this sleek razor displays important information such as the battery level. Wireless charging is available as well as a variety of attachments. Sensors detect the density of beards and adjust settings accordingly. The brand also offers a recycling program that allows you to recycle the blades.

Its performance is also impressive. The razor’s ability to cut longer stubble was praised by the test subjects, especially around the jawline. It was also very gentle and able to catch any tiny whiskers for those with sensitive skin. It’s easy to hold and use.

ES-LV97 5-Blade Wet and Dry Electric Shaver Panasonic

It will get more stubborn the longer you leave it. Panasonic claims that its powerful razor can cut through thick hair and dense beards thanks to its razor-sharp blades and F1-esque motor.

82% of our testers agreed that this razor was excellent at handling long stubble. This resulted in a smooth shave for 93%. It was easy to use, and 93% were happy with the final result. All of  testers gave the device a positive review due to its high-quality finish.

Lifeproof Plus Shaver Wahl

This device can be used to enjoy your leisure time. It offers up to 90 minutes of shaving and an LED power meter that allows you to easily track the battery life and charge level. The device was easy to use, with 92% of users finding it gentle. It also made it easy to tackle difficult areas like the moustache or chin.

R6 Style Series Aqua Rotary Shaver R6000 Remington

This device is perfect for minimalists. It comes with a handy pouch that can be used as a travel bag to keep clutter at a minimum. 87% of the testers loved their final shave. It was lightweight, easy to use, and came with a USB charging cable. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to use and comfortable to hold.

S9000 Electric Shaver Philips

This rotary razor is a great option if you want to invest in a luxury razor. This intuitive razor, powered by A.I technology, claims to be able to adapt to your skin and hair in order to provide you with the best shave experience.

The razor itself made 92% of the testers’ skin feel smooth. 83% said it effectively removed all their hair. Although it did seem a little loud in our lab tests, 92% of the testers said it was not an issue.

Series 9 Pro 9477cc Electric Shaver Braun

This kit features a mode that is gentle on sensitive skin. Even with an extremely close shave, it delivers a smooth shave for all test subjects. The final result was a huge success with 91% of testers saying that it successfully tackled the seven-day beard.

It was powerful and luxurious, with a luxury feel. One tester claimed that it was the “best dry shave I’ve ever had with an electric razor”. Impressive.

Remington R3 Rotary Shaver

This corded razor has an antimicrobial head that reduces irritation and sensitivity. It doesn’t have any fancy features or accessories, which is normal for a razor this expensive. However, testers loved how easy it was to use.

The pop-up trimmer worked well and testers loved how it contoured their sideburns and moustaches. Although it produced a close shave, skin looked clean and smooth after using it.

While the corded design is ideal for those who forget to charge their devices, it does limit their mobility. For those who like a little stubble, there is a 3-day stubble protection.

Electric Razor/Shaver Foil Shaver – Lifeproof WAHL

This razor is called “lifeproof” and you would expect it to be indestructible, no matter how many accidents you have. It is designed to withstand all bumps against the bathroom mirror and drops on the side of your sink. The testers were impressed by its tough, waterproof design.

The movable head gives you a close, comfortable shave. It also manages longer stubble very well. The pop-up trimmer was well-received by our testers. It can shape moustaches and sideburns, and it has a remarkable 90-minute run-time. This would be a great travel companion or gift for someone who is just starting to shave.