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There are many parts of the body that we all love. You’re probably a boob/bum/legs/earlobe type of guy (delete if necessary). As it should be, ladies also think the same way. We have compiled a list of the five most attractive male body parts. You might be surprised at what isn’t on the list.

#5 – TORSO

A 2017 study by Dr Felix, an online health provider, found that 24% of women deemed the chest the most attractive area of a man. 13% opted for the stomach, which means that the torso and stomach had greater pulling power than any other part. This doesn’t mean that Adonis-honed Adonis bodies are attractive. Richard Bribiescas, Yale University anthropologist, has stated that women find dad bods more attractive. A little cushion for the pushing’ can indicate that you are healthier and live longer. This is good news in many ways.

#4 – EYES

Women love a good pair of peepers, whether it’s David Gandy and Idris Elba with their icy baby blues, or Idris’s dreamy chocolate swirls. However, not all eyes are the same. We’re not talking about if you have serious varifocal issues.

The limbal ring, or the area where your iris meets your white of the eye, can be a different color than your eyes. A 2011 study by Darren Peshek from the University of California showed that men with a darker limbal ring were more attractive.

While there isn’t much you can do to change the size of your eyes. However, Dr Kang Lee, a psychologist from The University of Toronto found that people with average-sized eyes and well-positioned eyes are most attractive. This is due to the fact that our brains are wired to search for the most mathematically average features. These appear to signify a variety of genes and better reproductive health.

Do you like math? The study found that the optimal distance between your eyes and your mouth should be approximately a third of your face length. Additionally, the distance between your eyes and your mouth should not exceed half your face width.

#3 – ARMS

Although they might not be what comes to mind first when ranking female body parts in the poll, arms received 19% of the vote in the Dr Felix study. This puts them right up there with the list of lusts, if you ask the opposite. The box doesn’t just include beefcake biceps.

Although hulking upper arms used to be a sign of alpha males, these days, women are more interested in Ryan Gosling and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Cosmopolitan magazine emphasized the importance of the strong forearm in 2017. Anna Breslaw, a Cosmopolitan writer, said that her theory is that the forearms look like a dick substitute because of all the veins and stuff. That visual will remain with us.

#2 – MOUTH

A University of British Columbia study that was conducted by Jessica Tracy found that women are less attracted to happy-looking, smiling men. Instead, they prefer the more brooding types. According to the study, women associate sultry expressions with competence, status, and the ability of providing for their children. It is strong and silent, it is.


Researchers made an important discovery in a 2013 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It should have an impact on your workout routine. Women were asked to choose their favorite body type from a variety of 3-D models. Although women tended to choose taller, more well-built figures (typical), scientists discovered a surprising hit: a high shoulder-to-hip ratio. A broad, V-shaped, and attractive back will make you more attractive. Make sure you form a neat queue at the pull down machine.