Tips on How to Wear Flare Jeans and Show Off Your 70s Style

Tips on How to Wear Flare Jeans and Show Off Your 70s Style

21.12.2021 Off By manager_1

Valentino, Celine and Gucci are just a few of the luxury brands who have championed these breezy bell bottoms for many seasons. What’s not love about these bell bottoms? Flares, as we noted in our ultimate guide for jeans, balance the curvy figure of people with hourglass or pear bodies, and add volume to those with slender frames.

Flare jeans can be worn in many different ways depending on the body type. The versatile denim style is as versatile as its hem. We look at outfits by Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid for style inspiration.

How to wear flare jeans

  • Add a little disco

Bell bottoms were popular in the 1970s because they allowed for freedom of movement, especially while dancing at the disco. Bella Hadid is fondly reminded of that glamorous decade in this look, where she expertly combines her flares with a retro-styled halter-neck top. You can add a little bling to your look with her layered necklaces.

  • Start with the belt

Do you feel like dressing down in your jeans flares? A statement belt can instantly elevate your look, as Kendall Jenner did with her all-black, laid-back ensemble. The larger the buckle, the better. There are many styles to choose from: the Gucci GG belt is a popular choice, as well as the Hermes H belt. Loewe’s Anagram belt is elegant, while the Prada one is more utilitarian.

  • Opt for a pair that is cropped

A cropped pair with high rise can be a good option if you are petite. These are a blessing for those who don’t have the height or legs of Gigi Hadid. They will allow you to show off your Ralph Lauren boots with their higher hems.

  • Don double denim

This combination of denim and denim isn’t just for the iconic red carpet moments of 2000. Kaia Gerber, one of fashion’s most recognizable style icons, has refined the look to make it more sophisticated in recent years. The outfit is elegant and casual, but still has a relaxed feel. It relies heavily upon a pair jeans in a darker wash like these Levi’s flares. Add block heel boots to show everyone you mean business.

  • Show your floral flair

You can channel your inner flower child by choosing a pair that is covered in flowers, either through a light-washed print or intricate embroidery such as those worn by Erika Boldrin, a Milanese influencer. You can transform the classic ’70s style with a pink tee.

  • Go grungy

Bell bottoms were a popular choice at Woodstock, but bell bottoms could also appeal to people who prefer a heavier sound. Kourtney Kardashian shows that a little distressing instantly transforms bell bottoms into an edgy pair. This will look great with a Dr Martens boot and an old-school band tee. If you prefer a more pop-punk look, add a studded belt.

  • These can be paired with clogs

Ah, clogs. Clogs, those clunky shoes of the aughts, are back in fashion and it couldn’t be a better time. The slip-on shoes, with their chunky heels that complement denim blues and wooden soles, are the perfect footwear for flares. This is especially true for jeans with sweeping hems like Zendaya. If you want to keep the vintage look, choose a faded pair.

  • Layer with grounding browns

You can count on the classic combination a camel coat with a pair of blue bell bottoms to keep your body warm during cooler days. You can choose to wear a lighter coat if you don’t like the look of a heavy coat. Kaia Gerber has worn a brown check jacket, and Celine has worn corduroy jackets on its models. You can modernize your look by adding white accents to your outfit through your shoes (sneakers are a great idea!) or your bag of choice.