TOP 9 Eco-Friendly Shoes For Men

TOP 9 Eco-Friendly Shoes For Men

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One wise man once said that “you should spend more on things that separate you and the ground. A bed is worth half your life. Shoes are the other half.”

To help men who care about their feet and the planet at the same time, we created a list of 2021’s best eco-friendly shoes. Sustainable footwear (or clothing, for that matter), can be functional, fashionable, and still be ethical. All 9 shoes below have been tested and meet the eco-friendly guidelines. Some may be more than others. We chose shoes that men could wear when working out, going out to the gym, dressing up, or just walking along the beach. Each of these eco-friendly shoes made it onto our list because they are sustainable. Many are made with organic ingredients and some have been produced using fair trade practices. If you are looking for new shoes and want to make a transition towards more sustainable clothing, check out our list with the top 9 eco-friendly men’s shoes.


For now, let’s forget about fashion and concentrate on the practicality of a pair of shoes. While everyone knows what good shoes feel like, there are a few things you should look out for when buying shoes.

Comfort and size are two important factors to consider when shopping for footwear. To ensure a good fit, a shoe should be snug around the heel. This is something you should be aware of when trying out sneakers for the first. If your heel starts to slip, it could indicate that your shoes are too large. Conversely, excessive tightness or pinching can indicate that the shoes are too tight. We would recommend gel pads in running shoes and dress shoes. Many companies offer a range of technologies that will ensure your feet are comfortable all day.

The most important thing is to choose the right shoes for you. For example, hiking boot is the best choice if you are going to be hiking. You want a stylish boot that looks great no matter what occasion? It sounds easy enough to wear the wrong shoe for every activity, but it is too common for men to ignore their footwear and have foot and back problems.

What does it mean to be eco-friendly?

This website will provide a wealth of information about sustainable, organic, and eco-friendly products. We focus on these criteria when evaluating a product’s environmental friendliness: Does it contain natural ingredients? The potential environmental impact of a shoe’s materials directly correlates to its material content. While there will be a variety of natural ingredients, we really want to avoid using the most common chemicals in shoe production.

Different chemicals are required to make different parts of the sneaker. The sneaker’s bright white color is due to titanium oxide. Dyes used on the logo are made from heavy metals. Non-recyclable polyester is used in most shoelaces. However, polyester laces can be reused and recycled to make new ones. The spongy insole of the shoelaces is made with polyurethane. It is made from two viscous fluids, isocyanates and polyols.

It is as important to consider the production process of a product as its material. Products that are made in environmentally-friendly factories and prioritize organic manufacturing are those that receive the highest eco-friendliness scores. These products are also rated for their ability to reduce toxic runoff and the destruction of natural elements. An eco label is a certification that a product has been certified. These certifications give us clarity and proof that a company’s manufacturing practices are entirely sustainable. Workers who make eco-friendly products need to be paid a living wage and have safe work conditions. Although it is not directly related to the environment but a healthy workplace is crucial for eco-friendliness.

TOP 9 eco-friendly men’s shoes 

There are many sustainable shoe companies, but these nine shoes stand out because they are fashionable and practical, as well as making the environment better.


Did know that Toms makes shoes for men? Their Dark Denim Cloudbound(tm), Alpargatas are now on our list of best eco-friendly shoes to buy for men in 2021. These shoes might be our favorite because they are so comfortable that it feels like you are wearing nothing. These Toms will be a treat for your feet with the Alpargatas insole. Alpargatas are vegan and made of plant-derived and recycled materials. You can access Toms full impact statement via their website. Toms is a B-Corporation, which means that they are “represent the highest standard of social and environment performance, transparency and accountability.” They also plan to increase their sustainable footwear production in order to ensure that the environment remains a safe place for everyone. The Dark Denim Cloudbound(tm), Alpargatas are undoubtedly one of the most eco-friendly shoes available for men in 2021.


These sustainable sneakers are available in many colors and look great with the limited edition Pacific sole color scheme. These sneakers are made from thick wool, which keeps your feet warm. The Wool Runner Mizzles are water repellent. There’s nothing worse than a wet sneaker. They can be machine washed.

The Wool Runner Mizzles have an Eco-Passport Certified water repellent coat, while their SweetFoam soles are “made with FSC(r), Certified natural rubber treads and the first carbon negative green EVA in the world.” You can also check the shoe’s carbon footprint online. The Allbirds Men’s Wool Runner Mizzles are in our list is due to their sustainable sneaker construction and the company’s openness about production.


The shoes must look great, which is a key requirement for any eco-friendly shoe for men. There are a few styles of The Royale, including a more sustainable version and the knit version due to its sporty and simple design. The Knit Royales don’t try to do too much, so you can wear them up or down depending on the occasion. The Greats Knit Royale, made of recycled plastic and are 100% vegan. Each pair of Knit Royale’s is made from seven plastic bottles, which would have been disposed of somewhere else. The sneakers are made in a factory that uses sustainable and responsible manufacturing methods. Knit Royales are a must-have for any list of eco-friendly shoes for men.


We love a versatile shoe, which is why Cariuma OCA Low made it onto our list of best eco-friendly shoes to buy for men in 2021. A clean pair of sneakers is timeless. This style is very similar to Converse All-Stars. However, Cariuma guarantees high quality craftsmanship on every pair of sneakers they make. OCA Low’s are made with eco-friendly soles. They are made from 100% vegan insoles made of organic mamona oil, cork and natural premium materials. This is a clear sign that Cariuma cares about the environment. Cariuma’s sustainable footwear is also a great option. Every time you purchase a pair, Cariuma will plant 2 trees in Brazil. Companies that invest in the environment are worth it.


This Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II is the only barefoot shoe on our list of eco-friendly shoes that men can wear for running and exercise. The Primus Lite is lightweight and low-cut. It feels like your feet are covered in nothing. Barefoot shoes can allow your feet to move naturally and help you run/walk pain-free. However, they are not for everyone. Primus Lite II is completely vegan because it’s made of recycled plastics. The shoes also have a bio-based Bloom EVA performance sole.


Another shoe that we featured in our 2021 men’s fashion guide, our favorite boot to make it onto our list of 2021’s best eco-friendly shoes. The boot’s water-resistant leather upper and gusseted tongue are designed to keep your feet dry and warm in all weather conditions. These boots are clean and elegant. These boots would look great with jeans to go out for dinner, and would be perfect for trekking through snowy winter. Andres boots can be used in so many different situations. You can find Nisolo’s website about ethically manufactured boots. You can find the company’s 66-page impact report, which covers every aspect of their supply chain. The key facts include that Nisolo employees earn 33% more than fair trade wages and that Nisolo is a certified B-Corporation. This is in addition to the fact that Nisolo received a 94 percent rating from an independent audit of its factory by the Societe Generale de Surveillance SA, the world’s largest inspection, verification and testing company. This is why the Andres All Weather Boot was named one of the most eco-friendly shoes for men in the year 2021.


What about sandals to add to our list of eco-friendly shoes? For a shoe that is lightweight and eco-friendly, be sure to check out the Teva HurricaneXLT2 Hiking sandal. This Hurricane edition features a new sole that provides better traction when you’re out and about. They’re also available in tons of colors, which is great for guys who love to be creative with their sandal choices. The Teva Hurricane XLT2 sandal is eco-friendly. It features “quick-dry, recycled plastic webbing using traceable and verifiable REPREVE(r), polyester yarn by Unifi.” This sandal prevents 5 plastic bottles being thrown in a landfill. They are vegan and designed for comfort. You can find more information on Teva’s sustainability projects at their website here.


These oxfords are a must-have for any man’s wardrobe. They are modern, functional, and minimal. You should match your socks with the shoes. Also, don’t wear brown pants with black shoes.


The Salomon Index Recyclable Shoe is not yet available for purchase. Running shoe lovers are excited about the potential of this innovative shoe, with a Spring 2022 release date. These Salomon running shoes look great and are made with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Salomon engineers created INFINIRIDE, a TPU-based, nitrogen-infused foam that can be broken down into small pieces and recycled at the end of its lifespan. This creates a sustainable sneaker loop. You can find more information on the Salomon Index Recyclable Run Shoe at their information page.

Eco-friendly shoes prove that sustainable footwear doesn’t have to compromise comfort or style.