The Best and Worst Eyelash Extension Makeup Accessories

The Best and Worst Eyelash Extension Makeup Accessories

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Your eyelash extensions look amazing! Half of your eye makeup collection must be properly applied. Magnetic eyelashes can be extended for up to five week, but using the wrong makeup can cause lash loss and lash fallout, which can dramatically reduce the time that your lash extensions last.

It’s quite sad to see your eyelash extensions fall out one at a time. They start to look scattered after a few weeks. Most of us have experienced it. This could be because of your short lash lives, or it could be because you are using the wrong makeup products.

Extensions can be delicate. You must take care of your skin when you are glamming up your face. Are you unsure which makeup product is best for you? We’ve got your back.

To ensure that your lashes grow, there are both the best and the worst eyelash extensions products.

Worst Makeup Accessories

a) Pencil Eyeliner

The uncanny side effect of long, individual false lashes can be that they cause eyelashes to get tangled. Sticky pencil liner can cause lash fallout and irritation. The second problem is that gel and cream eyeliners can leave a sticky residue on extensions making it difficult to remove. You have been notified.

b) Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Magnetic lash extensions are usually not happy with smudge-proof or budge-proof makeup. This applies to waterproof or water-resistant fluid liner. Although liquid eyeliners may look harmless, they can cause lash damage. This will decrease the lifespan of your extensions.

c) Tubing Mascara

Mascara can be worn without damaging your lashes. Avoid tubing mascaras, which can slip in the water. Tube mascara can be removed from natural lashes by applying a little moisture and light pressure. However, this formula sticks like glue on falsies. It’s possible to remove it, but you might lose a few lashes.

The Best Makeup Products

a) Oil-Free Gentle Makeup Removal

Use gentle makeup removers like removing pads. These pads contain a blend of fresh green tea, aloe vera and cucumber. These pads are ideal for removing makeup from sensitive areas.

b) Powder Eyeliner

Make sure to stick with a long-lasting formula such as long-lasting eyeliner. To glide this powder along your lashes, use a flat-angled brush. The powder’s slip-resistant texture won’t cause any smudges, so it won’t make a mess with your lashes.

c) Pen Eyeliner

The eyeliner pen has a tapered brush that allows for seamless application. This eyeliner pen doesn’t require you to apply it all over your eyes. The formula will preserve lashes.


It’s all about lightweight textures that offer greater results. Magnetic eyelashes are the answer. Magnetic eyelashes are delicate and won’t harm your lashes. This adds drama to your lashes without adding too much weight.