TOP 13 False Eyelashes According to Makeup Artists & Beauty Editors

TOP 13 False Eyelashes According to Makeup Artists & Beauty Editors

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False eyes are an easy way to enhance your eyes and make you appear like you have everything together.

Falsies can make your lashes look fuller, wispier, or more voluminous than you have. Falsies are a great alternative to the usual fallout, smudging and flaking that can be caused by certain mascaras. Fake lashes last for a long time and will look great until you take them off.

Tommy Napoli, a New York City makeup artist, says that while mastering the application process can take time, practice makes perfect. He advises that you measure your lash from your lash line. Some of these bands can be longer than your eye space so you should always measure it and then trim as needed. Napoli then applies a thin layer and a thicker layer on the front and ends of the lash. Finally, he seals the lid with glue.

No matter what your beauty style preference, there’s a set for you. Scroll through to see the proof. You’ll find everything you need, from individual lashes and half-lash accents, to full-strip options that have va-va-voom volume.

No matter your preference, the editor-approved makeup artist will give you the look you want. We’ll be glad you did.

Sephora Collection Vegan False Eyelashes

Sephora Collection Vegan False Eyelashes is a collection of six reusable, vegan false eyelashes in different styles. The style Fringe is a full lash with wispy hairs. It adds thickness and volume to your eyes.

Lilly Lashes Lite Faux Mink Lashes

The Lilly Lashes Lite Faux Mink Lashes come in four styles. They are super soft and have a strong band. The style Mykonos is a round lash which works well with almond-shaped eyes. The Miami style is a great choice for most eye shapes.

Huda Beauty Hoodie False Lashes

For a complete glam look, grab a pair Huda Beauty’s Hoodie False Lashes to finish off the look. These are made of synthetic mellow fibers with a cotton band so they sit comfortably on your eyes. Do you see how fluffy they look? Drama is here to stay.

Glamnetic Magnetic Half Lashes

First-timer? Glamnetic’s Magnetic Half Lashes are a great choice for beginners. This foolproof lash has a slimmable band that uses magnet technology. It is glue-free and mess-free. This lashes is shorter and really draws attention to your eyes. To apply these lashes, you will need a magnetic liners.

Kiss Falscara Eyelash Starter Kit

The Kiss Falscara Eyelash Starter Kit includes lashes, tweezers and a dual-ended seal and bond. There are three options for the lashes: Volumizing, Lifting, and Lengthening. Although they have slightly different looks, they look natural enough.

According to Nicola Dall’asen (staff editor), they can take some time to master, but the rewards are much greater if you put in the effort. Apply the glue to the lash. Place it below your lash line. You can use the smaller sections to give your lashes a natural look, or you can use all of them if you prefer a dramatic effect.

Velour: The Effortless Selection

We are hard-pressed to beat the Velour The Endless Collection’s flexible silk band. This is why we gave them a Best of Beauty award in 2020. They can be adjusted to fit any lash line without the need for trimming or measuring. It sounds unbelievable, but we tested it. These are the styles of Would I Lie? A naturally curled lash that enhances any look, subtle or full-on glamour. These lashes are lightweight and look more natural than your natural hair thanks to the crisscrossed design.

LoveSeen Axel

Jenna Lyons revolutionized how we dress. Now, Jenna Lyons is changing the way we wear falsie. LoveSeen sells hand-made lashes made from nylon in a variety of styles and colors. Axel is shown here in black/brown, but you can also get it in light brown for a subtler look.

Lithe Lashes

Lithe Lashes won a Best of Beauty Award in 2019. We continue to love them. These strips have delicately tapered and shaped hairs. They are then fanned out to give your hair a natural look that will make you feel like your hair grew overnight. The band is so comfortable, you won’t even notice they’re there.

Lashify Control Kit

Lashify can be intense but Nam Vo, a New York City-based make-up artist, says it’s worth it. She says that the Lashify system is “one of the most innovative products in our time.” It takes up no space on my eyelids and doesn’t interfere with my makeup, as it’s all hidden under. Simply apply the Bond to each lash and attach it from underneath. This will give you a natural extension look that is both flattering and easy to achieve without going to the salon.

Eylure Luxe silk marquise lashes

Tommy recommends the Eylure Luxe Silk Marquise Lashes. He says that they are affordable and easy to apply, from the box to your eye. These super-thin bands stick to your eye for hours with just one layer of glue. No touch-ups required.

Dark Swan of Denmark Lashes

If you love false lashes, the Dark Swan of Denmark Lashes may be a bit pricey but they are well worth it. Robin Black, a Los Angeles makeup artist uses them for all her clients. They’re natural-looking and look natural.

Ardell Individual DuraLash

Katie Mellinger, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist, says that even though I may be old-fashioned, Ardell lashes are still my favorite. Her reasons are very valid. She adds that they are affordable and cruelty-free so they can be used by everyone, even my vegan clients. You can customize them to fit your eye shape and natural hair by using the Ardell Individual DuraLash.

Artemes Love & Lashes for Light

Artemes Love & Light Lashes make you feel like you are wearing nothing. Natural-looking sets (with “light volume”) feel light on the eyes, but still make you stand out.