Which Headphones can be used while sleeping?

Which Headphones can be used while sleeping?

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It can be difficult to find the right kind of sound or noise to help you fall asleep. Headphones can be helpful in drowning out city noises and neighboring sounds. Earbuds are not always the most comfortable thing to wear in bed. They can easily fall out or get lost in the endless black hole between your sheets. However, headphones that are specifically designed for sleeping can help you fall asleep to the sounds of your choice.

While any good set of headphones can do the above, it is the design of sleep headphones that sets them apart. While regular headphones can feel bulky and uncomfortable, sleep headphones have a minimalistic, barely noticeable feel. This allows you to drift off to sleep, while still wearing them throughout the night. Although the sound quality is not as great as cans with noise cancelling and expensive features, you will drown out outside noise with soothing sounds. It’s almost like a white noise machine you only hear.

To help you get the 8 hours you need, consider investing in sleeping headphones. We’ve listed a variety of headphones to help you choose the right headphones for your sleep. These include Bluetooth headphones, earbuds that fit into your ear canal and headband options. For better sleep, keep reading!

Hoomband Headband
These are the best sleep headphones

Because they are not just headphones you can use to sleep, but headphones specifically designed for sleep, the Hoomband Headband won the title of best headphones for sleeping. Two ultrathin flat speakers are embedded under foam to provide a comfortable listening experience. The 3D mesh used to make the headband is soft and thin, which helps regulate temperature.

The Bluetooth headphone set comes with a free app with 100 hours of audio content. This includes ambient sound options, documentaries and white noise. It also functions like regular headphones and allows you to connect to your favorite apps via Bluetooth, such as YouTube, Spotify, and Headspace.

Bedphones Sleep Headphones
Highly rated wired option

The Bedphones Sleep Headphones can be worn as a headband, but they are also suitable for sleeping. The sleeping headphones feature two ultra-thin speakers that are connected by a rubber-coated memory cable. This wire is fully adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit.

There are two options: wired or wireless. Each one has an in-line mic and a three-button remote. This allows you to answer calls, play, pause and skip any music you’re currently listening to. A single charge can last for 13 hours. These earbuds are perfect for a more comfortable sleep.

Fulext Sleep Headphones
Great for side sleepers

While most sleep headphones are not designed to be used side-by-side, the Fultext sleep band integrates the earpieces with a soft fabric headband. The flat speakers are encased in a stretchy fabric with a breathable mesh liner. This is hypoallergenic and soft. They are so thin that you won’t even feel them when your head is placed on a pillow. This setup can play both wireless and wired music and lasts for 10 hours on one charge.

These sleep headphones can also double as headphones for workouts, thanks to the fact that the headband fabric is water-wicking and won’t slip. They can be worn on your run. After you finish, wash the fabric and put the headphones in the bag.

SleepPhones Wireless Sleep Headphones
Favorite wireless option

These wireless headphones from SleepPhones, which reduce ambient noise and block your partner’s snoring, are another option for headbands. These headphones are made from flat headphones that fit into a fabric headband and can wirelessly be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device within 15-30 feet of your bed. The Bluetooth headphone was designed by a family physician and has an ultralow power level so that you don’t have radiofrequency emissions during sleep, a concern that researchers have raised.

You have two options of fabric — breeze and fleece — so you can choose which one suits you best depending on your preference. The fleece fabric is cozy and warm, while the breeze fabric has moisture-wicking properties and is super breathable.

Watotgafer Sleep Headphones
They also block light

This Watotgafer sleep headphones and mask combine to improve your sleep quality. The setup blocks out light and noise with its flat headphones and ergonomic eye design. The flat headphones can be tucked in a soft, breathable memory foam fabric that is slow-rebound and has a low stress level. This will allow you to drift off to a deeper sleep.

You can also place the Bluetooth controls in the middle and center of the eye mask so that you can control your music and white noise apps even while sleeping on your side. You can use them throughout the night as they last at least 8 hours on a single charge.

Panasonic Slim Clip-on Earphones
A great budget option

The Panasonic Slim Clip-on Earphones provide top-quality earbuds that are great for sleeping and come at a reasonable price. Although they’re basic wired headphones they offer a lot of comfort and noise cancellation. Rubberized ear hooks ensure that the headphones stay in place, but don’t feel too rough on your ears.

Although there is no Bluetooth technology, these headphones can be plugged into your favourite devices (if you own Apple products, an adapter will be required) to play music and audiobooks.

Bose QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones 20
It’s worth the splurge

Although these noise-canceling headphones from Bose weren’t designed to be used for sleeping, they can still provide protection against external noise. Bose headphones combine Active EQ with TriPort technology to provide a high-quality sound experience that is not possible with earbuds. You can toggle between the noise cancelling and Aware modes to block out all ambient noise. You can hear everything around you, with just one touch. This is a valuable feature that gives you peace of mind in the middle of the night.

You also get three sizes of eartips: small, medium, and large. This ensures that the earbuds stay in place while you sleep.

Maxrock Sleep Earbuds
The choice of the traveler

These minimalistic earbuds are lightweight and have soft silicone tips. They make a great travel option. The ergonomic double-layered design of the ear tips fits comfortably in most ear canals. While the mini speaker inside each earbud delivers balanced, quality sound, the earbuds have a small speaker that provides low bass and no distortion.

They don’t have a flat design so they aren’t ideal for side sleep. However, if you’re a back or need to drown out the ambient noise from trains or planes, these headphones will do the trick. They are also very affordable so it’s not a big deal if they get lost.

Are headphones allowed while you sleep?

There is no harm in wearing headphones when you sleep, provided that your earbuds don’t disturb you. You can reduce your heart rate by listening to music before bed and keep your mind off of daily stressors.

Are headphones a cause of headaches when you sleep?

An external compression headache can occur if you wear improper headgear when you sleep. This is caused by too much pressure on your head. You can avoid it by using earbuds that are made for sleeping that fit comfortably in your ears.