The best highlighters for giving your skin a natural glow

The best highlighters for giving your skin a natural glow

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A dusting of highlighter is a must for any makeup look. There is nothing quite like the feeling of having the light hit the highest points of your face, revealing that unmistakable glow. Heaven.

People are afraid to use highlighters because they fear it might be too overwhelming. But, we can rest assured that the days of glittering our cheekbones and temples for everyday glamour are over. This highlighter gives your skin a sun-kissed look that is reminiscent of the creations of the gods.

Highlighter’s purpose is to highlight your features (the clue is in its name) and add depth to your skin. Imagine being transported to sunny St Tropez to apply highlighter and then – after spending a day soaking in the sun – mimicking the illuminated areas.

If used correctly, the Radiance boost can give you a healthy glow without waiting for the summer. Use a fan brush to sweep across the top of your cheekbones, the cupid bow, and brow bone.

When choosing your highlight, there are several things you should consider. The most important is the tone. Warmer tones suit darker skin tones better, while cooler tones are more suitable for lighter skin tones. To find the perfect match, determine your skin’s color. This will tell you if you are best suited for a warm or cool bronze.

Highlighters are for everyone. Different strokes work best for different people. They come in liquid and powder forms. You can go for liquid if you want a flawless look that will last all day. But it really depends on what your preferences are. If you want something more glamorous, I like to mix the two. Find the best highlighters here.

Pai the Impossible Glow

Look no further if you are looking for that glowing glow from the inside. Pai’s founder Sarah created this product after she was unable to use any products because of her sensitive skin. The skincare benefits are incredible. This rich bronze is suitable for all skin types. You can apply it directly to your skin, or mix it with your foundation or moisturizer. The possibilities are endless.

This water contains hydrating ingredients such as sea kelp and hyaluronic acids. Vitamin C-rich lemon waters are added to increase your radiant beauty. We are the Glowing Goddess.

Highlighter Palette Huda Beauty Obsessions

The Huda Beauty range has three palettes to match different skin tones. Each palette contains four colours. To make your face look exotic and wonderful, the varying shades highlight, lowlight and add warmth.

To create my own shade, I like to use a highlighterbrush to mix them all together. The ultra-fine pearls give it a shimmery finish and silky smooth application.

This glow-getting formulation has been infused with vitamin E, which adds moisture and also contains antioxidants. Although powder highlighters can be a little chalky, they look great when applied to the skin.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit

This will quickly become your go-to makeup tool if it hasn’t already. ABH’s palette has a more perfect and buildable glow than any other.

There are four different shades in the quad: ‘Bronzed,’ which is warm amber with a copper fleck, ‘Tourmaline,’ which is warm taupe with an antique rose gold finish, ‘Moonstone with a pearl finish), and ‘Summer with a white shimmering white gold shimmer. You can mix and match these to make custom colours, or wear them alone to let the hue shine.

For a more intense look at night, use a sponge or brush. For a holiday-like glow, apply to your collarbones.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

These wands are called “diva lights” by Charlotte. With one swipe, you will look like you are heading straight to the red carpet. The creamy, blendable formula looks like you’re under the Hollywood lights.

Glow Gel is a special ingredient in the Light Wand that increases skin’s luminosity. It gives it a glossy finish. To mimic the effect of light, there are brightening pigments as well as Lindera Extract. The soft cushion applicator makes it easy to use and can be carried on the go.

Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick

This stick highlight is extremely nourishing and a great addition to your on-the-go makeup bag. This product bridges the gap between skincare & makeup. It contains vitis Vita grape extract, which aids in skin cell detoxification and increases collagen production.

This is the place to start if you are new to highlighters. It has a gel-like consistency that looks almost like you just got a facial. This oil contains an Ayurvedic oil mix to soothe and comfort your skin. It also has special pigments that will give you an opalescent glow. Apply the oil to your face, and blend with your fingers.

Highlight VIEVE Nova Glow

This powdered product, which is finely milled and pressed, comes close to liquid highlight. You will be glowing with the golden undertones. This product blends seamlessly into your skin, creating sparkle. To give my eyes a more defined look, I add it to the inner corners of my eyes.

Morphe Accent Lighting Highlighter

This Morphe palette was my first taste of highlighter. This colour is almost identical to Champagne Pop (RIP Becca), so it will be a welcome dupe for anyone who has finished their haul. This allows you to lighten your face from all angles so you don’t have to be the best. This is very pigmented, so begin gently with a fan brush along your cheekbones, down your nose and then go all out.

Laura Mercier Addiction Face Illuminator

This can really bring multidimensional light to your face, and it won’t move all day. You can achieve the look that you desire by using different brushes. A fan brush, for example, will produce a lighter shade of pigment while a densely packed brush will deliver a richer, more vibrant look when you go out. It is powdery, but it transforms instantly into a cream when it’s applied to the skin. This one is a true illumination.

UOMA Beauty Double Take Strobe and Sculpt Stick

Never have I seen a highlighter that gives you both glow and hydration all in one. UOMA Beauty’s Double Take Strobe Stick and Sculpt is described as having the “glow of a thousand suns”. It can be used directly on the skin or heated up with your fingers and rubbed in. It’s subtle but buildable, and gives off a slight glow. It also contains lychee extract, which is a natural moisturizer and antioxidant.

NudeStix Nude Gilmmer

It glimmers, as the name suggests. It’s perfect because it comes with a doe feet, which allow you to be precise about where your glow should go. The lightweight formula melts into skin and is applied to it instead of being added on top. It is extremely long-lasting, and can be used on your eyelids. Begin by dabbing a little bit of the product onto your skin and then rubbing in with your fingers.