4 Japanese Wallet Brands Worth to Buy

4 Japanese Wallet Brands Worth to Buy

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Japan produces some of the best products in the world, it’s clear. Japan is known for its quality and craftsmanship. It has established itself as a country that takes pride in creating products that surpass international standards. Today, we will be looking at a few Japanese Wallet Brands. We’ll explore what makes them unique and why you should consider buying one.

Japan is still a cash-conforming country. This is in contrast to western countries which have started to abandon cash as the standard payment method (opting instead for a more cashless society). It is so deeply ingrained in Japanese culture that most stores won’t even take credit cards. You’ll be lucky to find a place that accepts contactless or wireless payments.

The Japanese love cash, which has influenced and inspired the wallets sold and most preferred in Japan. First, each wallet is cash-focused. The main function of each wallet is designed to store banknotes efficiently, but most importantly, coins. Many wallets featured on this list employ innovative methods that are not common in western wallets. It will be difficult to find a minimalist wallet in this list. Again, cash is important.

It’s also hard to reduce the size of a wallet when there are large amounts of coins and bills. It is easy to purchase a Japanese wallet in Japan. Finding a distributor or store that is willing to ship outside Japan will be the biggest problem you’ll face when trying to get a Japanese wallet. The majority of the links to the stores are in Japanese. Although Google will automatically translate the page, it is not a guarantee that the Japanese brand will be looking to ship internationally. It’s not always the easiest way to get in touch with stores, as Japan is known for not being able to speak English well.

Why Japanese wallet? The real question is “Why not?” Japan has a wide range of wallets available. Although it can be difficult to find one (see above), there is a huge payoff. If you are a person who loves physical cash, such as coins and banknotes, then a wallet made in Japan is a great choice. Japan has high-quality wallets, both in terms of craftsmanship and material use. We have independently checked all wallets and brands on this list to ensure that we only recommend the highest quality wallets from Japan.

Kamino Wallets

When you shop in Japan, do what the Japanese do. Applying Origami to wallets is a way to say Japanese. Origami dates back to the Song Dynasty (905 BC), and it is most well-known in Japan, where it has been a part of their culture since 1680. Since then, Origami has been used in many different applications. It has been used in a number of wallet brands including the Mowal Notch and the Kamino wallets we are talking about today. We won’t be focusing on one style of the Kamino wallets as they offer many styles. However, we will talk about the design features and unique material choice, as well as whether the price is worth it.

Each Kamino wallet is hand-folded from Cordobra, a type of paper. It is a latex-laced, washable paper fabric with a low environmental impact. Every wallet in the Kamino collection has a unique design that appeals to a variety of people. The Kamino Card Wallet folds in such a way that it is small (90 x 55 mm), but has a large capacity for cash, cards, and coin storage (can hold up to 7 credit/debit card).

Kamino is the best choice for convenience and ease of purchase. Kamino has a website specifically for English-speaking countries. This will make it easy to navigate a country in a language you don’t know. Kamino has a reasonable shipping time with a standard shipping time of 7 business days. The shipping costs can be a bit high depending on where you live, but it is not unusual. The Kamino Wallet range is priced lower at $21.90, but can go up to $48.90.

Plotter Key Wallet

Plotter stands for “the person who imagines.” Their goal is to create a range (not just wallets) of goods that combine creativity and innovation to improve our future. We’ll be discussing the Key Wallet today. It is a simple, yet innovative wallet that is aimed at people who carry more keys than average people. It is very minimalist and clean with a minimal design (despite the fact that it measures H 100x W 70mm).

The wallet is a bifold designed and has two card slots inside for up to four cards. The wallet’s main function is its ability to hold keys. It has three elastic slots that can accommodate standard-sized keys. The Plotter Key wallet is made of full-grain leather, which has a great smell and will develop a beautiful patina with time. The PlotterKey Wallet costs Y=7700 JPN. That’s roughly $70.00 USD. Although it is quite expensive, the wallet offers more functionality than most other wallets. This wallet is a niche product. It’s a wonderful bit of design, and the Plotter Key Wallet has a unique feel that we have never seen in a Western wallet.

Postalco Wallets

Postalco is known for their quality craftsmanship and high-quality products. All Postalco wallets have been handmade in Japan by family-owned craftsmen. Quality control is a top priority. Postalco’s designs and use of materials are innovative and creative. For example, take the Pressed Cotton Wallet. The wallet is made of pressed cotton and has a beautiful appearance. It will last for many years. The Postalco collection also includes a variety of classic bi-fold wallets. Postalco wallets are of high quality and you will not find a cheaper wallet than $120.00 USD or Y=12,000 Japanese yen. The most expensive wallet is Y=48,000 JPY ($430.00 USD). Postalco ships worldwide and has an English-language version. Postalco is the best choice for international shipping.

The Tenuis 2/3 Wallet

Sola has a reputation for being a top-rated crowdfunding platform, with its unique range of wallets. Sola recently crowdfunded the Tenuis 3 Wallet, a complete redesign of their Tenuis 2 Japanese Wallet. The Kickstarter success story raised a respectable $15,000 in funds. The Tenuis 3 wallet is currently only available to backers (those who funded the wallet), so it is not yet clear when it will be made available to other buyers. We’ll instead be focusing our attention on the equally great Tenuis 2 Wallet, a superb wallet in its own right.

The Tenuis 2 Wallet is a classic bi-fold wallet. It combines functionality and unique materials to provide a durable wallet that will last a lifetime. The exterior is made of a canvas-covered paraffin. Although it has a pleasant texture, it is slightly rough on the skin. The interior is made of faux leather (essentially, plastic). The only problem is that the material feels and looks cheap.

You can choose from a wide range of colors for the Tenuis 2 Wallet. But, where it shines is functionality and large storage capacity, such as cash, cards and keys, or coins. The Tenuis 2 Wallet can hold up to 9 credit/debit card in 3 slots. The Tenuis also has a double-layered bill pocket, and a triangular lid pocket. These pockets keep coins and other small items safe and secure.

The Tenuis, at a cost of Y=8,400 JPY (approximately $76,.00), is an excellent choice for a Japanese wallet.